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Qiwi payment verification

Most modern people have already managed to appreciate the benefits of electronic payments. After all, a transaction can be completed at any time convenient for the user. A high level of competition in the financial sector encourages payment systems to optimize their services based on customer needs. One of the most popular services for making money transfers is Qiwi. And although Kiwi has relatively recently appeared on the market, millions of people throughout the post-Soviet space are actively using its services. A large number of financial transactions are performed daily. It is not surprising that Qiwi payment verification is very relevant for system customers.

How can I check the payment?

 The developers of the Kiwi system not only created a convenient service for making payments, but also took care of the opportunity to verify the fact of payment. Qiwi-payment verification is carried out in several ways. The choice of the best option largely depends on the way the client replenished the virtual wallet. You can choose from the following options:

    Checking the status of the payment in the personal account of the system.
    Using a mobile application.
    Contacting system support.
    Qiwi payment verification by check.

 Let us consider in more detail each of these options.

Check through your account

 This method is especially relevant if the payment was made through the official website and the client did not receive a check from Qiwi. The user can immediately after completing the operation to verify its successful completion. To do this, he should familiarize himself with the information from the “Reports” tab in his personal account. It, in chronological order, stores data on all user operations. Moreover, information is reflected not only about transactions conducted, but also about payments that are still being made.

 The system has a convenient filter with which you can see payments online only for a certain period. And if the user wants to get acquainted with the details of the operation, then he should hover over the payment of interest to him. As a result, a window opens in which the details of the transaction are presented.

Check operation with a check

 One of the most convenient ways is to check the payment of qiwi by check online. If the payment transaction was made through a special terminal, then the customer must have Qiwi electronic check in his hands. Some users do not store it, but this position is erroneous. Indeed, the payment, for certain reasons, may not go through in the system and then only with the help of the receipt it will be possible to return money back.

 If the Qiwi check is saved, then using it you can easily make a payment check online. To do this, the user should visit his personal account in the payment system and go to the "Help" tab. In order to receive data on the perfect transfer, you need to enter the details of the payment document in a special window. It must contain the following information:

    Payment terminal number.
    Phone number of the client on which the wallet is issued.
    Date and operation code. The code is indicated directly on the receipt. Each payment receipt of a Qiwi wallet has its own code.

 When the form is completed, the user must activate the "Check" button, after which he will get access to detailed information about the payment made.

Using the features of a mobile application

 Many customers of the Qiwi system use a convenient and functional mobile application. So, when making a transaction, the system automatically notifies the user of the payment made using a push message. But sometimes, for certain reasons, the message is late or does not arrive at all. To find out the payment status, you need to open Qiwi Wallet and check the appropriate department.

 A mobile wallet is in many ways more convenient than the official site of a payment system. On the main page of the application there is a tab called “Payment History”. By activating it, the user will be able to get acquainted with all committed transactions. But it’s much more convenient to use a filter, indicating the specific time when the payment was made. This will make it possible to check Qiwi online.
Contact Support

 Not always the user has the opportunity to find out how the payment went through the Internet or a mobile application. In this case, the best option would be to contact support. But for this you should have a Qiwi-check with you. After all, the operator will have to give the details of the payment document.

Common reasons for late payment

Most often, problems with crediting funds arise when paying through the terminal. In such cases, do not immediately panic and break off the support phone. First, it is recommended to independently check the status of the operation in your account. The user should perform the previously described actions - open the “Help” tab and check the payments. As a rule, the delay in transferring funds is due to service malfunctions. But if there is no payment information in the tab, you must immediately contact support.

 Quite often, the problems are not associated with technical problems in the system, but with the incorrect operation of the equipment for receiving payments. It is no secret that many organizations cooperate with Qiwi on the basis of a franchising agreement. As partners of the payment system, they have the right to install terminals. In case of equipment malfunction, contacting the Kiwi service will not give a positive result. After all, the system did not receive money. The right decision in this situation would be to contact the company that owns the equipment. The name of the organization, as well as its telephone number, must be indicated on the surface of the terminal. In any case, if the user sees that the equipment is not working properly, then you should not pay any fees with it. It is better to spend a little time and look for a workable terminal.