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TONCOIN to buy on Baksman
TONCOIN is a fast and easy-to-use blockchain for users! We like this project and therefore we have added TONCOIN to our assets with the availability to make exchanges to any direction from the list of assets of our service. Necessary information:
PayPal representatives organized negotiations on the issue of stablecoin
The world-famous PayPal payment system is becoming a new platform for the release of the well-known cryptocurrency - stablecoin. These are virtual assets, the main task of which is to imitate the rate of real currencies: the dollar, the euro. With its help, two people can exchange currency, being in different parts of the world.
Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in terms of active addresses growth
The Ethereum network reportedly bypassed Bitcoin in terms of active addresses. Since the beginning of this year, this figure has grown by 145 percent. During the same time, the number of active addresses of the BTC payment system increased by only 13 percent.
Ethereum is predicted to rally with 100 million e-wallets
The founder of Mythos Capital, who is also an investor in the cryptocurrency market, Mr. Ryan Sean Adams noted that over the past five years, for the first time in the entire existence of a cryptocurrency, the number of registered electronic wallets on the Ethereum platform has exceeded one hundred million.
EOS Inflation Reduced
The EOS network owners have approved the decision to reduce inflation.
Cryptocurrency TNETA
The TNETA project could well revolutionize the video broadcasting industry. It will be something similar to what the Youtube platform once implemented with the delivery of regular video content back in 2005
Stablecoin USD Coin
The introduction of a stable digital currency with an artificially regulated rate could correct the situation in the cryptocurrency market. One of the possible solutions is stablecoins. The stable cryptocurrency USD Coin is able to replace the dollar in the digital asset market, increase the attractiveness of the blockchain industry and reduce user costs for trading.