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Cryptocurrency TNETA
The TNETA project could well revolutionize the video broadcasting industry. It will be something similar to what the Youtube platform once implemented with the delivery of regular video content back in 2005
Stablecoin USD Coin
The introduction of a stable digital currency with an artificially regulated rate could correct the situation in the cryptocurrency market. One of the possible solutions is stablecoins. The stable cryptocurrency USD Coin is able to replace the dollar in the digital asset market, increase the attractiveness of the blockchain industry and reduce user costs for trading.
Cryptocurrency Waves
To stabilize the cryptocurrency market, a multifunctional platform is needed that can combine the functionality of the exchange and various applications. The NXT developers started to create such a project in 2014. The resulting product was named Waves.
Cryptocurrency VeChain
Blockchain startups assure users that it is their product that will play an important role in the development of cryptocurrencies and can change the world, but all digital assets and tokens are useless if they cannot be used in real life. In this regard, it is especially interesting to observe the development of blockchain-based IoT projects. One of these projects is the Chinese platform VeChain. It offers effective solutions for combining blockchain technology and the Internet of Things. Such a tandem can solve the problems of business, logistics, product labeling and storage of important data. Lets figure out what VeChain is and how this project can change the world.
Cryptocurrency MCO
Monaco (MCO) is a new generation digital currency. Monaco is difficult to categorize as a standard cryptocurrency, as it is a complete standalone platform with broad functionality. MCO users can perform operations with cryptocurrency in everyday life, be it an online store, paying for purchases offline, selling, exchanging cryptocurrency and money we are used to.
Stellar cryptocurrency
Stellar cryptocurrency is one of the most successful and well-known projects aimed at the banking and financial niche. Stellar is a blockchain platform that attracts users with favorable conditions for cross-currency transfers. The lack of a shared pool allows you to transfer coins in a matter of seconds.
Cryptocurrency Swipe
Swipe Token (SXP) is an altcoin created by SWIPE to implement the capabilities of the Swipe Network platform and the Swipe Crypto project
Siacoin cryptocurrency
Sia offers cloud storage services at a reduced cost. At the same time, the company guarantees high speed of data transmission, protection of information from attacks and hacking, reliability and decent quality of the services offered. Sia offers to pay for the use of cloud resources in its own cryptocurrency - Siacoin.