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Assist system

Система Assist

Assist was founded in 1998 and is one of the main domestic providers of electronic payment systems. This company is at the origins of the formation of the Russian electronic payment market, therefore, it can rightfully be considered the flagship in this industry. 2003 was a turning point for the company. The service adapted and started working with widely known online resources - WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI.


What is Assist?

Assist electronic payment provider is a system that allows you to conduct payment transactions online using plastic and virtual bank cards. This service covers most of the electronic settlements in Russia. Its users are customers and store owners who conduct their activities on the Internet.
Among the main characteristics of the Assist system are the following:

The ability to quickly replenish your mobile account in cash or by credit card.
The presence of plastic cards through which you can safely make payments online, as well as receive bonuses and discounts in retail stores.
A fairly simple procedure for connecting to the service.
Quality customer support.
Acceptance of salary cards.
The ability to design a client page in the Assist system, as close as possible to the design of the sellers site.
High-quality and operational work of technical support.
Credit Card Control Service.
High level of service security.
The platform can be used in trading activities via mobile phone or the Internet.
Advice on creating a selling website.
Unlimited amount of settlement operations.

System security

Confidential information (account numbers, cards, registration data) of the Assist system user is transmitted to the server for the purpose of its further processing and storage via a secure channel. Further, the received information is processed in the processing center of the bank. This gives the client the confidence that his personal data will not be disclosed.
To ensure greater security of payment transactions conducted through the service, you can use the additional service of control over their condition.

Platform Connection Stages
Assist electronic payment provider offers a connection to its system in several stages.

Filing an application. Two options are possible here - test mode or registration on the site. The test mode is available for the user within one day and offers:
- Familiarization with the program interface.
- Ability to adjust the sellers site for the resource server.
- Obtaining information about operations that were performed through the online store of the seller.
Registering on the site is only when the decision is made to connect to this platform. User data is sent for processing to the bank. Further, an e-mail with a detailed description of further actions will be sent to the email address specified during registration.
Choosing a serving bank. A necessary condition for registration is the conclusion of an agreement with any bank, which will subsequently carry out payment transactions. Information on banks with which you can agree on cooperation should be clarified on the Assist system website.
The duration and features of the contract signing procedure depend on the bank chosen by the client, each of which has its own requirements. To conclude an agreement with the selected financial institution, the system sends the user a detailed action plan to the email address indicated by him.
The implementation of payment transactions. When the contract between the client and the bank is concluded, you can connect the sellers website to the Assist platform. This procedure does not differ in duration and is carried out within one working day. After carrying out all the technical operations, the client receives a notification that his account on the service is switching from test to operational mode. To start working fully on this platform, you do not need to have special technical knowledge, you do not have to install special software, you just need to add HTML code on the web store page.

Methods of making payment through the service

Assist platform, as an electronic payment provider, allows you to make payments in two directions: through credit cards and personal account.
Calculation by credit card is as follows:

The buyer, having formed an order on the site, chooses the method of payment for the transaction - a credit card.
Further, information on the purchase and the method of payment is received on a single server.
The platform server synchronizes with the user through a secure connection and reads information from his credit card. Buyer information remains completely confidential.
Further, the information is transmitted for processing to the bank.
The Bank, in turn, gives the go-ahead or ban on the settlement transaction.
If the answer is yes, the financial institution transfers money to the sellers account.
At the final stage, the seller, upon seeing payment on his account, directly performs the provision of services or the sale of goods.
Payment through a personal account (opens with an Internet provider) is made in the Assist system as follows.

The user is issued a special certificate by the provider, which allows him to identify himself in the system for subsequent payments.
Having placed an order, you need to choose the form of payment - using a personal account.
Further, the buyer synchronizes with the Assist platform through a secure connection, transferring the data of his certificate. Information is sent to the clients bank.
Based on the information received, the bank forms a response - gives the go-ahead for the transaction or forms a refusal.
If the result is positive, the bank credits the money to the account of the owner of the online store.
At the end, the web store ships the paid goods.