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What if you have lost access to the payment system?

Payment systems today are extremely important for users of the global network. Thanks to them, shopping and other transactions have become comfortable and accessible. Many people can, while sitting at a computer or holding another mobile device with Internet access, pay for various services and goods, exchange or transfer money to another account. But if the client forgets the password or cannot enter his wallet, not everyone will be able to restore access to the payment system quickly.

Due to the proliferation of payment systems, their security began to be exposed, so the owners of electronic banks have made great efforts to protect transactions and access to virtual wallets. Even if the owner of a virtual account is a scrupulous and attentive person, he can still forget the PIN code from entering his personal account, lose his phone or forget the access password. Such a situation, at least, will negatively affect a persons mood, and sometimes deprive a significant amount of money. But dont worry about the lost access, as it can always be restored. To do this, you just need to know the methods of recovering the pin code, strictly follow the recommendations and tips.

Access to the payment system without knowing PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, this will not prevent you from gaining access to the payment system. But at the same time, you will not be able to restore the ability to visit the wallet if you are abroad and do not receive funds as soon as possible. If you cannot log into your bank card, you just need to appear at one of the branches of your financial institution, after which you will be asked to write a corresponding application for restoration. The bank employees will give you an analogue of your card on the day you apply, which will allow you to withdraw money immediately after receiving a duplicate.

If the owner of the lost PIN code is outside the country, restoring access to the payment system will take a little more time. You need to contact the bank representatives to ask them to block the account even before your arrival in the country. If there are bank branches in the country where you are staying, you can block the problem account there. But for the complete restoration of the map outside the country, you will have to face many problems, so this stage is best solved at home.

How to restore access to the Yandex.Money payment system

If you want to become the owner of an electronic wallet, you need to get at least minimal knowledge of computer technology. But even this will not save you from the possible loss of your password, because the memory is not eternal, and the file with the reminder may be lost. Therefore, immediately after receiving the card, try to additionally save the password in a file, on paper or in another safe place. It is impossible to restore access to the Yandex.Money payment system if the user only knows the password for entering his personal account. If you do not know the payment details, the mobile phone to which the account is registered will simplify recovery.

On the official website of the payment system, you need to go to the "My Phones" menu, and then request to send a new phone using the "Receive SMS" button. You can replace the old password with a new one using the "Forgotten payment password recovery" menu. To do this, you will have to answer the secret question that you indicated during registration. A link to a page with forms that you will have to fill out will be sent to your registered email address. Here, among other data, you will need to indicate the recovery code, which will be sent during the registration process.

If you dont remember the secret password, access to the payment system will still not be blocked. But you will have to contact the support service, which will help resolve your issue. In this case, you will have to indicate a large amount of various data that only the owner of the wallet can know. In order for the controversial issues to be resolved in your favor, it is better to send a notarized copy of the passport to the administration of the service and write a request for restoration. Doing so will help speed up the recovery process.

Restoring access to the WebMoney payment system

If you cannot log into your WebMoney wallet, first of all you need to go to the main page of the service at https://login.wmtransfer.com. In the "Remind" menu, a window will appear with the inscription: "What do you want", in which you need to write: "Recover password" Next, click "Continue", and enter user information - WMID, email, phone number and passport details. A letter will be sent to the specified postal address, where you need to select the item: "restoration of access to the payment system."

If you have lost not only your password, but also a key file or other data, you need to use a special program WebMoney Keeper classic. In the menu “You cannot enter your personal account”, you need to select the appropriate item: “I forgot my password and cannot remember it”, and then return to the main page again. After receiving a request for recovery, you need to enter the required data, but you cannot make mistakes, since after several incorrect requests the account will be blocked.

If the wallet in the payment system is tied to the current mobile phone number, you can select the option of restoring via phone on the website. The payment service will send you an SMS with a code that you will need to enter to restore your account. It will be possible to restore access to the payment system only when the entered data is checked by the technical support.

How to restore access to the Qiwi payment system

Qiwi account holders will be able to easily restore access to their account if they lose their password. Moreover, this payment system uses the same principle as other popular electronic services. You will need the phone to which the wallet was registered, as well as the maximum amount of data on the latest transactions, the amount on the account, code words and other information. The access problem is only a matter of time, but it will take much longer to gain access to the payment system. Keep all data and passwords in a safe place and preferably in multiple copies.

Drawing conclusions

Situations when a user of a payment service loses his phone, forgets a password or data occur quite often. Therefore, each reputable service tries to meet the client halfway, offering him several options for restoring control over the wallet. In addition, technical support specialists will assist you, ready to deal with an unforeseen situation.