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VTB 24

ВТБ 24

For 12 years, VTB Bank has been providing financial services to the population. The organization is part of an international group, and the use of foreign capital always means that the chances of bankruptcy are minimized. VTB24 is one of the largest Russian banks with a wide coverage of the target audience. The number of loan programs allows you to choose the best option for everyone - there is everything: cards, mortgages, car loans and cash loans. The Bank pleases its customers with high rates for ruble and dollar deposits and low rates for credit programs.


Car loans: a dream that will easily become a reality!

VTB 24 easily translates customers dreams of their own car into reality. The bank offers several loan programs for the purchase of a passenger car or commercial vehicle, as well as motor vehicles. “Average” indicators on loan terms:

Amount - up to 5 million rubles.
The rate is 20% per annum.
Down payment - from 20% of the cost of the car.
At the same time, the financial institution focuses on the fact that the client can get a loan without proof of income in some programs. True, in this case, the rate will be several percent higher than in basic programs. VTB 24 Bank always goes towards the credited, offering the most favorable conditions for those who are ready to confirm their solvency and make a good down payment.


Mortgage Program: Become the Owner of Your Own Home in Minutes!

Mortgage lending in a financial institution is divided into several programs:

In the first one, a client can apply for a loan using two documents.
In the second, the user provides a full package of documents to the bank.
What are the differences? As part of lending under two documents to choose a client, the main of which is a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, VTB 24 Bank offers to make an initial payment in the amount of at least 50% of the value of the acquired property. Of course, such conditions are far from suitable for everyone. The mortgage rate will be 14.5% per annum, which is 1% more than under the program with a full package of documents.

If there is no difficulty in collecting all the certificates, then the client can apply for a loan with an initial payment of only 20% of the cost of housing. The maximum loan term in both programs is 20 years.

VTB 24 card: at your fingertips any time

Many financial institutions offer credit and debit cards, but VTB 24 card is a special product. First, the bank “takes” not only quality, but also quantity. Today, a financial institution offers customers 12 credit cards and 3 debit cards.

Consider the main loan products:

Classic cards.
Gold cards.
Platinum cards.
In the first category, 3 cards are presented, each of which carries a certain benefit to its holder. The benefits of each product:

A pocket card will allow you to profitably withdraw cash - for only 1% of the amount.
Cash back, as the name implies, guarantees a return of 1% of the amount of purchases on the card with money.
The collection from VTB 24 allows you to accumulate bonuses - 1 bonus is awarded for every 30 rubles.
Unified tariffs are set for all cards - the credit limit can reach 450 thousand rubles, card service is free, but if the client spends less than 20 thousand rubles a month, the bank will charge 75 rubles. A mandatory monthly payment of 3% of the outstanding amount is provided for using the credit limit. To get the first card from the list you need to pay 900 rubles. For other cards from the series, the tariffs are more loyal and acceptable. A client who needs a VTB 24 card with a refund or bonus accumulation must pay only 75 rubles for the design of the product.


Plastic "gold" and "platinum" in your pocket

A financial institution offers 4 gold credit cards with favorable conditions. The benefits of each product:

A world card is ideal for those who like to travel. Spend money on purchases and get 2 miles for every 35 rubles. Bonuses are doubled if the customer pays abroad and on his birthday.
The card is designed for those who are constantly driving. Here, VTB 24 Bank provided for a refund of 3% of the spent amount at gas stations, plus a 1% refund for purchases in other stores and chains.
An impressions card is created for those who are used to living brightly. Cash back for paying bills in restaurants, cafes and for buying tickets is 3%, in other institutions the refund will be in the amount of 1%.
Card Collection - a product similar to the classic card, only bonuses are awarded for every 27 rubles spent.
The release of all cards from this series will cost 350 rubles. The maximum credit limit reaches 750 thousand rubles. The VTB 24 Gold Card differs from the classic reduced rate of annual interest - here it is 26%, and in the second case - 29%. The monthly minimum payment amount is the same - 3% of the debt.

Platinum cards are identical to gold in name and bonus programs, only the conditions here are more favorable. For example, travelers will receive not 4, but 4 miles. The refund for refueling will not be 3, but 5% (the rate is also increased for fans of impressions and relaxation in restaurants, museums, theaters). For registration of any card from the platinum collection you will have to pay 850 rubles. The bank reduced the annual rate of VTB 24 to 22%, the mandatory monthly payment is the same as in other programs.

A financial institution takes money for cash withdrawals from ATMs. For all programs, 1% is provided for withdrawing own funds at ATMs of other networks, 0% for withdrawing your money at VTB24 ATMs. Credit funds are withdrawn taking into account 5.5% commission.

When issuing cards, you should pay attention to the service fee:

For classic cards, 75 rubles per month is provided if the negotiable threshold of 20 thousand rubles is not reached.
For gold cards, the service fee will be 350 rubles per month, if the customer of VTB 24 does not spend 35 thousand rubles per month (there will be no money circulation for this amount).
For platinum cards, the monthly service fee reaches 850 rubles, provided that the threshold turnover of 65 thousand rubles is not reached.
Please note - with a platinum card, each client of the bank can receive up to 1,000,000 rubles of credit limit.


Debit cards

Keeping money in VTB24 is quite profitable. The bank also offers customers 3 cards - gold, platinum and, of course, classic. Each card has its own bonus program and annual service rate. You will have to pay 900 rubles per year for using a classic card, in gold cards the cost of service reaches 2000 rubles per year, and in platinum cards - 3000 rubles. Bonus card programs correspond to credit offers (options are refund, purchase bonuses and more).

For individuals, cash loans are also provided for various purposes, as well as refinancing. VTB 24 Bank provides an opportunity to develop small and medium-sized businesses by providing various forms of lending on extremely favorable terms. The financial institution has established itself on the positive side and continues to maintain a leading position in the banking sector.