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Transcreditbank in the life of every person


The variety of financial services provided, an indicator of the solidity of credit organizations. Transcreditbank provides citizens of Russia with a huge selection of all banking services of a different spectrum.


A bit of history

The year of foundation of the popular domestic financial institution is 1992. The institution was created jointly by fuel, energy and metallurgical companies. In the early summer of 2010, according to the information of the magazine Profile, Transcreditbank took 19th place in terms of capital, the volume of which is steadily growing. Leading customers of the bank are companies such as Gazpromregiongaz, Ingosstrakh, and Pervaya Gruzovaya.

The institution serves over 2 million people working in the field of railway transport. It takes 13th place in the ranking of the best financial and credit institutions in Moscow. Bank Transcreditbank has strengthened its main positions in the railway sector and neighboring industries. Regional units operate in 197 cities and towns of the Russian Federation. In 2007, more than half of the block of shares was transferred to the management of Russian Railways. In the fall of 2013, the institution joined VTB24.

A distinctive feature of the banking institution was the average interest on credit rates with the maximum amount of cash withdrawals. At the same time, it is not required to search for a guarantor, insure life and mortgage property from the user.


Comfort Services - Virtual Service

Customers have the opportunity to take advantage of online money transfer services. You can activate the services of Transcreditbank when contacting the department of the institution, using ATMs, you can also call technical support. Connection is available to all holders of plastic cards and accounts of this bank. Internet banking is not charged. The system provides a high level of security with the use of one-time passwords sent via SMS to the mobile phone number specified by the user during the registration process.

When connecting the service, the client gets access to a mobile bank, which is adapted for modern cellular units. On a mobile phone, dial the address of the site In order to connect Internet banking to the Transcreditbank card, you need to enter the username and password in the appropriate fields on the official page of the institution.

When making operations, you will need to fill out an application and confirm consent to its implementation. Confirmation is made by entering a password, which is sent to the client on a cell phone. Those users who use the extended type of access to the service, instead of such passwords, can use an electronic digital signature.

We will get acquainted with the list of services that the Internet Bank offers. These include:

View accounts and deposits.
Checking the balance on the Transcreditbank card and transaction history.
Payment of cellular communications, utilities and other providers.
Create and manage templates used to make payments.
Making transactions between accounts.
Currency conversion.
Issue of a virtual plastic card, restriction on the use of the deposit amount.
Card lock.
Opening an account or deposit.
Instant loan repayment.
Implementation of personal settings.
Contacting technical support.

Deposits as a means of increasing finance

It is possible to open a cash deposit without visiting bank branches. All necessary actions are performed online when using the corresponding Transcreditbank service under the name “Client-bank”. You can also use the additional functions of ATMs. Deposits can be opened both short-term and long-term. The interest rate will be calculated from its type, amount and time of placement. For people of retirement age, the institution offers special conditions.

To increase your money, you can think about buying commemorative coins that are made of precious metals. These investments will pay off with interest, because, the cost of jewelry is slowly but surely increasing.

Features of using online banking

Of the services of Transcreditbank, it should be noted safe money management, which is the main criterion when choosing a credit institution. It is the protection of funds that is the factor that ensures the solid business credibility of Transcreditbank. What other benefits does a famous financial institution have? Consider these advantages:

The security system uses SSL (one-time passwords).
Free connection and unlimited annual service.
Access to the account at any convenient time online.
Favorable tariffing for all types of services.
Secure online correspondence with bank employees.

Bank cards - convenience of payment for services

Transcreditbank bank cards can be divided into 5 popular types: MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold. For each type, SMS messages and mobile banking are available for free. To become the owner of a plastic card, it is necessary to fill out an application at the banks branches and present an identity document to the specialist. When filling out an application, the client can familiarize with the current tariffing. You can order a card issue in national and foreign currency. Its issue is made within five days.

Visa Electron, MasterCard Maestro and Unembossed cards are popular with some proponents of bank payments because they make it possible to pay for purchases via Transcreditbank on the Internet and withdraw cash. Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard plastic cards are suitable for travel. With their help, you can order tickets for flights and pay for hotel services. But the most elite cards are Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold. Their holders are considered VIPs.

The Bank has actively mastered the field of online commerce and is issuing a virtual card, the purpose of which is to conduct transactions primarily on the global web. There was a place for a charity card called “Spread Your Wings”.

Credit card MasterCard Standard Bank Transcreditbank allows for 1.5 months to use an interest-free loan with a limit of up to 300 thousand rubles. It also provides for the renewal of the credit line and its early repayment. The annual rate is 24%. The card is valid for two years, and for annual service you need to pay 775 rubles.


How to manage a card?

There are several ways to check credit funds on a card account. These include:

View the current status using an ATM. A list of the nearest terminals and a list of other services of Transcreditbank can be found on the official page of the financial institution.
Balance control when using Internet banking. Connection is free.
You can check the cash balance by calling the information service at toll-free numbers: 8 (495) 500-30-03 and 8 (800) 775-24-24.
Connect to SMS informing about account status.
Contact the bank for an extract. The procedure is free.
Use mobile banking. With it, you can find out about the balance on the card.
The bank has established itself only on the positive side and has a spotless business reputation. Transcreditbank cards are especially popular among the population and are especially in demand among Russian railway workers.