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Contact system

Система Контакт

The Contact money transfer system was founded back in 1999 and is considered the first Russian service working with currency transfers and payments. Since 2003, the company began working with three major currencies: the ruble, the euro and the dollar, which attracted the attention of a large number of citizens of Russia and other countries. At the moment, the Contact has about 400 thousand representative offices, and the number of countries where the domestic money transfer system is supported is 170, including the Asian market. With the help of Contact it is convenient to send and receive money almost anywhere in the world, despite the long distances.

Three types of currency are available for users of the Contact system, which allows working with other countries directly. The security system in the form of a numeric password that is given to the sender is responsible for the safety of money transfers, which, in turn, transfers it to the recipient. But most importantly, the minimum transaction fee is only 1% of the transfer amount.


Contact System Advantages

Contact international money transfer system gives its customers a lot of advantages, including favorable tariffs for services. Contact is an ideal way to poison money to relatives, relatives or friends, even to a country located far from Russia. Advantages offered by the Contact system:

A large number of company points located, as a rule, in banks and other financial institutions.
Easy process to fill out a form to send money.
Support for three major currencies. That is, customers can send money in rubles, dollars or euros, which eliminates the need for currency conversion.
Transfer speed does not exceed 20 minutes. If the recipient country is in a different time zone, the transfer time may increase.
Operational support for company employees in any matters.
Security is guaranteed by a numeric password that only the sender knows.
The Contact system also works in online mode, so there is no need to look for company representatives in financial institutions, you can send money using the Internet.
At the moment, Contact offers the most favorable rates for international transfers and payments.
Working with the international money transfer service Contact is easy, convenient and safe. Over the 17 years of operation, the company has improved the functional part of the work to the maximum, offering customers favorable terms of cooperation.


How to send money through Contact

The complexity of the process of sending money is minimized, which allows you to use the Contact system for every person, regardless of the level of understanding of the functioning processes. In addition, an employee of the company will answer all your questions and help in filling out the translation form. Consider the process of creating an application for sending money:

Choose a financial institution where the international money transfer system is supported. Contact.
Provide the system employee with information about the transfer amount, country, city and financial institution where the recipient is going to collect the money. It is important that the selected bank (transfer endpoint) also supports the Contact system. Next, you need to indicate your personal data and information about the receiving party, and sign the form.
An employee of the money transfer system Contact will provide a check for the payment of a transfer fee, which is 1% of the amount.
After that, you will be given a copy of the form for the transfer with a secret code, which must be sent to the recipient by SMS message, in a telephone conversation or via e-mail.
As you can see, the procedure for sending money is quite simple, and takes no more than half an hour. The main thing is to have identification documents with you, as well as complete information about the recipient.


The process of receiving a transfer through the Contact system

Getting a transfer is even easier because you dont have to worry about collecting information or finding the right financial institution. The Contact system will do everything for you, just come to the specified place and provide a passport, TIN and a secret code that identifies the transfer.

If the transfer was made in dollars, you have the right to receive money in this currency, bypassing the conversion through a local exchange office. The company encourages its regular customers and periodically holds promotions, within which users receive preferential conditions for working in the system.

Contact online system

Today, each company seeks to have its own representation on the Internet, as more and more people, and therefore potential customers, use the World Wide Web for a variety of purposes. The Contact system also has its own online resource, where it offers even more opportunities to people working with money transfers.

Demands for the services of todays network users are fundamentally different from those that were ten years ago. After all, the Internet has given people the opportunity to work, buy, study, sell, use the services of different companies, and this is only a small part of the benefits that an active user of the web receives.

An important factor influencing the development of the Internet environment is the sphere of financial services. Companies working in this sector are familiar to every user (Yandex.Money, Qiwi and WebMoney), therefore, the decision to create a version of the Contact online system is the only way to effectively compete with other companies working with electronic currencies.

The Contact system offers users a wide range of options for paying for various services:

Replenishment of bank payment cards.
Repayment of loans and interest on them.
You can pay for communication and Internet services.
It is possible to pay for insurance companies.
Services of travel agencies.
Government services.
Buy train and airline tickets.
You can order security services.
Make utility bills.
Based on the presented list of opportunities, it can be argued - the Contact money transfer system is an ideal tool for solving many financial issues. Consider a step-by-step instruction on how to make payments in the system:

Choose the service you want to pay.
Find a financial institution working with the Contact system. This is easy because almost every bank or financial institution supports this money transfer system.
Make a form according to the previously described action plan.
Pay the commission calculated by the system employee and confirm the payment.
The companys website also contains information about all points of service of the system, which allows you to find the nearest bank branch supporting the Contact service in a matter of minutes.

Also on the companys website there is another interesting point - the transfer of funds from card to card. Since the Contact system cooperates with the largest electronic payment service Qiwi, it is possible for users to transfer funds from card to card through a special exchanger from the Qiwi system. Transaction Terms and Procedure:

We enter the appropriate section "transfer from card to card."
Enter the card numbers of the sender and recipient.
Next, enter the transfer amount, but not less than 100 rubles.
Confirm the transaction.
There is a limit on the maximum transfer amount - not more than 75 thousand rubles. The Contact system also provides a commission in the amount of 1.6% of the transfer amount.