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Rosbank and its range of services

Росбанк и спектр его услуг

Not many banking institutions are stable and have a spotless business reputation. What can not be said about Rosbank. For more than 20 years, it has been providing quality financial and credit services to potential users and is among the ten most important organizations of the Central Bank of Russia.

The activities of Rosbank are focused on the following categories of customers:

Private customers.
Financial institutions.
According to official data from the Forbes financial and economic magazine, in the spring of 2016, this institution ranked seventh among the most reliable banks operating in the Russian market. Consider what services Rosbank provides its participants and how beneficial they are to each resource user.

 Some facts

Rosbank belongs to the Societe Generale group. This company is recognized as one of the leaders in the European financial market and was founded 150 years ago. Over the course of its existence, Rosbank is developing and growing, confronts external threats and successfully adapts to new conditions.

Currently, over 3.5 million people have become clients of the institution. The bank covered the territory of 71 regions of Russia. Literally in every city there are ATMs installed, of which there are already more than 2.5 thousand. Throughout the country, there are 450 bank branches.

 Private customers - the power of the bank

For individuals, the bank offers an attractive range of services. These include:

Card design. The Bank offers a choice of several types of plastic cards, including ordering their issue through Rosbank-online: debit, credit, with additional features, as well as for students, young professionals and teachers. Consider the last type of card. When applying for a card, students receive a number of advantages. These include: the issuance of an international student identification card, visiting free of charge or with maximum bonuses of cultural and entertainment events. There is an opportunity to get a discount on flights, visits to cafes and various kinds of trainings, as well as language courses. If you purchase a MasterCard debit card, teachers will receive a teachers identity card that meets international standards. The package also has a number of advantages that are attached to the students card from Rosbank in the form of an incentive bonus.
Investment A banking institution offers attractive deposit conditions to customers who have different incomes. It is possible to choose a deposit according to the requirements of the participant. The Bank provides deposits of your choice: monthly transfer of capital, payment of interest at the end of the contract or deposits that can be replenished at any convenient time.
Consumer loan. Rosbank provides loans for various purposes: the purchase of a car, real estate, education, purchases. A minimum of time and a small package of documents are required from a Rosbank client. Lending to individuals is an affordable and transparent process.
Insurance. The financial institution offers all types of insurance, including the protection of life and health, movable and immovable property, accounts and cards, as well as travel.
Use of additional services. These include making payments, renting a safe deposit box, money transfers and a package of daily services. Investors have the right to maintain a current account on a free and ongoing basis.
The list of additional services of Rosbank Bank also includes premium services and offers for wealthy clients (operations with precious metals, rental of safe deposit boxes, services in the stock market).

Small to large business - the prerogative of the bank

All categories of entrepreneurs: from individual to corporate executives, have the opportunity to take advantage of the banks offers. Lets consider some of them:

Small business. Its representatives are entitled to a loan, leasing and guarantees. A guarantee obligation means a written obligation of a bank that acts as a guarantor of financial transactions and expresses its willingness to pay the amount to the beneficiary, after receiving the relevant request in writing. The financial guarantee provided by Rosbank allows entrepreneurs to participate in tenders, tenders, contests held online. Businessmen can use the remote services of the institution (Internet banking for the client, SMS banking, business support). The wide range of services offered by the financial institution allows the businessman to feel safe, and transactions are maximally protected by a multi-level security mechanism.
Medium business. This type of activity is the most popular, therefore the bank offers lending, cash management services, deposits, salary projects and bank cards of Rosbank. For each service package, special flexible tariffs are developed.
Big business. Rosbank provides potential and current users with offers such as settlement services, business financing, deposit and investment services. Remote banking refers to settlement services.
The “Internet-client-bank” service is Internet banking with advanced functions, the main advantages of which are:

Manage accounts remotely.
Remote sending of orders for processing transactions to Rosbank at any time of the day.
Minor commissions.
The security of money transfers.

Basic standards of work with financial organizations

Rosbank actively cooperates with financial institutions, non-banking institutions and insurance companies. The first of them, the bank offers to use the Cash Managment service, which significantly increases the intensity of the operational and economic activities of partner structures, optimizes the movement of financial flows, reduces risks and reduces costs.

Brokerage services are also provided to non-banking organizations in the form of operations with Rosbank securities (purchase, sale of securities, shares, bonds, settlements with NSD and Euroclear). Business financing, in particular documentary letters of credit, can be used by insurance companies. These include: customs, payment, tender guarantees and other varieties.


Online Bank and its functions

Another interesting service offered by the bank is the Rosbank online mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android. Connection to this service is completely free. It is possible to connect to it on the official page of the site, at the nearest ATMs or when visiting bank branches. Also, the credit institution offers to use the paid SMS informing service, which provides complete information about the movement of funds in the account, as well as take control of your finances. All processes under the Rosbank-online program are performed at preferential rates.

The proposals from the Contact Center include timely blocking of the card, its reissue and delivery to any country, receipt of current information about the state of bank accounts and the presence of debt, viewing the history of all transactions. It is possible to find out about making a credit card, establish restrictions on the use of funds, obtain a certificate and select the nearest ATM for servicing.

Rosbank Online ATMs allow each client to withdraw cash, deposit it, open deposits, request extracts, pay for services, transfer money, repay loans, change the PIN code for access to Rosbanks card, and also replenish digital purses.

Rosbank is rightfully among the TOP-6 credit institutions with remote servicing of depositors. The institution offers a variety of high-quality and safe services to real and potential customers and is an authoritative player in the Russian financial market.