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OJSC Bank Petrocommerce

The foundation date of OJSC Commercial Bank Petrocommerce was in the month of April 1992. The strategic goal set by the bank by its shareholders is to develop as a universal credit institution. At the same time, the strength of his positions on the financial market should be unshakable.

The bank has more than 20 branches in the regions. Their goal is to bring banking services closer to customers. In addition, it helps to make the optimal system of settlements between customers.

If you calculate all the points available at Petrocommerce OJSC, you get a pretty impressive figure of 250. The relationship between the bank and the customers is based on the principle of partnership with maintaining a balance of its interests with the goals of the client.

The benchmark for the bank is the construction of such programs that are aimed at mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation. Moving in this direction, the bank offers a fairly extensive range of products. Among them are both mass and exclusive.

Services provided by a bank in a securities market

OJSC Bank Petrocommerce is one of the professional participants in the market, whose specialization is work with securities. And in this status, they put forward proposals to all investors to resort to his services. They consist in carrying out operations as a broker. Moreover, they can be carried out both with government securities and with corporate counterparts.

Brokerage service, a very popular service among investors. After all, only they have the opportunity to independently make decisions related to the management of their portfolio. At the same time, specialists of Petrocommerce OJSC are ready at any time to offer the investor the maximum amount of information about what is the real situation on the market. After all, it depends on her how correctly the investment decision will be made. All operations are within the scope of brokering and deposit service agreements.

In order for the bank to assume obligations for brokerage services, the client must perform the following steps:

Execute the opening of an investment brokerage account.
Open an account with a bank depository.

For each client, Petrocommerce Bank provides access to the following operations:

1. With shares:

Using the MICEX sections. It is their share that accounts for more than 60% of the total turnover of Russian shares. More than 200 types of securities are traded on the stock exchange.
In addition, trading is carried out by the RTS Stock Exchange, on which about 20% of transactions with shares are carried out, of the total number of transactions in the countrys trading systems. About 350 securities and more than 200 elements are traded here.
On the over-the-counter market, the services of which are resorted to in cases where it is necessary to carry out transactions in which either instruments not listed on the stock exchange are involved or they are not liquid enough.

2. With bonds:
On the MICEX, where government ruble bonds are involved.
In the MICEX stock market section, using corporate, municipal sub-federal bonds.
On the OTC market - using foreign currency bonds owned by the state.
3. With bills of exchange transactions are exclusively in the OTC market.

Internet banking Petrocommerce-online

The bank offers everyone who wants to use the Petrocommerce-online system, which provides remote banking services. This system allows the client to get in touch with the bank, while managing not only their accounts, but also bank cards using a secure Internet connection. For the convenience of customers, this system operates in two modes:

Information, which provides the ability to view information related to the clients account and his cards.
Payment, providing a complete set of features that allow you to manage the clients cards and his accounts.

Opportunities provided by the Petrocommerce-online system

Information service allows you to:

Receive information on the actual state of finance on a bank card or account.
Perform verification of money transactions on the account and bank card for a certain period.

Settlement services Petrocommerce-online offers:

The ability to perform operations related to the transfer of client capital to third-party accounts in rubles.
Transfer money from one account to another, for example, to replenish the balance on bank cards.
The ability to pay for services using the online mode. It may be about paying for cellular or landline services, satellite or any other paid television, utilities and the Internet.
Payment of taxes.
Making payments to the accounts of organizations that have a contract with the bank that allows you to transfer payments to them.

Petrocommerce online operations on deposits:

The ability to open a deposit.
Quick access to information related to customer deposits.
Carrying out operations related to crediting or writing off money.

Loan operations:

Availability of credit status information.
Loan repayment.
Control over credit debt.
Possibility to draw up an established sample application for either a consumer loan or a credit card.

To connect to the Petrocommerce-online system, the following steps should be taken:

Come to the nearest bank branch, having with you an original document that can prove your identity.
Decide on the choice of the mode in which work will be carried out in this system. If a payment is chosen, then it is necessary to conclude an appropriate agreement.

Online Banking Security

Ensuring a high level of security for the functioning of the Petrocommerce-online system is an issue that the bank pays close attention to solving. For this purpose, he uses the most advanced developments in the field of data protection. The client receives a guarantee that the safety of funds and personal information will be provided unconditionally.

Card Petrocommerce

The bank offers the client several types of cards. These can be standard cards, on which, at the request of the client, the name of the client who owns the Petrocommerce card is affixed. However, there is the possibility of obtaining premium cards.

Petrocommerce-Lukoil - for every 50 rubles it is awarded 1 point bonus from Lukoil. The points earned are easily exchanged for gas if the car is refueling at the same gas station.

Petrocommerce card with a grace period. The Bank has high requirements for the client-borrower. In view of this, it is necessary to provide a certificate of real income. This is more than offset by a high bar set for the maximum loan amount and a relatively low percentage of the limit. All operations without exception fall under the grace period.

Card Petrocommerce-Comfort. The card can be obtained on the day of application.