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Moscow Industrial Bank - a wide range of services for citizens and business

Moscow Industrial Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Russia, which has been operating since 1990. Clients of the organization are individuals and business representatives. The main services are the provision of bank cards, loans, deposits. Today, the bank has a stable customer base, strong market positions and a minimum level of credit risk. Its main advantages are a wide range of services, an individual approach to customers and low sensitivity to currency risks.

Services to individuals from Moscow Industrial Bank

Clients of the Moscow Industrial Bank are tens of thousands of people who can count on the following services:

Getting bank cards.
Making transfers and payments.
Making deposits on profitable deposits.
Using the capabilities of remote service.
Making loans at favorable rates.
The use of individual safes for storing personal valuables.
Other services.
Each of the banks services has nuances. So, the most popular are bank cards, which are credit and debit. The first product is suitable for customers who need periodic lending from the bank. If such a card is available, the client has access to credit funds within the limit agreed upon with the bank. Service convenience - low interest rates, quick approval and the ability to receive information through the Moscow Industrial Bank online system. Popular institution credit cards include:

Visa Classic Voyage PayWave.
MasterCard Gold PayPass Voyage.
MasterCard Platinum Voyage.
MasterCard Gold PayPass and others.
Debit cards that play the role of a clients wallet are no less in demand. Of the most interesting, it is worth highlighting:

MasterCard WORLD Anniversary card - "plastic", which is available in a limited series. The peculiarity is the accrual of a high percentage on the balance of funds, the return of part of the money when making a purchase, and unusual clearance.
MasterCard Black Edition is a debit card of Moscow Industrial Bank for financially independent and confident people. The advantages of the service include the presence of a refund (up to 10 percent) when making a purchase, the presence of a large percentage of the remaining funds, ease of maintenance and the absence of a fee for issuing.
Visa Classic Voyage PayWave is an option for people who spend most of their time traveling. Card advantages - ease of payment for goods around the world, participation in a discount banking program, accrual of bonuses for kilometers traveled.
Not less demanded service are considered deposits for individuals. Here Moscow Industrial Bank offers the following types of deposits:

Cumulative "+".
Financial independence.
Universal wallet.
Each deposit option has its own characteristics. Thus, the Universal Wallet contribution is good for family people who have not yet decided on the exact priorities. Its features are different options for calculating interest, opening a deposit for any convenient period, as well as a high interest rate (6.5-8 percent).

Another deposit of the Moscow Industrial Bank called Cumulative Plus is in great demand. Its features - the minimum amount for opening a deposit (from 3000 rubles), the presence of additional contributions on the deposit, the capitalization of interest. The accumulated funds can be obtained in part or in full. The deposit can be opened in different currencies. In rubles, the percentage of the deposit is 7.75-11 percent.

The banking institution also has favorable credit conditions. So, the loan term is from six months to five years. The loan is issued in national currency. The lower limit is 50 thousand rubles. If desired, the debt can be repaid earlier, without restrictions and commission payments. It is convenient to track the status of the account and make a deposit using the Moscow Industrial Bank online service.

The most popular bank loans include:

For payees on bank cards.
Secured by housing.
For the population.
For bank employees.

Services of the Moscow Industrial Bank for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, as never before, need the support of financial and credit organizations. Moreover, the bank offers the following services for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities:

Products for companies operating in the housing sector.
Currency control.
Placement of capital.
Providing cards of the Moscow Industrial Bank for entrepreneurial activities.
Guarantees of a banking institution.
Favorable offers for corporate entities.
Each service is aimed at the heads of various companies, from small enterprises to large concerns. The same "plastic" has long been a testament to the reliability and financial stability of the company. Today, customers have access to a wide selection of “plastic” options, including:

Salary loans - a service that is suitable for organizing payments to employees on special cards. The advantages of the services of Moscow Industrial Bank are its high processing speed, favorable interest rates, reliability and ease of control over the flow of funds.
Campus projects. The peculiarity is in providing teachers and students with access to various types of services, including information services. With the help of these cards, access to certain sectors of the educational institution can be provided, performance monitoring can be carried out, and salaries will be paid.
Corporate type cards - a service that is provided to companies. The advantages of “plastic” are the reduction in operating expenses, the availability of SMS informing services, the minimum risk of theft of cash, as well as the possibility of linking cards to a common corporate account.
The cash card is a registered “plastic” bank of Moscow Industrial Bank, which is suitable for depositing funds in national currency through terminals or ATMs. Investing money is possible directly to the account of the company.
The lending sector, which is characterized by a wide range of services, low interest rates and the ability to control an account using the Moscow Industrial Bank Online service, has gained no less popularity. Of the most popular types of lending, it is worth highlighting the following:

Overdraft - getting quick access to the required amount if there is such a need.
Profitable real estate is an option for companies that receive the main profit from the rental of buildings (premises).
Refinancing loans from other banking institutions - an option for legal entities that need
A special credit program is a service that allows buying prefabricated equipment in Belarus at preferential rates. Transfers can be made directly to accounts or to a card of the Moscow Industrial Bank.
Leasing is a popular service today, which has become an excellent alternative to lending. It is suitable for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. in obtaining more favorable conditions after loan reissuance