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Kit finance: the bank has closed, the fund is booming

The non-state pension fund Kit has been providing services to the population since 2007. With the help of the organization, many Russians were able to secure a decent old age. Most investors choose Kit Finance for high profitability and stable operation. The fund managed to enter the TOP-3 NPF of Russia; for several years now, the organization has been holding its position.

Almost 8 years of work in the field of providing the population with a pension brought about 53% of the profit to citizens. The organization managed to block the current inflation rate, as well as to increase customer deposits. These are unique indicators, other NPFs cannot boast of such success.

What happened to the bank?

Kit Finance was once a well-known and large bank. The organization was founded in 1992 and was known to a wide range of customers under the name Palmyra. At the end of 2007, the credit institution was in the TOP-30 banks of Russia, but the next year was a turning point. Economic crises adversely affected the financial activities of the enterprise. In 2014, management declared itself bankrupt and liquidated the organization.

Assets were sold to the largest banks. One of them is VTB24. The organization bought out a loan portfolio. Credit services previously provided by Kit Finance Bank have now become the property of VTB24. But the bank went to meet the borrowers, and allowed to repay the debt on the same terms, without making any amendments to existing agreements and changes in interest rates.

Kit Finance Fund: features and premises

Next year, you can celebrate the 15th anniversary of the introduction of the mandatory pension insurance system. The program is valid for citizens born after 1967. The main conditions of the system are that of the 22% of pension contributions, 16% are the insurance part, which is stored in the PF of the Russian Federation, and the remaining 6% can be transferred to the Kit Finance fund or other NPF. However, until now, many Russians leave additional interest in the PF of the Russian Federation, considering it the most reliable in matters of preserving pensions.

Experts constantly evaluate the degree of reliability of non-governmental funds. Kit Finance in 2015 received a rating of "A ++", which only emphasizes its maximum reliability.

You need to understand that we are talking about a second pension, about additional income. The organization provides its customers with a number of programs in which even newborns can participate. Among them:

Junior - savings from birth to 18 years.
Start - for those who are from 15 to 18 years old.
Well-being and Decent Life - 2 Kit Pension Fund programs that allow you to improve your material well-being by retiring or planning to do so in the next 1-2 years.
You can get acquainted with the programs in the department of the fund.

How to calculate the size of payments?

Most citizens are interested in the size of pensions, provided that they will invest in the fund. You can calculate the exact amount of income from a personal manager in the nearest branch of the organization. Profit depends on the size of wages, as well as the ability to invest a certain amount. However, not everyone wants to spend time visiting the department.

In this case, Kit Finance provides services for calculating profits online - using a calculator located on the organizations website. The client needs to choose gender, age, income, the amount of funds in the account and indicate whether there are reasons for early retirement. For example: a 40-year-old woman with a monthly income of 10 thousand rubles and a contribution of 11 thousand rubles for 15 years (before retirement) will accumulate almost 200 thousand rubles, of which 86 thousand is net profit from investments. Thus, the monthly increase in the basic pension will amount to almost 870 rubles. The Kit Finance Fund, under similar conditions, but for a girl aged 20, will pay almost 5 thousand monthly after retirement. The secret is simple: the sooner the client starts investing and the more he can invest - the more attractive and more income will be.

Calculations are based on weighted average rates for performance indicators from the moment the fund is opened to the current moment. The organization does not make forecasts for future periods, but given that inflation has more than been covered for almost 10 years, and the level of profitability is growing steadily, we can conclude that in the coming years, Kit Finance will fulfill its obligations in full.

Fund Benefits

In addition to the positive ratings established by various rating agencies, which once again emphasizes the solvency and reliability of the organization, the fund has additional advantages:

A large number of partner companies insuring the activities of the fund.
The organization provides the inheritance of funds regardless of the term of the deposit and size.
The management does its best for the openness of the fund to customers, each user can track the receipt of funds or interest in your personal account. Almost all the services Kit Finance offers on the official website. You can get acquainted with the programs, calculate the amount of income, seek help from online support.
The fund is gradually gaining the trust of an increasing number of consumers. You can read reviews about the work of the service on various forums and sites. About 93% of contributors respond positively to fund programs and organization employees.

Dispelling worries: what will happen if an NPF goes bankrupt?

The main fears of future retirees are based only on the fact that a non-state fund may go bankrupt at any time. The Pension Fund Kit is doing everything possible to avoid such a "finale", but it is impossible to completely insure yourself. However, he is a major player in this niche in the domestic market of Russia.

In the NPF, the client transfers only 6% of the total amount of payments. The remaining funds remain with the Pension Fund. That is, consumers will be guaranteed to be provided with the basic pension.

In the event of bankruptcy of a private pension fund or revocation of a license, an enterprise transfers all savings for those who have already reached retirement age and must receive payments within 3 months to a state fund, and the latter assumes obligations to pay money. Please note - if the NPF closes, then the state in any case will pay you the required funds, only after three months.

The Kit Finance Fund, thanks to a competent insurance strategy in case of liquidation of the enterprise, will be able to return all the money of depositors under the insurance program. DIA - Deposit Insurance Agency - will reimburse all contributions in full, except for the amount of investment income. That is - the amount actually paid into the account will be returned to the client, excluding the interest rate.

The choice of a pension fund is best done at the very beginning of a career. Choose reliable, stable organizations with high rates of return. Kit Finance will increase your savings and allow you to secure a decent “airbag” in old age, because you can not only transfer 6%, but also invest regularly so that the total amount of pension payments in the future reaches 15–20 thousand per month.