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The life of modern society is closely intertwined with the virtual, but this did not alienate it from reality, opening thousands of new ways to solve pressing problems. Advanced discoveries include the currency of the new Bitcoin formation. With the advent of digital money, cryptocurrency exchanges are being created, among which BTC-e is considered one of the powerful exchange platforms.


WEX Exchange (BTS-e): the rapid growth of popularity

Experts are sure that there are plenty of prerequisites for Bitcoin to become a world currency. Democracy and ease of use now make it popular and in demand. There are more and more people who want to use it as a convenient means of payment, exchange, buy and sell. For this, cryptocurrency exchanges have been created where investors invest billions of dollars of capital. BTC-e exchange appeared in 2011. In a short period, it reached the world level, because in only one day the volume of monetary transactions exceeds 10,000 Bitcoins. It takes the third place in the exchange of US dollars for cryptocurrency and the first in the exchange of rubles for Bitcoin and is at the forefront in the world ranking of similar trading platforms.


BTC-e code - internal currency BTC-e

The internal currency of the popular exchange is called the BTC-e code and is intended to simplify the work of the trader due to the following additional features:

At the time of sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate of the BTC-e code, it helps to safely survive a dangerous situation.
To display and convert codes is extremely simple and profitable, this allows you to save money at a critical moment in the transaction.
Codes have a stable exchange rate against the dollar. At the time of the fluctuation of the value of the dollar, they hold the previous price until the stabilization of quotations occurs. The trader manages to orient, make a decision, develop a plan of further actions to help avoid the negative consequences inherent in sudden changes in course.
BTC-e cod allows you to make money transfers in fiat and digital currencies, as well as receive transfers from users of other services. To transfer Bitcoin without fees to another type of electronic currency, exchanger is at the service of users.

Some of the benefits of domestic currency are as follows:

The use of codes eliminates the high commission. The minimum threshold of only 0.2% of the transaction volume is very convenient and, perhaps, has no analogues. Many services, including, allow you to exchange domestic currency with a low percentage of commissions.
You can buy BTC-e codes through electronic payment services: WebMoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money or PayPal using cash through terminals or by bank transfer through bank cards or an electronic exchanger, for example,
The BTC-e domestic currency represents an autonomous monetary unit; it is gaining popularity on financial platforms.

Codes can be exchanged profitably for the following types of money and title units:

To exchange BTC-cod to WMZ, a convenient platform is selected, the required data (details) are entered and a transaction is made. For such an operation, you can use seven exchangers, some of them: Magazena, BTC-e2WM,
WMR exchange is carried out through a transit site, such a move is considered legal, it is used by Russian citizens.
Yandex RUR. For the exchange, you can use 26 exchange services, each has a different course, the user chooses the most profitable one.
On online exchangers, in particular, on, you can exchange BTC-e codes for rubles, which is permissible under the law of the Russian Federation.

Exchange account WEX-BTC-e: its features

Logging into the exchanges account is as simple as on any website, you just need to specify the login and password created at the time of registration on the service.

The user must be adequate and strictly abide by the rules. If the client does not meet the requirements, grossly violates the established order, his profile is automatically blocked without further recovery.


Cryptocurrency security in the hands of a BTC-e client

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is reliably protected from fraud, because it was created on the basis of innovative secure blockchain technology. However, often the user makes unforgivable mistakes and jeopardizes the cryptocurrency located on the BTC-e exchange account. The Bitcoin wallet files in which the funds are located should not be made public by anyone else.

Clever scammers, using illegally obtained secret data, can log into your account. Their further actions can be prevented thanks to the function of confirming the withdrawal of money through a mobile phone or e-mail. The administration of the service strongly recommends using complex passwords to enter the email and account of the exchange. Two-factor authorization should not be neglected.

Under no circumstances does the BTC-e exchange transfer user data to third parties. If someone contacts the exchange support service with a request to intervene in the trading process of one of the clients or asks for information about him, such a statement is ignored. Even if serious arguments are presented, the administration of the service considers this as fraud. It follows that only a user who has lost vigilance threatens his own account.


Withdraw funds from the BTC-e exchange account

BTC-e exchange provides a way to withdraw funds received as a result of trading transactions. This process can be carried out at any time of the day. For a successful withdrawal, you can use electronic payment services. Having opened the index with the desired currency on the site page, you need to select the appropriate option from the list provided.

The amount of commission depends on the chosen method (from 0.2% to 2%). The time to complete the operation can vary and is a maximum of three days.


BTC-e and MT4 terminal

Clients of the BTC-e exchange can use a convenient means for carrying out trade transactions - MT4 terminal. This automated platform is quite effective and in demand among a significant part of customers. The terminal provides unique tools for conducting technical analysis of the market, which contributes to the success of transactions conducted automatically.


Programs for working with BTC-e on the Android platform

On the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, you can really make good money. Using special applications developed for modern gadgets, such as mobile phones or tablets with Android OS, allows you to save time and get more substantial income. To keep abreast of events taking place on the exchange, where you can purchase a BTC-cod, you must download and install the following programs:

BTC-e Assist - a mobile client makes trade transactions, can see the necessary information, register one or more accounts, receive a notification service about important moments and events.
BTC-e client - this program is intended only for trading operations. Trader Client allows you to carry out speculative actions with high speed.

The role of the order in the transaction?

The purpose of the order is to confirm the intention of the bidder to complete the exchange operation in a certain direction. It is the legal basis for all trading and exchange processes on the BTC-e exchange. This document is registered on the stock exchange and contains information about the volume of the transaction, the type of transaction, the amount of insurance. At the end of the transaction, the order is considered canceled.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, the trader has the right to make some adjustments or even withdraw the order. Although, this is possible before the operation itself. The regulation of such operations is carried out using a special option, where an order is made to amend or withdraw a specific order.

The BTC-e exchange client fills in the necessary information about the upcoming trading process. After entering the amount for the exchange, the equivalent of the currency into which the exchange speculator transfers the funds is automatically displayed.


Registration and conduct of a trade transaction on BTC-e

After filling out an application with the clarification of the value of the currency, the bidding process begins. If the exchange does not take place at the agreed hour, the transaction is considered failed and the money is returned back with a deduction of the commission. In this situation, cryptocurrency can be sold at the real-time rate.

If the trading operation is completed, an hour later the confirmation of the BTC-e exchange administration arrives.

The trader must carefully monitor the change in the rate in order to regulate the bidding process and fulfill the basic speculative principle: to profit from the difference between buying and selling foreign currency.


The essence of BTC-e customer insurance

The premium to the BTC-e account is otherwise called security. The exchange is reinsured to guarantee the fulfillment of these obligations specified in orders by bidders. The trader himself sets the amount of the contribution and transfers it to the presented account. The insurance premium can be received back in two cases:

When the order is revoked, only part of the security deposit is returned.
If the transaction is completed, the full amount will be refunded.
The latest achievements of programmers and cryptologists do not cease to amaze and delight users with the limitless possibilities of innovative technologies, on the basis of which new inventions are born. No one is already surprised at the existence of the digital currency phenomenon, and the example of Bitcoin is worthy of respect and imitation. Voiced virtual coins are increasingly confidently entering real life, there are more and more options for their use, one of which is making profit as a result of exchange speculation. The desire to earn Bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchanges is an incentive for the improvement, development and emergence of new services trading in alternative monetary units.