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What device is used the most in the modern world? A smartphone, of course. Independent analytics companies claim that more than 4.3 billion people use smartphones, or more than 60% of the worlds population. Moreover, such gadgets are used almost around the clock. Residents of megacities are constantly online and interact with their smartphones for at least 4 hours during the day.

These statistics provide a basis for thinking about the benefits of developing mobile applications and platforms. In fact, the whole life of a modern person is tied to a smartphone. With its help, people search for the necessary information, select and order goods, keep track of calories, communicate in chats and social networks. All these and many more other functions that a smartphone performs are provided through various applications.

But what if there are too many applications that perform similar functions? How do you find the right platform? And most importantly - how to make money on the constant use of gadgets?

SWIPE was able to answer these questions to users. One of the companys main projects was the development of a blockchain platform that allows analyzing all incoming and outgoing mobile content. The development has opened up great opportunities for both gadget users and mobile application developers.

The companys concern for users of gadgets affected all SWIPE projects, so the blockchain platform gained wide popularity and took an important place in the digital economy.

What is Swipe?

First and foremost, SWIPE is the name of a company that develops software products for mobile phones. All of the companys products have the same name. For example, Swipe Network is the name of a blockchain platform developed by a company to implement its projects.

The Swipe Network is a decentralized platform that is used to collect and analyze information. The work of the Swipe Network platform is often called targeting, but in fact, the purpose of this project is much broader and more interesting.

The data collected during the analysis of mobile content is used not only for the placement of targeted advertising. The Swipe Network offers users to earn money by privately providing this data, installing convenient applications and using other platform functions.

With the help of the Swipe Network, there is a transparent cooperation between the owners of mobile phones, acting as buyers, and manufacturers of all kinds of goods, services, software products. Users privately provide information about their tastes and preferences, receiving payment for this, and manufacturers receive information about the wishes of the target audience, pay for platform services and targeted advertising through mobile applications. Interaction with mobile application developers is carried out in the same way: users get access to an objective rating of applications, and developers learn about the needs of mobile phone owners.

All sides of the interaction are protected from fraud. The company monitors the quality of the products offered and monitors data sources.

For application developers SWIPE has created a unique product - SDK. Swipe SDK - software tools that can be used to implement the marketing strategy of application developers. The technology behind the Swipe SDK integrates seamlessly into the Swipe Network platform and application code. Thus, the developer can use all the features of the Swipe Network platform, attract and retain users of the application, and users gain access to the platform and can improve the quality of incoming content.

In addition to the Swipe Network platform, the company also developed the Swipe Rich platform. Swipe Rich is an advertising platform especially in demand in Indonesia and the Philippines. On the basis of the platform, a new product from Swipe Crypto was created, which allows every smartphone owner to become a holder of cryptocurrencies.

Swipe Crypto is a blockchain-based project designed to pay cryptocurrency owners of mobile phones for viewing ads. Initially, users were offered to receive rewards in Ethereums, but now SWIPE has developed its own cryptocurrency, which is used to reward users. The name of the token has become the same as the name of the company itself.

Swipe Token (SXP) cryptocurrency is an altcoin created by SWIPE to implement the capabilities of the Swipe Network platform and the Swipe Crypto project. With the SXP coin, you can pay transaction fees on the Swipe Network, pay in platform applications, in addition, the SXP altcoin serves as a settlement tool in SwipeWallet.

SwipeWallet is a cryptocurrency exchanger that can be installed as an application on a mobile phone and, thanks to SwipeCard, bind your cryptocurrency wallets to bank cards.

Altcoin SXP activates SwipeWallet functionality. This means that to use the exchangers capabilities, you need to purchase at least one Swipe coin, and since the Swipe token is quite affordable, such an authorization fee suits users.

Within the capabilities of SwipeWallet, not only buy, sell and exchange more than 20 types of digital currencies, but also make purchases with payment in cryptocurrency. You can also create a virtual payment card and manage it through the app.

The Swipe Token cryptocurrency on the SwipeWallet platform can be bought, sold, exchanged for other cryptographic or fiat currencies, commissions and virtual gift cards can be paid with it. With the help of SXP tokens, users of the system increase their membership status and receive multi-level benefits.

Thus, answering the question of what Swipe is, we can say that Swipe is a company that develops platforms and applications for mobile phones, as well as the products of this company of the same name - Swipe Network and Swipe Rich platforms, SwipeWallet exchanger, Swipe Token cryptocurrency.

Swipe history

SWIPE was founded in 2016. The founder of SWIPE, Joselito Lizarondo, was an entrepreneur in the Republic of the Philippines prior to founding the company. In 2016, he became interested in the possibilities of using blockchain technologies for the development of mobile applications, moved to Singapore and began to assemble a project team. It included programmer Genji Sakamoto with experience in software development for Windows and Linux operating systems, development engineer Zilong San, project manager related to the development of software products for iOS and Android operating systems, programmers Chunzuo Wang and Bing Liu, who are developing in blockchain technology.

The companys first project, the Swipe Network data collection and analysis platform, was launched a year after the start of work. It showed high efficiency and attracted the interest of developers of mobile applications, so the company immediately launched the next project - the Swipe Rich advertising platform.

On the basis of Swipe Rich, the Swipe Crypto technology was developed in 2018. Even then, it became clear that the company needed its own cryptocurrency. While the development of the SXP altcoin was in progress, Ethereum was used in the internal calculations of the platform.

Swipe Token cryptocurrency was officially launched on August 26, 2019. It appeared on cryptocurrency exchanges on the same day, the starting price of the SXP token was 0.24 USD. The exchange rate has been growing for almost two months and on October 20, 2019, the SXP token reached a maximum price of 2.12 USD per coin. Since then, the rate has gone down, stabilized and stayed within the range of USD 1.1–1.3. At the beginning of 2020, slow growth began, in January the token was bought for 1.7-1.8 USD, the market capitalization reached 116.6 million USD.

The development of the altcoin was based on the Ethereum blockchain, so the Swipe Token cryptocurrency falls under the ERC-20 standard. SXP tokens cannot be mined, they can be earned using the Swipe Network platform, or bought on a cryptocurrency exchange.

In the projects of the SWIPE company, the SXP token is used not only as a means of payment, but also as a means of protecting the network, with its help the storage of funds in cold storage is organized. The token is also used as a wallet activator and other functions of the SwipeWallet exchanger.

The roadmap for the project includes the launch of other applications, so the story of the creation of Swipe is not over yet. The company plans to introduce other equally interesting and useful software products.

Is Swipe popular?

All SWIPE products are widely distributed in the Asian market. Despite the fact that the laws of China and South Korea strictly regulate the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, the Swipe Network and Swipe Rich platforms are very popular among the residents of these countries. The same applies to users from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia.

Interest in the Swipe Token cryptocurrency is also observed mainly in this market segment. This limited popularity is due to the fact that the SwipeWallet project and the Swipe Network and Swipe Rich platforms are still evolving. The functionality of SWIPEs software products is extensive and will surely attract a large number of users in the future.

The advantages of SWIPE projects, thanks to which the popularity of the companys software products is growing, include:

An easy-to-use database for structured analysis that allows application developers to share information and work comprehensively to improve the quality of content;
protection of personal data from disclosure and misuse;
improved targeting;
payment system for the provision of personal data;
individual terms of transactions fixed by smart contracts.
A separate advantage is its own token, which is widely used as an internal means of payment, as well as for rewarding and receiving proceeds.

What is Swipe for?

Altcoin Swipe is intended for internal transactions in Swipe Wallet and Swipe Card systems. Using this cryptocurrency, users receive additional benefits: it serves as a wallet activator, a means of payment for company products, and a tool for financial transactions.

Globally, Swipe is needed to compensate users for targeting. The fact is that all search engines and many applications exploit users personal information without their knowledge, and the data obtained is sent to generate targeted advertising. Swipe allows users to maintain privacy and earn on targeting by providing information about their preferences and needs, and the internal altcoin serves as a reward.

Swipe transactions

Swipe transactions are carried out on the same principle as other currencies on the Ethereum blockchain, the Swipe Token developers have changed only the security protocols. Otherwise, the speed of Swipe transactions and the mechanism for their confirmation, as well as the principles of calculating the commission, do not differ from Ethereum.

Swipe prospects

The success of Swipes projects suggests that further platform development will lead to large-scale deployment of the project. This means that interest in Swipe Token will continue. Therefore, the Swipe cryptocurrency has investment attractiveness and growth prospects in 2020.


Added: 16.01.2020
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