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Why is it better to link your card in the payment system?

Почему в платежной системе лучше сделать привязку своей карточки?

Making money on the Internet is, in fact, a new direction of remote work. In times of raging economic crisis, this topic becomes most relevant. Wages are paid to the electronic wallet of a remote worker (freelancer), and the Internet has rightfully acquired the status of the largest employer of our time.

At the moment, there are many ways to withdraw funds, but the safest option is to transfer funds to a plastic card of a banking institution. How to link a card to electronic money? How safe is this method?


What is the purpose of linking a card to a digital wallet?

Undoubtedly, in the virtual network, you can pay for goods and services with electronic money. However, most of the purchases a person makes in everyday life with the help of material fiduciary monetary units. In this regard, the client of the network is faced with the task of which method of withdrawing funds to give preference. By the way, any payment system recommends linking a personal bank card to your account. This action will provide the user with some benefits.

For example, linking a card to the Yandex.Money payment system is quite simple. The service reminds that in this case the clients account will be maximally protected. At the same time, there will be no need to replenish the account, since you can pay for purchases in online stores directly from the card. There are no fees for payments. There is a possibility to link Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. The main condition is that they must be issued by banks in Russia or the CIS countries.

It is the responsibility of the bank to ensure the safe withdrawal of funds. Having its own interest (commission fee from 1 to 3% of the amount), it provides reliable protection of the clients savings when linking the card to electronic money.

In order to link a plastic card to the payment system, you must specify information about it in a special form (universal bank card number, owners full name, validity period and security code on the back of the card). Subsequently, this will save time on entering her details. If the user changes his mind about binding the card, then within 24 hours he can cancel this action.

What about security?

Not everyone will entrust their funds to the electronic system due to the fact that this type of money has just begun to gain trust from customers. Even if the user knows how to link the card to electronic money, he may doubt the safety of digital funds. However, worrying about your own savings does not make much sense.

Each payment resource is reliably protected from hacker attacks and any type of fraud. Now, in addition, the bank assumes part of the responsibility for the security of transactions on the clients account. Thus, the user gets double protection of the virtual wallet. By and large, plastic cards are its material embodiment.

In addition, when performing an operation to transfer money to a bank card, the resource generates a special template, which indicates its details. To link a card to a payment system means to secure and reliably protect yourself. This template will protect the user from possible mistakes when entering card data. When performing transactions on it, the system will ask for confirmation of the transaction. To do this, the client is sent a one-time code in an SMS message to his cell phone.

For security reasons, sometimes the system asks to re-enter information about the plastic card. Thus, the administration of the resource once again makes sure that the users card is still active and is being used for its intended purpose. This procedure increases the level of protection of funds.

When paying for purchases through the global web, linking the card to electronic money will mean that the buyers risks will be reduced to zero. Payment resources responsibly treat customer data, all information about him is strictly confidential and is not subject to communication to third parties, including online stores.

The card binding page uses PCI DSS protection technology, which was jointly developed by Visa and MasterCard. To pay with a card, you need to know the password to enter, the three-digit code on the back of the card and passwords to confirm transfers.

The new technology 3D-Secure also acts as additional protection from the bank. To link a 3D-Secure card to electronic money, you need to contact the banking institution that issued the clients plastic card. This technology works with Visa and MasterCard in any country. Its principle of operation is to confirm the withdrawal of money from the card using a special password.


How many cards can be linked to the system?

Each payment system has its own requirements for how many cards can be simultaneously used on the resource. For example, Yandex. Money allows you to link no more than 5 cards. There can be only one main card, which the user himself chooses. If you link the card to the payment system and set up auto payment on the site, then the funds will be debited from the main card automatically.

You can attach plastic cards in the "Settings" section. To do this, select the "Bank Cards" item. If you bind a foreign card, then you need to understand that the client may face some restrictions on the volume of the transaction.

In case of an error when attaching a card to an electronic wallet, you need to contact the support service of a banking institution and clarify whether the card is configured to make payments via the Internet. It happens that the bank deliberately closes access to Internet payments, then the card will not be linked to electronic money. This method is used as the main protection for a plastic card. To remove it, you need to call a bank specialist.

It will not be difficult to bind a plastic card to a payment resource even for a beginner of a virtual network, because the system developers always care about the convenience of the interface for the client and reliable protection of his data.