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Reliable Bitcoin Wallets (Online) - Part IV

The digital currency Bitcoin triggered irreversible changes in the traditional, and largely outdated financial system, demonstrating clear superiority based on the functionality of the innovative blockchain platform. The last year has shown how attractive the idea of an independent financial turnover system is, which, in the case of Bitcoin, is called decentralization, when each network participant has equal rights and opportunities. Cryptocurrencies, under the leadership of Bitcoin, rightfully claim the honorary title of the bastion of financial freedom.

The number of participants in the Bitcoin ecosystem is growing, as is the number of software offerings for using the digital currency. Bitcoin wallets, of which there are quite a few now, are receiving special attention. Meanwhile, without these virtual wallets, it is impossible to store cryptocurrency savings and use them for different purposes. In this article, we will take a look at several digital wallets, considering their features, advantages and differences.

It should be noted that cryptocurrency wallets are divided into several categories. The starting point for their classification is the location of the wallets themselves and the funds stored on them. The article will focus on storages located on third-party servers and which can be used online both with the use of a personal computer and any modern gadget with Internet access.

Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain

 One of the most popular offers today is the Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet, which can be opened at blockchain.info. Every second newbie who decides to study in more detail the capabilities and advantages of the Bitcoin system opens a wallet on blockchain.info, and heres why:

    It is popular, since the number of customers of the service is already more than ten million, and this, you see, is a very decent indicator.
    Simple and straightforward system functionality. Users do not need to know the basics of programming in order to work with a cryptocurrency wallet, unlike the initial versions of Bitcoin wallets, where all actions were carried out using program codes and scripts.
    Bitcoin wallet Blockchain is reliably protected, as evidenced by the absence of hacker attacks on clients wallets. Cyber fraudsters can rob a digital wallet only if the owner of the wallet himself provides information to enter the vault.
    The system works quickly and smoothly. If any problems arise while using the digital wallet, the competent support team will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Consider the process of registering a new user, considering the important points:

    On the website, in the "registration" section, you must fill out a form to create an account. We indicate the full name (you can not your own, if you want to achieve complete confidentiality), login, password and e-mail box.
    The Blockchain Bitcoin wallet system sends an email to an email address that contains: the account creation confirmation code, an identifier consisting of 32 characters, and the Bitcoin wallet address, which is also a login to enter the system.
    Using the registration confirmation code sent in the letter, we complete the account creation process by entering the numeric password on the blockchain.info website.

As you can see, starting a digital wallet using the blockchain.info service is quite simple, just like using the services of the system.

Xapo digital Bitcoin wallet

 Xapo digital wallet for Bitcoins is another service that offers advanced options for working with Bitcoins. In order not to beat around the bush, consider the step-by-step instructions for registering in the system:

    First of all, go to xapo.com and click the "Grate an Account" button.
    On the next page, you will be asked to enter a valid email address, a four-digit PIN that will be used to confirm transactions, a password of any complexity (the more difficult the better), confirm that you are a real person by entering captcha, agree with the system rules and confirm the registration ...
    Then the system asks you to enter your last name.
    The next page requires a name.
    Please enter your real country of residence to access all the features of the Xapo digital Bitcoin wallet.
    Next, you must specify the day, month and year of birth.
    The last step is to confirm your registration with an email sent to your email address.

This completes the account creation process. Further, the service offers to establish additional account protection by linking your phone number to a digital wallet. In the future, a two-level transfer protection will be used to confirm the transaction: using a PIN-code and a mobile phone number.

How is Xapo digital wallet different from the rest? System advantages:

    The system provides an online store of games for PCs and smartphones, for which the user can pay with Bitcoins.
    The service has a two-level security system, which will help to secure your have an account.
    The user can buy Bitcoins directly on the site using a debit or credit bank card.
    The sites functionality is simple and straightforward.
    But the main advantage of the service is the ability to order a debit card in Bitcoins. The owner of this card can use it to pay in places where payments in digital currency are supported.

Undoubtedly, the Xapo digital wallet is one of the best services on the cryptocurrency market today.

Bitcoin wallet BitWallet

 BitWallet bitcoin wallet is designed primarily for the English-speaking audience, since the system does not provide the function of translating online pages, although you can use an online translator from Google. Regardless, the BitWallet digital wallet has a wide variety of ways to buy and sell Bitcoins. Lets consider the advantages and disadvantages of the service. Advantages:

    After registration, the user receives a Bitcoin address that can be used to buy and sell digital currency.
    Simple enough site interface.
    A large list of ways to buy and sell Bitcoins, which is the undisputed advantage of the BitWallet digital wallet.

Consider the disadvantages of the service, which, unfortunately, also exist:

    A rather low level of account protection. The system does not provide for confirmation of the transaction using an SMS message or email address.
    There is no store with items that can be bought with digital coins.
    Limited service capabilities. The functionality of the system is mainly aimed at buying / selling Bitcoins, there are no other useful functions.

How useful the service can be for an ordinary user is up to everyone. The obvious advantage of the BitWallet wallet is a large list of ways to withdraw Bitcoins, among which, by the way, there is WebMoney. If you need additional functions in the form of a cryptocurrency store, or a high level of transaction protection, then you should use another service.

Bitcoin wallet BreadWallet - manage your cryptocurrency online

 Bitcoin is becoming more popular every day, its hard to deny. Along with this, there are many applications, software products and online services that work with digital currency. Cryptocurrency wallets occupy an important place among the offers on the market, since without them it is difficult to imagine the functioning of the entire system.

Bitcoin wallet BreadWallet is an online application that allows owners of different gadgets and computers to manage digital money anywhere there is a mobile connection or Wi-Fi coverage.

This application was first released on the iOS platform, since in 2014 Apples operating system was very popular, but a year later the developers presented a version for Android. According to representatives of the company that released BreadWallet, the initial decision in favor of iOS was dictated primarily by the security of the platform, but now everything has changed, and the Android OS has reached a sufficient level of protection to use the BreadWallet mobile wallet.

Registration in the system:

    First, you need to download the application from the AppStore, if your mobile device has the iOS operating system, or from the Google Market if you are using the Android platform. The applications are distributed free of charge.
    After downloading and installing the application, the system will require a minimum of information: login and password.
    It is noteworthy that the system uses the mobile phone number automatically as a confirmation of the binding of the wallet to the user.

Next, we will consider the features and benefits of the BreadWallet mobile cryptocurrency wallet:

    The system uses the function of clearing private keys, which has a positive effect on the confidentiality of transactions.
    Owners of smartphones with the installed application have the ability to convert Bitcoins into dollars or euros within the system.
    The display of digital currency in mBTC and Bits is supported for more convenient use of the wallet.
    The system is open source.
    Also, the developers focus on the complete confidentiality of transactions, but in some countries, when buying a phone number, it is tied to a person, so it is difficult to talk about complete confidentiality.

Based on the information presented, we can conclude that BreadWallet is a reliable, simple and convenient mobile digital wallet.

CoinBase Bitcoin Wallet

 Due to the fact that the number of services offering cryptocurrency wallets for working with digital money is constantly growing, many companies are spending large sums to develop additional features. Today it is possible to use a Bitcoin wallet for a mobile phone, online services, or software wallets that need to be installed on a computer.

But almost all of them have a standard set of functions and capabilities for working with Bitcoins. It is sometimes difficult for newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem to decide in choosing a good digital wallet, because they create accounts on the most famous services, bypassing the really worthwhile offers.

The vast majority of newbies, being confident in the correct choice, register on blockchain.info, assuming that this service is the best. And to be completely frank, blockchain.info is really a stable, reliable and simple site in functionality, but there are services with much wider possibilities.

CoinBases digital wallet is strikingly different from the above service, and heres why:

    Over 4.5 million active users.
    High level of protection provided by SMS-confirmation of transfers.
    In addition to Bitcoin, the service can also work with Ethereum (Ethereum).
    Balanced account management system.
    Possibility to connect the digital currency payment function for an online store. It is noteworthy that the first million dollars in payment for goods are not subject to commission. This is a great deal for online retailer owners.
    The owner of a CoinBase wallet can earn extra money using the referral program. If the invited friend makes a deal for $ 100, for example, then the referrer receives $ 10 according to the rules of the referral program.
    Users can manage their cryptocurrency wallet through text SMS messages. This is a unique feature, no other service can offer anything like it.
    Fast and qualified support service.
    Buying and selling Bitcoins and Ether (Ether) at favorable rates.
    There is also an impressive list of ways to withdraw cryptocurrency from a digital wallet.
    The system has a version of Bitcoin wallet for mobile, which helps to expand the audience of the system.

We will not consider registration in the system, since it is standard and does not require additional knowledge. The only thing you need to know is that for full-fledged work you will need to link your digital wallet to your mobile phone number, which, in turn, will qualitatively increase the security of your account and transactions.

But the function of managing your digital wallet through text messaging is worth a closer look. As already mentioned, no one else can offer something like this, this is the authoring development of the CoinBase service. By the way, the feature works for both the online version of the digital wallet and the Bitcoin wallet for mobile devices.

The system is very simple. After linking the phone number to the account, you need to activate the account management service via SMS by sending an empty message to 1 (650) 316-5555, after which the user is provided with a list of text SMS commands responsible for certain actions within the system. Lets consider a few of them in order to understand the algorithm for the functioning of this service:

    By sending a text message "b or bal" to the above number, the user will be able to find out the account balance on the digital wallet.
    If you want to know about the last three transactions, then send a message with the text "t or txns".
    Need to find your Bitcoin wallet address on CoinBase? No problem, send the SMS code "a or addr" to the indicated number and in response you will receive a message with a Bitcoin address.
    In retail outlets that accept digital currency for payment, you can use your personal QR code, which can be received on your phone by sending a single letter “q” to the service number. Available for smartphones only.
    Need to send Bitcoins to someone? The command "s" is responsible for this. Or maybe you want to buy Bitcoins using a bank card previously linked to your account? Send the command "b" to the service number, in the response message you will receive instructions for carrying out the operation of buying Bitcoins.

As you can see, the owners of the CoinBase wallet have very wide opportunities.

MyCelium digital wallet

 The MyCelium digital wallet is another multi-device cryptocurrency wallet that has received widespread support among the Bitcoin ecosystem participants. The mobile application is supported by two well-known operating systems: iOS and Android. Accordingly, the application can be found and downloaded for free in the AppStore and Google Market.

Feedback from owners of gadgets using this software product is, in most cases, positive, since the application is simple, convenient and has several levels of protection. MyCelium wallet is currently the undisputed leader among digital wallets that work across devices.

The process of downloading and installing the application should not cause any difficulties, therefore we will not dwell on this, consider the advantages of the wallet, which are so highly valued by users:

    The functionality is simple and straightforward, even a beginner will be able to understand the main functions and capabilities of the application in half an hour.
    Several levels of protection are provided. It is noteworthy that the owner of a mobile wallet can decide for himself what level of security he needs.
    In MyCelium has thought out a mechanism for displaying Bitcoins in the equivalent of 164 currencies.
    There is support for the function of confirming a transaction through another mobile number.
    The owners of this wallet can search for conversion offers created by other users within the system.

Naturally, there are several disadvantages:

    The MyCelium wallet is only available for mobile platforms, which is a clear disadvantage for some.
    There is no Russian version.
    With the default settings, the security level is low, but this can be changed by activating additional protection methods.

Matbi wallet

 The Matbi wallet is an inherently unique Bitcoin wallet that has a wide range of features. To use this service, you will need to download a special browser extension that will open access to the system. It is noteworthy that this wallet also has a mobile version similar to an online service.

Lets consider the registration process step by step, since it is a little specific:

    Go to the matbea.com website and click on the "Create wallet" button.
    After installation, the system generates a mnemonic phrase, without which the user will not be able to restore access to his personal account in case of reinstalling the operating system. Save the mnemonic phrase.
    Next, Matbis wallet requires you to enter an email address, and immediately confirm it.
    The next step is to set up a PIN code to quickly log into your account.

This completes the registration. The initial login will require a PIN and mnemonic phrase. The service performs the main functions: Bitcoin transactions, conversions using additional services and payment for goods and services at retail outlets that support settlements in digital currency.

Next, lets look at the features of the Matbi Bitcoin wallet:

    Two-factor transaction authentication.
    Multi-signature for every transaction.
    Deterministic wallet is a unique system where a new Bitcoin address is generated for each transaction associated with the main digital wallet.
    Complete confidentiality of all transactions.

The presented list of Bitcoin wallets will help beginners decide on the right digital storage for their personal preferences and specific requirements. The user decides which of the resources listed above to give preference.