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Reliable Bitcoin Wallets - Part I

Over the short years of its existence, Bitcoin has become one of the most famous currencies, which has earned popularity among millions of users in all corners of the planet. Needless to say, if the number of transactions over the past year has exceeded the 100 million mark. At the same time, the upward trend continues today. Along with the popularity of the crypto network, the number of applications for storing accumulated funds - Bitcoin wallets - is also increasing. The only question is how to choose a reliable Bitcoin wallet and what options deserve the most attention.

Reliable Bitcoin Wallet - Blockchain

 One of the most popular and time-tested purses is Blockchain. The main features of the storage are the storage of keys on a common server, the ability to export the latter, as well as the availability of a version for smartphones (on Android or iOS). Blockchain is a wallet for Bitcoins in Russian, which makes it preferable for the entire Russian-speaking population. Pros - high level of security, time checking, usability and lack of access to the clients private keys. But, despite the laudatory reviews, it is hardly suitable for beginners.

Over the years, Blockchain has proven itself to be the best. Experienced users point out that this is the best option for saving virtual currency safely and easily. At the same time, the developers worked hard on security and closed access to the keys of their clients.

A phone or PC is enough to access the money in the wallet. Operations do not cause any difficulties, both when working through a browser and when using a "phone" application. Many experts, when asked which Bitcoin wallet to choose, recommend Blockchein. All that remains for the developers is to work on the interface to make it easier for beginners to use the program.

No fee Bitcoin wallet - Coinbase

 If a person has just come to the "world of Bitcoin" and still understands little about the peculiarities of using (storing) this currency, then Coinbase will be very useful. It is a reliable, time-tested and easy-to-use, no-fee Bitcoin wallet that is quick to install and configure. But its advantages are not limited to ease of use. The application is highly reliable, has mobile versions, Russian-language translation and the ability to buy / sell Bitcoins. Immediately, it is worth noting the disadvantages - having control over the private keys of users, as well as the risk of problems with transactions (this happened in the past).

Generally speaking, Coinbase is a reliable Bitcoin wallet that deserves the attention of both beginners and knowledgeable users of the crypto network. One of the main features is the ability to sell and buy virtual coins, which is not possible in all wallets. Many people note difficulties in exchanging ordinary money or in the process of passing authentication, which scares off newcomers.

But the wallet has important advantages - instant confirmation of transactions, the presence of a storage option, operations outside the blocks, and so on. The only thing that frightens off is the attempt of company representatives to control the keys of clients, which oppresses the very principle of currency decentralization.

Coinkite - the answer to the question of which Bitcoin wallet to choose

 Users looking for a Bitcoin wallet in Russian that is reliable and easy to use choose Coinkite. This wallet is a multi-currency storage, the main advantages of which are a high level of security when making transactions, the availability of mobile versions and the absence of the need to export keys.

Coinkite is a well-known cryptocurrency company from Canada. In addition to creating a wallet, the structure serves debit cards and POS terminals. According to the developers, operations in the crypto network occur instantly, regardless of the source of replenishment - a credit card, terminal or bank account. An important plus is the absence of commissions for the transaction.

The system uses an unusual form of multi-signature, which implies the participation of 1-15 people in the project. If necessary, the service is able to store one or more spare keys or not store them at all. In case of using the multisignature service, the private keys are kept only by the operator. But you shouldnt be afraid of money. In case of problems with the service, customers receive the keys, after which it remains to import them into the wallet on their computer. So if you need a Bitcoin wallet without commission, then the option with Coinkite is quite good.

GreenAddress - wallet for Bitcoins in Russian

 Many experts are inclined to believe that the GreenAddress service is one of the most reliable and responsible for today. Its advantages are obvious - the ability to store keys separately, the availability of mobile versions, and a high level of security. If you do not know which Bitcoin wallet to choose, then the GreenAddress option is very suitable.

The developers managed to create a multifunctional product, which is notable for the convenience and high speed of transactions. A big plus is the presence of a multisignature, which is required when conducting transactions on the network. Each next transfer is made to a new address, which ensures the confidentiality and security of payments. In addition, users can set limits on the total volume of transactions for a certain time period. In addition, funds can be directed to social networks, make transactions by mailbox or phone number.

Armory - Another Reliable Bitcoin Wallet

 If you are looking for a reliable Bitcoin wallet with wide functionality and ease of use, then Armory is not a bad option. But there is a nuance. This wallet is suitable for use on stationary PCs or laptops. The main features are a number of advanced security options that allow you to keep your wallet offline. As a result, money is reliably protected from various attacks.

Armory is a repository that is more suitable for advanced web users. But when switching to the standard mode, even a beginner will be able to understand the functionality, for the first time facing cryptocurrency closely. At the same time, safety in this wallet is at its best. Customers can create backups and store keys on their PC.

An equally important feature of this wallet for Bitcoins in Russian is the presence of the Lockbox option, with which you can create addresses using multisignature. Subsequently, they can be used to increase the overall level of security during the transaction.

Despite a number of wallet advantages, user-friendly interface and reliability, it is rarely found due to the lack of mobile versions for work. On the other hand, a wallet would be a good option for users who want to store their funds offline. In addition, it is a commission-free Bitcoin wallet, which eliminates additional costs when making transactions.

Of course, the above list is far from complete, but it includes really tested and reliable wallets for cryptocurrency. As for deciding which Bitcoin wallet to choose, here everyone decides personally.