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Bitwalk cryptocurrency

In the world of cryptocurrencies, some changes regularly occur - new virtual money appears, additional opportunities for earning are provided, the process of transactions is simplified, and so on. But the recent innovation has really surprised millions of people on the planet. The new Bitwalk cryptocurrency allows you to make money while walking. According to the developers, the more a person walks, the higher his profit. At first glance, the innovation seems like a fairy tale, but the practice of application has already shown the efficiency of the system. What are the features of Bitwalk cryptocurrency? What is it and how does the system work? Are there any prospects for a new currency?

Bitwalk cryptocurrency - walk and earn

 In the fall of 2015 (November 21), a new virtual money called Bitwalk was developed. The developers were two Englishmen - Nissan Bahar and Frank Imbesi. The main feature of the new coins is that they are not mined by mining (as is the case with Bitcoin), but by ordinary walks.

According to information resources and creators, to work with Bitwalk cryptocurrency, it is enough to take two steps:

    Put a special application on your phone (called Bitwalking).
    Travel as much as possible on foot.

To make a profit, you do not need to buy expensive equipment, sit in front of a computer or invest funds - you just need to walk. At the same time, coins (Bitwalk dollars) will be credited to the “sportsmans” account. Control of the distance traveled is carried out using a special bracelet on the arm or a pedometer. It takes 10,000 steps to get one unit of cryptocurrency.

What is special about Bitwalk cryptocurrency, and what is it? Many believe that the new money has a lot to do with Bitcoin. This is not true. First, the system is still at the stage of testing and does not work in all countries. Secondly, to participate in the project, you must submit an application on the official website of the new currency. Thirdly, the official rate, which would allow to characterize the value of the new currency, has not yet been established.

Why is the new Bitwalk cryptocurrency needed?

 Despite the lack of an official rate, the developers have high hopes for the new virtual currency. Over time, it is planned to provide the right to spend the accumulated funds on the purchase of certain goods. Moreover, when a certain amount is accumulated, Bitwalk cryptocurrency can be withdrawn.

To date, more than $ 10 million has already been allocated for the development of the project. At the same time, the number of those wishing to invest in the project is only growing. In addition, in the future, it is planned to sign contracts with sellers of sports goods in order to interest cryptocurrency users in a sports lifestyle and attract as many people as possible to this sector.

According to the creators, residents of large cities will be able to earn up to 10-15 coins per month. As for developing countries, where people mostly walk, the level of earnings increases 2-2.5 times.

Are there any prospects for Bitwalk cryptocurrency?

 At the moment, new virtual money is not worth anything yet. Moreover, many do not yet know about Bitwalk cryptocurrency, what it is and how to earn it. So developers will have to work hard to convey information about the project and interest potential users. Special attention should be paid to the options for using the funds received. If a person gets the right to buy goods for virtual currency or withdraw it, then in the near future crypto money will compete with such giants as Bitcoin and Litecoin.