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Qiwi Bank, Qiwi Card

It is difficult today to imagine the life of modern people without the Internet, e-commerce and money transfers carried out using online payment resources. Thanks to them, we carry out transactions without leaving our homes and even forget how often we had to stand in long lines lined up in typical bank offices.

As often happens, this segment began to develop in Russia later than abroad, but, despite the late start, Russian-speaking resources are no worse than foreign services in the quality of the services offered and the speed of money transfers.

The Qiwi payment system from the first days of its emergence has become a reliable assistant in matters of making payments in the global network. Over the 18 years of existence, it has been possible to implement dozens of new options, hundreds of projects have been launched not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but also abroad. Qiwi wallets, Qiwi Bank, Qiwi cards are now known in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Africa, Latin America and many other countries. The number of states in which the system operates is growing every year. At the same time, the number of terminals increases, commissions are reduced, the speed of withdrawal of funds is simplified, and the level of transaction security is increased. When carrying out some operations, the commission is not charged at all, for example, when recharging the phone, paying for purchases in the store, and so on. What are the features of the Qiwi Bank card? Can network users get loans? What are the features of the design of payment system cards, and what are they?

Qiwi cards: what you need to know?

 At a certain stage, the creators of Qiwi came to the conclusion that the usual wallet is not enough for the user. To simplify and speed up transactions, improve the usability of the system, something tangible is needed that you can take with you an ordinary wallet or use as a means of payment on the network. So Qiwi-cards appeared.

If you use this convenient tool, the following actions will become available:

    Binding "plastic" of the MIR, MasterCard or Visa system. In this case, the user can make purchases using the attached card. The advantage is the “zero” commission when depositing an amount of more than three thousand rubles to the account. Specify this point, because the bank itself has the right to charge a certain commission for each money transfer, and they are always different.
    Create a virtual Qiwi Visa Card. Such a tool is suitable for shopping on a global network. The card has the form of details that are prescribed when making transactions (payment for goods or services).
    Getting a Qiwi Visa Virtual Qiwi Card. Such a tool is suitable for paying for goods on unfamiliar online resources or can be presented to a friend.
    Order a Qiwi Visa Plastic plastic card. This tool is a full-fledged “plastic”, which you can take with you to the store and pay using the terminal. In addition, using this card you can withdraw cash from any ATM in the world. The amount of funds on the card and virtual wallet is identical.

How is payment by details made (when paying with a QIWI card)? If you have any of the tools discussed, you can repay any receipts - for housing and communal services, kindergarten or section where the child goes.

All that is required for the operation is a few steps:

    Indicate the account of the recipient party (registered in the receipt).
    Enter information in the fallen out fields.
    After successful payment, click on the favorite button so that the entered information does not have to be indicated again each time (in this case, it is remembered by the system).

When conducting a transaction, the size of the commission is two percent of the plus amount of 15 rubles. There are restrictions on the minimum payment - up to one ruble. The maximum transaction limit is 250 thousand rubles.

Qiwi Visa Card is one of the most popular tools for users. When receiving a card, consider the following points:

    Pros. Qiwi Visa Card has many advantages. It is issued free of charge - at the request of the client. With a card, you can make payments in any store where Visa is possible. Make money without commissions through online banking, at retail outlets, at ATMs or terminals. An important plus of the electronic card is the ability to control through the application on the smartphone (changing the PIN code, controlling payments, blocking the card, and so on).
    Terms. The main currency on the map is Russian rubles. The validity period is limited to two years. You don’t need to go anywhere to get - the account is virtual.
    Limitations When paying for Qiwi online using such a card, there are a number of restrictions. So, the limit on payments for non-authenticated users is 40 thousand rubles for thirty days (regarding purchases at online points of the network). On the balance of the card should not be more than 15 thousand rubles.

Qiwi Visa Plastic - a plastic card that turns a virtual wallet into a tangible item that you can touch , use it when paying for goods in the store or even withdraw cash from an ATM. Qiwi plastic card is directly connected to the user is wallet. The amount of funds on the card is the same as on the virtual account. The validity period is one year. At the same time, Qiwi Visa Plastic can be closed at any time. In addition, users can change the PIN code. If desired, a group of cards can be attached to one Qiwi account, but the amount of funds on each of them will be identical.

How to make a Qiwi Visa Plastic Qiwi Card? Choose one of the options:

    Use the Qiwi site functionality - w.qiwi.ru/qvp.action link
    Place an order through your phone using the Qiwi wallet app.

The card arrives by mail or is sent by courier. For delivery, no funds will be charged. The price of the service is included in the annual card service and its issue. Before applying "plastic", you must go through the procedure of mandatory activation.

Ordering a Qiwi Visa Plastic card is carried out according to the following algorithm:

    Go to the plastic card section.
    Find the list of available tools - choose the type of card you are interested in.
    Indicate the data (name, passport parameters, delivery option and so on). Such information is required for each organization.
    Click on the buy button. Delivery is made within the Russian Federation.

How else to get a qiwi card? There is an alternative way to get "plastic". The latter can be purchased at one of the retail outlets. Information on where such goods are sold is on the official website.

Before buying "plastic", consider the advantages and disadvantages of the card:

    The advantages of Qiwi Visa Plastic are as follows:

    Free function of SMS informing on transactions.
    Lack of commission for payment at retail outlets.
    One-time fee for issuing a card.
    The lack of time delays in the design process.
    Transactions within the network are made without collecting fees.
    It is allowed to use terminals for payment at any time of the day or night.
    Payment information can be tracked using a mobile phone.
    Operations within the network are carried out with a “zero” commission.
    Card replenishment in terminals, communication stores, through online banking or in many other ways.
    Linking up to five cards to one account and the possibility of distributing “plastic” to each family member. Payment with such a Qiwi tool is more convenient than with a credit card.
    Cash withdrawal option at any ATM in the world.
    Lack of service charges.
    Saving salary or credit card information.

    Disadvantages of Qiwi Visa Plastic. The Qiwi tool in question has its drawbacks:

    When transferring money to Visa or Mastercard cards, two percent of the fee plus 50 rubles from the top is charged.
    There is a limit for withdrawing money - no more than 100 thousand rubles a month.
    When clarifying the balance through an ATM, you will have to spend on a commission (15 rubles).
    When withdrawing cash, a commission fee of two percent and 50 rubles from the top is charged.
    Visa Qiwi card is valid for only one year and it is not possible to renew it.
    At one time, you can deposit no more than 15 thousand rubles on the card. Moreover, the number of operations performed with the card is not limited to the system.

How to get Qiwi Visa Virtual? QVV card is a popular tool with which you can pay for purchases on the global network. Card payments can be made wherever Visa can be paid. Many are interested in how to make a Qiwi virtual card. Proceed as follows:

    Indicate the phone number and the amount that will be on the card.
    Get information about the card in the message.
    Use the received details for online purchases with a card. At the same time, remember that the virtual instrument is valid for two months.

It is allowed to attach no more than one virtual card per day to one wallet. The issue price of Qiwi Visa Virtual includes a commission fee for the issue (2.5 percent) and the size of the face value of the card. For the entire duration of the card, it is allowed to spend no more than 30 thousand rubles. If the card is dollar - then no more than one thousand dollars.

Qiwi Bank

 Qiwi Bank is a brand that is well known to experienced users of the payment system. Since the creation of the bank, a new era has begun in the development of the payment system, and users have received new opportunities, including lending. The history of the institution began in 1993, when Beleconombank was formed, which serves pension accounts. Four years later, 2/3 of the shares of the financial and credit organization (71%) were purchased by Vneshtorg Bank, and a year later the institution acquired new shareholders. Six years later, the Joint-Stock Commercial Bank became part of the state insurance system.

In mid-2008, the financial and credit organization was renamed “First Processing Bank”, and three years later - into Qiwi Bank. From this moment, the stage of unification of the activities of all organizations began, to Which operated under the Qiwi brand.

The implementation of the strategy began with the creation in 2010 of Qiwi Wallet - an electronic wallet for users of the payment system. In subsequent years, new tools were introduced, services were added, and Qiwi cards appeared, which were described above. Millions of users have learned what Qiwi Bank is and have at their disposal powerful tools used to work on the network. The opportunity has opened for replenishing bank accounts, repaying current loans, making transactions on the network, and much more.

For more than 15 years of work in the services market, the institution has passed many tests and survived more than one crisis. Regular users know that the current service is reliable and always fulfills obligations to customers. Over the years, Qiwi Bank has never delayed payments.

Today, the institution is working on the creation and implementation of new, as well as improving existing projects. At the same time, the following services are available to wallet and terminal users:

    Repayment of current loans.
    Depositing funds to open a bank account and card.
    Transfers between different countries.
    Making domestic payments (duties, fines and so on).
    Making payments in the housing sector.
    Sale of virtual Visa cards on the official website of the service. Moreover, the purchase is possible in the terminals or through the wallet.

Having understood what Qiwi Bank is, you can proceed to open an account in the system. How to do it right? Consider the following points:

    If you are a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, then transfer the required package of papers to the institution. You can find the list of documentation required for transmission in the corresponding section on the official website.
    If you are an ordinary citizen (individual), then to open an account, go to the branch of a banking institution. It is enough to take a passport or other document with you that confirms your identity.
    If you represent a credit company, then to open a correspondent account with a Qiwi bank, submit along with the list all the papers that are required to create a correspondent account.
    If the task is to open a current account, then for the successful solution of the problem, prepare the papers that are required to receive such a service. Please note that the requirements for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities may vary.

The list of securities that is provided by the applicant is drawn up as an application and must be signed by the participants in the transaction. Documents are transmitted to the Qiwi-bank address only by that person who has a power of attorney to conduct such transactions. The institution opens an account with the client only if the latter handed over for consideration the full package of securities that are required for such an operation.

In the process of cooperation with the institution, study its details. Main parameters:

    The main registration number is 1027739328440.
    The tax code is 3123011520.
    Official site - com.
    All-Russian classification of enterprises - 22316525.
    Swift - Belerumm.
    The identification code of the banking institution is 044585416.
    IBAN - for Russian citizens, the assignment of IBAN is not provided.
    PPC - 775001001
    Qiwi Bank address. The organization is based in Moscow, in the Chertanovo Severnoe microdistrict. The office itself is located in building 1A, building one.

Another service worth noting is lending. When a payment system wallet has already been created, a credit service becomes available. If you know the peculiarities of internal loans and the opportunities obtained when they are issued, then this tool can be very conveniently used by each user.

To get a loan, use one of the options:

    Get a loan using SMS.
    Contact the service Platiza.ru.

Bank and Qiwi wallet - one structure, which allows you to make a choice in favor of any of the lending options. Make a loan in any of the following ways:

    Receiving funds via SMS is a popular service in the world that is only gaining popularity in Russia. The user has access to an amount of up to 15 thousand rubles. The loan term is three weeks. Funds are transferred to the Qiwi wallet immediately after ordering funds. To apply for a loan, proceed as follows:

    Register on the SMSfinance.ru website.
    Estimate the amount that can be issued.
    Send a message with the request and receive funds into the account.

Before ordering a service, read the conditions of Qiwi Bank. Remember that this is a serious structure. Funds must be returned by the borrower within three weeks. A fee of 15 percent is charged for using credit money (regardless of the period). You can pay directly from the Qiwi wallet (in this case, commissions will not be charged). Making a loan using SMSfinance is available at any time and any number of times. The main thing is to timely repay the debt. The main advantages of the loan are high decision-making speed and availability.

    Crediting from the service Platiza.ru. When applying for a loan through this t service funds are instantly credited to the user is account. To receive money for a Qiwi wallet from Qiwi Bank, no additional documents are required. Just indicate the amount that is required (up to ten thousand rubles) and prescribe an approximate period for a refund. After you fill out the application and if it is approved, the money is transferred to the Qiwi wallet.