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What functions does CVC2 code perform?

Какие функции выполняет код CVC2?

CVC2 code allows cardholders to pay for purchases in online stores or pay for services online. Payment processing is quite simple - the user needs to enter the card number, expiration date and the security code itself. Each payment system to which the card is connected has its own designation:

In the case of VISA cards, this is CVV2.
But just CVC2 is indicated on MasterCard.
There are no fundamental differences for the user - in both cases we are talking about a security code that allows you to save funds from the holders account in case of identity theft. What else can CVC2 be used for? The functions of the code are very limited, it is only about security and the ability to pay on the Internet.


How to determine the CVC2 code?

As a rule, it will not be difficult to verify the presence of the security code on the card:

If the holder uses a virtual card, then the bank employee sends the code in an SMS message. The bank client must keep this unique code in a place inaccessible to unauthorized people.
If the card is classic, that is, the material carrier is in the users hands, then the code can be seen on the back of the card, in the field provided for the clients signature.
What is CVC2 numerically? This is a three-digit code, for example - 1, 2, 3. If the card allows you to pay for purchases on the Internet, then the code is placed on the back. But there are situations when the digital expression is not specified. This means that a particular card does not initially allow paying for purchases on the Internet. In this case, you can get a unique three-digit code directly from a bank employee. If the user cooperates with a bank that provides an Internet banking service, then you can request the code in your personal account from an online consultant.


Basic ways to protect your card

What the CVC2 code is for is more or less clear. Financial organizations are trying to protect customers as much as possible. The card has several levels of protection:

Number consisting of 16 digits.
PIN-code (a unique code that the client sets independently).
The security code itself.
The peculiarity of paying for purchases without a card is that the user must enter all the details. Therefore, bank employees warn customers that it is impossible to inform by phone the persons who introduced themselves as employees of a financial organization, the card details. Also, you cannot take pictures of the map and upload the picture to the Internet. What is CVC2 for Scammers? This is a way to withdraw all money from the clients account. If the scammers get hold of the number and the expiration date, but they dont have a code, then they wont be able to pay for purchases.

The development of security technologies is going fast enough. Todays most advanced stores offer 3-D Secure payments for purchases. In this case, no card details are indicated. The bank sends a unique code to the user to the specified phone number in an SMS message. Payment is made directly on the website of the financial institution, where you need to enter the code. What is CVC2 still being quoted for when more reliable systems can be used? The thing is that 3-D Secure is not available in all online stores. The code will be indicated until the technology takes over 90% of the market.

MasterCard Secure Code is a unique Mastercard service system, which in some way can be called an analogue of 3-D Secure. This service can be used by all cardholders of the payment system if the online store provides the service. A unique Verified by Visa service has also been created for Visa cardholders.


Features of cards with a security code

What is CVC2 and what it is for is already clear. But there are situations when not only CVC2, but also CVV2 and CSC codes are indicated on the card. If there are several designations on the card, it means that the card is universal and can be used for payment in all online stores. This is quite convenient, although it is rare. As a rule, cardholders issue several credit cards (one for each payment system) in order to be able to pay for purchases without restrictions.

Often, cardholders confuse a security code with a PIN code. But these codes have completely different purposes. When paying for purchases in ordinary stores, the cardholder will be asked for the PIN code. This is a four-digit code that is issued when the card is issued, and after that it can be changed several times personally by the holder. But the CVC2 code is used only to pay for purchases on the Internet, and it can be changed only in the event of a card reissue. It is immediately squeezed out onto the map and remains unchanged.

When using the code for payment, you dont have to worry that it will remain with the owner of the online store along with the card details. The system is configured so that no sensitive data is stored. But scammers use various software and a number of technologies (phishing) that mislead the user and “steal” information. To save money, you must:

Pay for purchases only on sites that inspire confidence. Resources with too many advertisements and incomprehensible links are best avoided.
Do not give the card security code to anyone. You cannot dictate the card number, its validity period. If you were contacted by phone, introduced yourself as a bank employee and are trying to extract secret data (including the code word on the card), just do not continue the conversation.
Holders of cards connected to the Mastercard payment system can use the CVC2 code without fear of negative consequences. If you lose your card, immediately contact a bank representative who will block the account. Keep personal data and the secret code at home in a notebook, if the CVC2 code was sent in an SMS message, just write it down on paper and delete the message. This will save money if you lose your mobile phone.