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How to withdraw Bitcoins?

The multimillion army of the unemployed, every day accessing the Internet is by no means for the purpose of entertainment. Yes, the web is a great place to spend time and a great tool for continuous communication and business correspondence, a universal tool that simplifies business. Meanwhile, the virtual space has gradually turned into an employer of a global scale and gives people a chance to earn or earn extra money using their own skills and mental abilities.

The advent of alternative monetary units has increased the number of available methods of earning, and the multimillion-dollar army of miners or simple collectors of the much-desired virtual coins is steadily growing due to new volunteers seeking happiness, or rather, money on the vast expanses of the Internet.

Millions of web users earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, store them in their virtual wallets or use them as payment for purchased goods or certain services. But, despite the popularity of Bitcoin, it is still not a common means of payment. Rather, he, along with the reserve function, is just beginning to acquire the image of a monetary unit intended for everyday financial settlements.

It is very difficult to earn a tangible amount of virtual coins, but the other side of the question does not lose relevance - how to withdraw them or spend them for different purposes. Indeed, despite the gradual increase in demand for them, Bitcoin and its various forks cannot be obtained directly. The reason for this is the lack of physical embodiment.

It is no coincidence that the cost of alternative monetary units is calculated in dollars, which, both literally and figuratively, is their main competitor, as the prevailing global fiduciary currency today, which has the honorary status of reserve money.

It is the lack of physical embodiment and the aggressive attitude on the part of modern financial institutions (they, with amazing obstinacy, manage to neglect the existence of a monetary phenomenon, whose total capitalization has reached $ 10 billion and continues to grow), can explain the inconvenience experienced by ordinary people of the planet, yes and not only them. When working with Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, it is necessary to convert cryptographic savings into the desired unit of fiduciary banknotes. Unlike the peer-to-peer payment system of the same name with Bitcoin, where transactions are free or have a meager commission, the conversion of alternative currency units into fiat notes is not carried out at all. The stakes here are pretty high. Involuntarily, mere mortals find themselves in a situation where they have to choose between bad and even worse.

The theme of our story is the consideration of current methods of withdrawing cryptocurrency, its conversion into other payment units. We will try to provide specific recommendations on the implementation of such financial transactions and consider what tariff plans involve the use of individual methods or services of various intermediary services.

So how do you withdraw Bitcoins to a bank card? Is it not preferable to convert them using popular payment systems such as Qiwi and WebMoney? Among other things, we will pay attention to the withdrawal of crypto coins from the Minergate pool (one of the leaders in its sector), the popular Bitcoinaliens and FreeBitco.in taps. We’ll start with him.

How to withdraw money with FreeBitco.in?

 Despite the meagerness of earnings, Bitcoin faucets have been and remain an unsurpassed hit of cryptocurrency earnings in popularity. Resources, conceived as a means of promoting alternative monetary units, have gradually turned into commercial online sites and earn on advertising links. The reason for the increasing popularity of such earnings should be sought in the minimum physical and mental stress required by users.

It is well known that the FreeBitco.in crane is the leader in the distribution of the main cryptocurrency. The site has been operating for a long time, regularly pays funds, and therefore the question of how to withdraw Bitcoins from FreeBitco.in remains very relevant, especially for beginner crypto-seekers. In order to receive cryptocurrency on your Bitcoin wallet, you need to collect a minimum amount of 10,400 satoshi.

The system offers three ways to withdraw funds:


Automatic mode (no commission)

 Until 2015, the minimum withdrawal amount in AUTO WITHDRAW (automatic mode) was 10,000 satoshi. To date, the service has raised the bar to 25,000 cryptocents. In order to activate the payment, it is necessary to check the box opposite AUTO WITHDRAW, after which the DISABLED red text will change to ENABLED. Before you withdraw Bitcoins from FreeBitco.in, it is recommended to check the correctness of the Bitcoin address in your profile, as transactions are irrevocably carried out.

Funds will be sent to your digital wallet every Sunday, and a notification aboutmaking payment - by e-mail immediately after the transaction.

Important: when ordering funds in AUTO WITHDRAW mode, Bitcoins (or rather, Satoshi) are credited to the account in full without commission.
Manual withdrawal of Bitcoins (400 Satoshi commission)

 To carry out the withdrawal of digital money in this way, there must be at least 0.000104 Bitcoins (10 4000 Satoshi) on the account. Before you withdraw Bitcoins, pay attention to the commission. Its size is 400 cryptocents. Funds are credited to the wallet within six hours after the payment order. You can find out about the receipt of money by e-mail or in the section "personal statistics" (PERSONAL STATS). To order a payment, you need to specify the amount and click the WITHDRAW button.
Instant withdrawal (commission 1000 satoshi)

 To receive funds within 15 minutes, the service offers the INSTANT WITHDRAW service (instant withdrawal). The minimum amount for withdrawal is 51,000 Satoshi, of which 1,000 conventional units is a commission for using operational withdrawal. The payment order is carried out similarly to manual withdrawal: you need to specify the amount and press WITHDRAW.

Note that the system offers three convenient ways, and each one chooses how to withdraw Bitcoins with FreeBitco.in: with or without a commission.

We have to admit that the commercialization of cranes did not bypass the direction of withdrawing Satoshi from them. By and large, taking interest from users who already earn real pennies on the resource is not an entirely reasonable decision by the administration. Thus, in the case of FreeBitco.in, collecting Bitcoins is not at all a completely free type of earnings for crypto coins.
Withdraw funds with Minergate

 Minergate is a powerful pool. It allows you to mine various types of cryptocurrencies in parallel. The combined method does not affect the hash of the main currency. Service features are:

    Having the opportunity to engage in mining directly through the browser.
    The presence of a calculator and a Russian-language interface.

After a certain amount of cryptocurrencies is collected, each miner approaches the issue of receiving it. It is worth emphasizing that during the implementation of the withdrawal order, the amount must be indicated, otherwise the system will transfer all available funds. The required amount is indicated in the Amount field.

So, how to withdraw cryptocurrency from Minergate to your wallet? To get coins, go to the wallet section and then to the Withdraw tab. Here, the system will ask for the entry of details, which include the Bitcoin wallet address and ID. It is the ID that causes the most questions, since users do not know where to get this number.

In order to get an ID, you must first register on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Most network users use the Poloniex service, which buys and exchanges almost all currencies. After completing the registration, you must enter the “deposits and withdrawals” tab, indicate the cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw from Minergate and generate an ID number. Address generation is similar. After that, the details are copied to the buffer and specified in the Minergate program. Transfer is carried out within half an hour.

Eobot is another service that allows you to quickly withdraw funds from Minergate. The resource also offers a free mining program. Replenishment is carried out through the “deposit” tab, in which it is also necessary to generate an ID number and wallet address. To withdraw cryptocurrency from Minergate to Eobot, you must go through the same steps as with the Poloniex exchange.

It is also worth noting that the service charges a transaction fee, which is displayed in the Network Fee field. Confirmation of the transfer is carried out using the letter received by e-mail.

The main ways to withdraw Bitcoin to a bank card

 Since cryptocurrency today can be used only in the network and a few offline stores, the relevance of receiving it on a payment card does not raise any doubts.

So, how to withdraw Bitcoins to a bank card? The safest and easiest way is to use the comparatively new, but already well-known exchange service Baksman. The exchanger works with ruble cards Visa and MasterCard regardless of the issuers bank. To complete the exchange, you must fill out a form in which the following data is indicated:

    The name of the mailbox.
    Card number and bank name.

In the form, the current Bitcoin exchange rate and the size of the reserve in rubles that are available for the exchange operation will be presented. After agreeing with the conditions and confirming the financial transaction, the client will have to wait a short time until the funds arrive in his account. Withdrawals take no more than half an hour and depend on the issuers bank. It is possible to convert Bitcoins into title units of other money transfer systems. Here is how to withdraw Bitcoins to a card with a low commission and in the shortest possible time.

Worth on To emphasize that the Baksman exchange office, as well as working around the clock, 24/7/365. Due to this, the withdrawal of funds does not have any time restrictions and territorial restrictions.
Using the services of exchanges for the exchange and withdrawal of Bitcoin

There are dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, it is recommended to use Russian-language sites, which are popular and also have an impeccable business reputation.

To withdraw money from the user, you need to go through registration with the subsequent transfer of cryptocurrency to the exchange account. The duration of the operation can be up to a day.

After crediting funds to the account, Bitcoins must be sold, indicating the necessary currency and value. Before you withdraw Bitcoins to a card using the exchange, it should be noted that this process can drag on for a certain time. After selling Bitcoin, dollars, rubles or other currency can be withdrawn to a bank card.

Of course, exchange offices offer a quick withdrawal of money. At the same time, exchanges sometimes benefit from a higher rate. In any case, it is recommended to use a calculator that will allow you to find the most favorable conditions. Also, when using the services of exchangers, you should always pay attention to the reserve balance in a certain currency.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal from Bitcoinaliens resource

 Aliens Faucet, known as Bitcoinaliens, is considered one of the most generous. To withdraw funds from Bitcoinaliens.com, you will need to collect 0.0002 Bitcoins, since this one is the minimum withdrawal set by the administration of the fawcett. In fact, collecting 20 thousand satoshi will not be difficult, since the tap is considered one of the fattest, allowing you to receive up to 0.000055 Bitcoins every five minutes.

One of the disadvantages of the site is that you can only order payment manually. To receive money, you must log in to your account, which contains the wallet address, mailbox, and username. Information on earned funds is presented in the option called Unpaid balance. The bottom of the page shows how to withdraw Bitcoinaliens.com funds to your wallet. So, the service offers three ways:

    Directly to the Bitcoin address.
    Xapo is wallet.
    Coinbase wallet.

A prerequisite is the binding of the wallet to an electronic mail box. This is necessary to confirm the transaction. Please note that without confirmation, withdrawal of funds is not possible.

In order to select one of the wallets, you need to check the box opposite it and click on the Send confirmation email button. After receiving a notification in the mail, you must follow the link. Very often letters come to the spam folder. After that, the user can only wait, since Bitcoinaliens.com withdraws funds only on weekends.

It should be noted that, unlike FreeBitco.in, this crane offers users only a free option to display satoshi.

Bitcoin withdrawal to WebMoney

 Just a few years ago, the WebMoney payment system introduced a wallet for storing Bitcoin. And this time, the popular service was quicker than its competitors, which significantly increased the number of its users and strengthened its image as a supporter of innovative innovations. WMX wallet also allows you to pay for goods and services in any places where WebMoney title units are used. The WM system is convenient for withdrawing money to plastic cards. Therefore, many users prefer to transfer cryptocurrency to a WMX wallet, and then to a bank account.

Before you withdraw Bitcoins to WebMoney, you need to register in the system. Those users who already have an account should create a WMX wallet. It is available to holders of formal certificates and above. A formal certificate in the system means that its holder has confirmed his identity with official documents downloaded in a special section of WebMoney.

One Bitcoin in the WebMoney system is equal to 1000 WMX. Thus, it will be much more convenient for the wallet owners who operate with small sums to work.

The wallet is created directly on wmx.wmtransfer.com, which is the official WebMoney website in automatic mode. Here, after the transition to the “receive” tab is completed, an address is automatically generated for outputting Bitcoin to WebMoney. The system indicates the following details:

    Wallet number, e.g. WMX
    Top-up address 4PRfjvevjzpsNHrFRBw4to6LU4CBdSdwtM (example).
    QR code.

 After receiving this information, namely the address of the Bitcoin wallet, the user can specify it as a requisite for payment. Funds will be converted inside the resource, and the WMX account will not arrive. In fact, the system offers the synchronization of an electronic wallet with a Bitcoin address.

The system recommends sending amounts that are multiples of 1000 satoshi. The transfer of WMX to Bitcoins is carried out in the same way as their withdrawal on the WebMoney website through the wmtransfer service.The peculiarity of transferring Bitcoin to WebMoneys electronic wallet is that its value remains the same. In addition, the conversion can be carried out without commission, however, for this the user will have to wait several days. After the cryptocurrency arrives at the WMX account, it can be transferred to any other, based on the availability of user wallets. Conversion is quick and provides a standard commission of 0.8%. In fact, a WMX wallet with its currency is an analogue of Bitcoin, the guarantor of the storage of property rights of which is INDX Transactions Ltd.

Exchange Bitcoin to Qiwi

 Many users who managed to collect a large amount of cryptocent using cranes or other Internet services are interested in the question of how to withdraw Bitcoin to Qiwi. There are very few ways to do this, and one of the best is to visit the Baksman exchanger. Just open the Bitcoin exchange page and fill in all the fields offered by the system. A financial transaction is carried out automatically and is completely confidential (in transactions up to 15 thousand rubles).
What does the user need to specify for sharing?

 In order to carry out the exchange in the selected direction, you must specify:

    Phone number.
    The amount of funds to complete the operation.

The Baksman exchanger is fully automated. The only caveat that you should pay attention to before transferring Bitcoin to a Qiwi wallet is the reserve, the size of which is always indicated directly in the exchange form.

For the exchange of Bitcoins, it is not necessary to register, but if you plan to perform such operations constantly, then creating an account will provide some advantages. Firstly, regular customers receive discounts on any currency exchange and withdrawal of funds to bank cards. Secondly, the option of auto-filling is available for registered users, thanks to which, all contact details will be indicated automatically. Using the Baksman service, you can withdraw Bitcoin not only on Qiwi, but also any bank card (in rubles). A wide selection of currencies is also available for exchange and withdrawal, which is constantly expanding.

When exchanging Bitcoin for Qiwi, the application is processed at the current rate at the time of its submission. The transaction requires confirmation by mail and phone number. It should also be borne in mind that unidentified Kiwi wallet owners cannot carry out exchange transactions worth more than 15 thousand rubles. For a wallet, the standard limit is 60 thousand, and the maximum amount is 600 thousand rubles.

As you can see, there are many ways to withdraw cryptocurrency or transfer it to another payment system. But they all boil down to an exchange service. If you need efficiency and quality services, then Baksman is happy to help. Thanks to Baksman, the question of how to withdraw Bitcoins has lost relevance.