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How to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

The Yandex.Money payment system is increasingly covering the countries of the CIS and other states of the post-Soviet space. So in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, users already have the opportunity to pay for goods using it. In these states, users have access to the same Internet services as in Russia. And since the system is available, it means sooner or later the question arises of how to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Belarus, Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

How to withdraw money from a Yandex wallet in Belarus

Everyone knows that Belarusians do not yet have their own payment systems that perform transactions with electronic money. For this reason, users from this country have to use Russian or foreign counterparts. Yandex.Money is an ideal resource for Belarus.

Citizens of Belarus, in accordance with the terms of the Yandex.Money service, can withdraw money to debit cards. True, for this they must go through personal identification. This is done as follows:

    A user who wants to withdraw money from a Yandex wallet in Belarus is registered in the system.
    They are provided with scanned copies of personal documents (passports, TIN). In addition, a valid mobile phone number must be provided.
    It is necessary to contact the Minsk customer service center.

Only after the completion of the authentication procedure, the Belarusian user gets the opportunity to make transactions related to the withdrawal of money. For this operation, a commission is charged in the amount of 2% of the withdrawn amount. It will also be possible to make and replenish the account using ATMs. True, you can withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Belarus only if the ATM supports MasterCard cards.

How to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Belarus using a card of this system

The most optimal option for withdrawing Yandex.Money on the territory of Belarus is to use a branded service card. To receive it, the user must be identified and enter their data into the questionnaire. In addition, you will need to provide the following:

    A scanned copy of the passport or other document that can verify the identity of the client.
    Information about the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant. You will also need to indicate the gender of the person who wants to know if it is possible to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Belarus.
    Country of permanent residence. The specific location and address are also indicated here. To verify this data, a letter is sent to the specified address.
    A really valid mobile phone number that is associated with the account.
    E-mail address.

Using a Yandex.Money card, any user from Belarus will be able to withdraw money. After all, she has a link to an electronic wallet, which means that they have a common balance.
How to withdraw money from a Yandex wallet in Belarus using virtual exchange offices

A situation may arise that it is impossible for some reason to open a Yandex.Money card, but the money must be withdrawn. How to do it? The presence of a developed network of virtual exchange offices will help in this. With their help, you can withdraw money from a Yandex wallet in Belarus to a card of any bank or to any other electronic payment system.

Baksman is rightfully considered one of the most reliable services in this series. Its distinctive feature is the absence of complexities in management, the speed of the transfers and their reliability. Thanks to this, he enjoys impeccable business reputation, and is in leading positions in popular monitoring centers.

How to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Ukraine

For a sufficiently large number of Internet users, the actual question is how to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Ukraine. It has always been difficult to do, and even impossible for a while. The solution to this problem is especially important for freelancers.

There are several ways to solve this issue:

    Use the services of the exchanger and exchange Yandex.Money for WebMoney. But for this, Yandex.Money must go through the identification procedure on the Yandex. This means that you will have to transfer personal data and send scans from documents to the office of the system. When carrying out an exchange according to this scheme, the percentage of commission fees ranges from 4 to 5. Which, I must say, is quite significant.
    To resort to the help of services that help to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Ukraine to the national currency - hryvnia. This option is rightfully called one of the most expensive. There are several resources specializing in Yandex.Money input / output on the territory of Ukraine. As a rule, a PrivatBank card is used for withdrawal, but you can select banking instruments of other financial institutions or perform a transaction on LiqPay. And here again it is worth recalling the rather solid commission fees.
    Use Yandex.Money to purchase various goods and replenish accounts in computer games, social networks, dating services tv Alternatively, you can invite friends and acquaintances to pay for their expenses in games and social networks, receiving cash from them. Apparently, this method of withdrawing money from Yandex.Money in Ukraine is not recognized as the cheapest, since there are no fees here. The same situation is with the bills for the services of mobile operators, for the use of the virtual web and landline phone.
    Exchange directly by going to specialized sections on the forums. The essence of the method consists in placing an announcement about the desire to make an exchange. It must specify the warranty and conditions on which there is a desire to perform this operation. After that, it remains to wait for someone to respond. To speed up the process, the ad can be posted on a special service that unites everyone who needs to make an exchange.
    You can withdraw Yandex.Money in Ukraine using the Migom money transfer system. Commission fees do not exceed 4.5%. Cash is received through a bank. Translation completion time is no more than two days. Even unidentified users can withdraw money in this way. Any branch of Oschadbank can be used for receiving.

How to withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Kazakhstan

Yandex.Money has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2011. Since then, the system has continuously improved the terms of cooperation. Today, citizens of this state use this system to make payments, transfer funds, replenish accounts and withdraw money from Yandex.Money in Kazakhstan, and the question of how to do this is not as problematic as it was several years ago. That is, the service works almost the same as in Russia.

You can withdraw funds in several available ways:

    Send payment to any card from MasterCard or Visa. The required amount can be sent to a personal card or to the name of another holder, because the service interacts with 25 countries of the world. Users from Kazakhstan can link the card to the account, replenish it and pay for goods and services with it. An identified client will be able to withdraw 75 thousand rubles in one operation, and a confidential one - no more than 15 thousand rubles. This procedure for withdrawing money from a Yandex wallet in Kazakhstan is as simple as in neighboring Russia. To withdraw money you need:

    Log in to your account.
    At the top of the page, click on the "Remove" button.
    Select the "Transfer to a bank card" section. It is noted here that the card can belong to any financial institution, and linking it is not a mandatory procedure.
    Indicate the card number (from 12 to 19 digits), the amount of the payment, the recipients e-mail and a comment (optional).

Transfer of funds is carried out from several minutes to 5 working days. The minimum transfer amount is 500 rubles. The commission fee will be 3% of the transfer amount + 45 rubles. Many users are concerned about the question of how to withdraw national money from Yandex.Money in Kazakhstan. Now each client can send funds in tenge or another currency. Automatic conversion is performed at the exchange rate of the banking institution that is the issuer of the users plastic card.

    The best option is to issue an order for issuing a branded MasterCard from Yandex. All shares from the issuer are valid for it. It is noteworthy that the balance of the card is equal to the amount on the electronic wallet. Funds on it can be withdrawn from ATMs or spent on purchases. Making purchases in regular and online stores is done in a matter of minutes and without a commission. How to withdraw money from a Yandex.Money card in Kazakhstan? You can withdraw cash in any country in the world using ATMs. The withdrawal is subject to a commission of 3% + 15 rubles, but not less than 100 rubles. The card is valid for three years, and its issue will cost only 199 rubles, despite the fact that delivery to any country is free.
    The most costly way to withdraw cash is to use instant money transfer offices, for example, Contact, WesternUnion or Idram.

    Contact. Identified users of the payment system can send money to any office in Kazakhstan. The transfer is carried out within 1-2 business days. Commission from EPS - 3% + Contact fees 2%, but not less than 60 rubles. To transfer, you must specify the full name, phone number, country, region, city of the addressee, the amount of the transfer and the nearest Contact office. Upon receipt of payment, an identity document is required.
    WesternUnion or Idram. EPS clients who have passed the identification procedure can withdraw Yandex.Money in Kazakhstan, both with the help of money transfer offices around the world from WesternUnion, and using Idram cash desks. The fee is not charged by the payment resource. As for the fees from the partner, they depend on the country of destination. When sending a transaction, the final amount including commission is calculated on a special form. You can receive an instant transfer in any available currency.

Summing up, it can be noted that in different countries the methods of withdrawing money from Yandexs electronic wallet differ from each other. Despite this, the payment system is constantly improving its own functionality and, perhaps, after a while, the available options for withdrawing money in the CIS countries will become much larger.