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How do I withdraw money from Qiwi?

After the emergence of electronic payment systems, humanity received a unique opportunity to manage money without borders and any restrictions. Rather, EPS do not appeal to the most fiduciary monetary units, but to their own title units, which are the online equivalent of fiduciary banknotes of different origin and denomination.

Instant transfers to anywhere in the world, paying bills and ordering goods without leaving your home, converting currencies at official rates in a matter of seconds and withdrawing them in various ways, starting with a plastic card and ending with a postal order. These are the main reasons contributing to the rapid growth in the popularity of electronic money payment systems. At the same time, EPS are commercial resources and they charge a certain fee for the implementation of transactions and ensuring the protection of user accounts, who consider the bribe of a few percent, charged by such organizations in the form of a commission, as a fair payment for the services provided.

Payment systems have radically changed the global Internet, building a bridge of financial mutual settlements between producers and consumers. The world for ordinary people has become faster and more convenient. Take only the development of the sphere of virtual employment. Thousands of copywriters, web designers, layout designers, marketers of all stripes and online businessmen have emerged. And all thanks to electronic payment services.

The Qiwi system occupies a high position in the electronic finance market. At the moment, the service has overtaken Yandex.Money in popularity and is very close to the leader of the WebMoney market. Despite this scale, many users still do not know how to withdraw money from the Qiwi wallet. Todays article will be devoted to this issue.

How to withdraw cash from Qiwi system?
The topic of getting cash is probably the most frequently discussed topic on the net. The problems that professional users of the Internet have to face are simple enough to understand. Society is not yet ready to completely abandon paper title units; moreover, people feel more confident if money is in their hands. Nevertheless, the influence of the field of electronic money is increasing every day, attracting new adherents to virtual payment systems.

So, is it possible to withdraw money from the Qiwi Wallet in cash? Of course yes! The Qiwi system provides several options for withdrawing funds from the virtual storage. Lets consider the main directions of withdrawing money from the Qiwi system:

The first frequently used method is withdrawing funds using money transfer systems. Qiwi company cooperates with such systems as Western Union, its Russian counterparts, such as Contact, Korona and Anelik. In total, about ten money transfer systems are supported. However, in order to withdraw money from the Qiwi wallet in cash, it is necessary to obtain a higher status, as direct money transfers through banking institutions must be tied to a certain person, personality. For this, a system of statuses has been created, implying personal identification through the provision of copies of documents. The algorithm of actions is as follows:
Log in to the system.
Go to the "Transfer funds" section and select "Transfer using money transfer systems"
Decide on the service through which you will withdraw funds
Fill out the transaction application and confirm the financial transaction by entering the code sent to your mobile number in the appropriate field.
This is one of the answers to the question whether it is possible to withdraw money from the Qiwi Wallet in cash without a card.

The second way is withdrawal to a debit card with subsequent receipt of funds from an ATM. In this case, you must take the following actions:
After logging into your account, find the Transfer Funds section.
Select "Withdraw to debit or credit card" from the suggested withdrawal paths.
Carefully fill out the application for withdrawal, having correctly specified the payment details, and confirm the fact of the financial transaction.
Within a few seconds, the money will be credited to the card, and it can be received at the nearest ATM.
We hope that after the information provided, the question of how to withdraw money from the Qiwi Wallet in cash will cease to be relevant.

The last option is to withdraw electronic title units directly to a bank account. The algorithm of actions is almost identical to the method of withdrawal through a card, only instead of the number of the payment details in the application, you need to indicate a bank account.

One important point is worth mentioning. All transfers outside the system can be made by users who have received a status not lower than "Standard". This decision is dictated by the need to control the financial flows of electronic currency on the Internet. We found out how to withdraw cash from the Qiwi wallet, now we will consider the features of working with cards from the Qiwi system supported by the international payment system Visa.

But first, lets clarify that the Qiwi electronic payment service provides customers with the opportunity to receive three types of cards:

Qiwi Visa Wallet Plastic is a standard plastic card, the balance of which corresponds to the electronic wallet account in the system.
Qiwi Visa Wallet Virtual does not have a physical embodiment and is used primarily for purchases in the global network.
Qiwi Virtual prepaid. The balance of the card is not tied to the virtual account, therefore, it will not be possible to withdraw money from the Qiwi wallet with its help, as it functions on the prepayment principle.
Do we withdraw money from Qiwi Visa?
The Qiwi Visa Plastic plastic card does not differ much from the traditional payment instruments issued by the bank. The only difference is that the Qiwi card is tied to a virtual wallet, which greatly simplifies the process of withdrawing funds from the system.

The card can be obtained not only by residents of the Russian Federation, but also by citizens of other states where the Qiwi system is supported. True, for non-residents, a more complex procedure for issuing a card is provided. So, how to withdraw money from a non-virtual Visa card from Qiwi? In fact, everything is very simple:

After receiving Qiwi Visa Wallet Plastic, the account in the system is linked to the balance on the card.
You can withdraw money at any ATM in the country. Moreover, the card works in many countries where banks have agreements with the international payment system Visa. It can be Europe, Asia or even the USA, it doesnt matter, the main thing is to find an ATM that supports the Visa system.
But remember that withdrawing money in another country imposes additional fees. That is, you can withdraw money from both virtual and plastic Qiwi cards in almost any country, but be prepared for a commission of 3 to 5%.
The commission at Russian ATMs is two percent of the withdrawal amount, plus fifty rubles charged for paying for the services of a financial intermediary.

How do I withdraw money from Qiwi virtual cards?
Many people are afraid to use plastic cards to buy goods on the Internet, and this is not surprising since it is not very secure. Fraudsters can intercept the card number and CVV-code (three-digit number, which is indicated on the back of the card). With this information, an experienced hacker can gain access to your virtual account in a few minutes. Therefore, virtual cards are gaining popularity today.

How to withdraw money from a virtual Qiwi card? Unlike the plastic counterpart, the withdrawal process is a little more complicated, since the virtual card was created exclusively for payments on the Internet, so the developers did not provide direct methods for withdrawing funds.

However, there is one proven way to get cash with a virtual card. For this, the Contact money transfer system is used. However, it should be borne in mind that the translation in this case may be delayed due to the rules of the system functioning. How to withdraw money from a virtual Visa Qiwi card through the Contact service? Procedure:

The translation is carried out by a service from the Qiwi system - mylk.qiwi.com. and you need to register on it.
Next, go to the Visa Card section and select your card (it is determined automatically).
The next step is to click on the "Transfer funds to the Qiwi account" item.
After that, choose the Contact system, enter the amount to be withdrawn and confirm the fact of the financial transaction.
The funds will come to one of the branches of the Contact system within 3-5 days, which can be found in almost any bank.

The Qiwi company continues to develop, creating and implementing new algorithms into its system. From time to time, the rules for working with the service change, which causes another wave of questions on the network, for example, how to withdraw money in Qiwi? In all other respects, the system is already used by millions of users to work with electronic currency, and their number will only increase.