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How to attach a Qiwi card or bank card to a Qiwi wallet

Qiwi is a Russian system that has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most accessible and widespread online electronic payment resources. She is used to pay for services, recharge mobile phone accounts and to make payments in many directions online. But before transferring money from a real account, you need to understand how to attach a Qiwi card to a Qiwi wallet. This process is not complicated, but it is important to implement it without errors.

 Before linking a virtual wallet to a bank card, you need to register an account in the system. If the user already has a profile, for further actions he needs to log in to his personal account with a password and login. The “Bank Cards” tab will transfer to the procedure for linking payment instruments such as MasterCard and Visa. It is also proposed to issue a virtual Qiwi Visa Card. Let is try to figure out how to attach any card to a Qiwi wallet.

Bank card binding

 The Qiwi card connection algorithm is pretty simple:

    Log in to the system.
    We open the "Bank Cards" department, where we select the menu for binding MasterCard and Visa cards.
    We select the issuing bank, and then use the "Register Card" button to fix our choice.
    On the pop-up secure page you need to indicate the passport details of the card holder (it is important to use Latin letters by analogy with the card). Here you also need to enter the expiration date of the card and secret CVV / CVC, which are located on the obverse of the payment instrument and consist of three characters. It’s better not to show this data to anyone, whereas linking the card to a virtual wallet will require the introduction of confidential information.
    After entering all the data, a random amount in the region of 10-20 rubles will be compelled to be withdrawn from the card. This money is indicated in the "Card Confirmation" category. Thus, you can confirm your ownership of this very convenient payment tool. After a few days, these rubles will again be returned to the user is account.

After the blocked rubles are returned to the Qiwi personal wallet, the user can already withdraw money from the account without specifying personal details.

Snap to a Qiwi wallet with a Sberbank card

 Why did we choose to consider the process of linking a Qiwi account to a Sberbank plastic card? The main criterion is the popularity of this financial institution in Russia. It surpasses all operating financial and credit institutions of the Russian Federation in terms of turnover.

We have already figured out how to connect MasterCard and Visa cards, but how to link a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet? Modern payment systems provide many methods of replenishment, withdrawal of funds and other operations, thanks to which any task facing an Internet user is greatly simplified. Qiwi is one of the leading participants in the financial services market. For this reason, they are constantly developing Internet banking, and cooperation with Sberbank was established on the Russian market.

The fruitful cooperation of Qiwi with Sberbank helps to use the diverse functionality of both financial institutions to the maximum benefit, therefore, linking a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet is not only profitable, but also reasonable. The action algorithm is not at all complicated and consists of the following steps:

    We visit the main page of the Qiwi website, after which we go through the authorization (indicate the mobile number and a special code) and get into the account. If the user has already been to his page, you can skip this step.
    After a visit to your personal wallet has taken place, above the search bar you need to select the face value of the selected currency, next to which there will be an arrow pointing down. We click on it, after which a window pops up on the page where you should select the menu: “Work with accounts”.
    Go to the new page, where on the left is a list of possible functions. Among them we indicate the “New Account”. Select the menu "Bank cards". An intermediate page will appear on the screen, where information on the map binding will be indicated, then select the item: “Map the map”.
    Before linking a Sberbank card to a Qiwi wallet, a card merging form appears on the user is screen, where you will need to specify a CVV code, card expiration date and Sberbank personal bank card number.

The final step in the binding will be confirmation of actions, so that the system understands that the user did not accidentally make a connection. To check the correctness of the binding, a small amount will be withdrawn from the card, but within a day these rubles will be returned to the client is account again. This step will mean that the bank card has been linked to Qiwi, and the user can already easily exchange funds between the Qiwi payment system and the Sberbank card.

Due to the connection of the Qiwi wallet to the card of a financial and credit institution, the Internet user will be able to quickly pay for goods and services purchased on the Internet, replenish a bank card account, or vice versa - send transactions to the Qiwi wallet.

Bind to Qiwi payment system QVC wallet

 Especially for the convenience of users, a virtual Visa card was created, which is briefly referred to as QVC. Thanks to it, all online payments made using Visa cards become convenient. You do not have to ask a question how to attach a Qiwi card to a Qiwi wallet, because this action is carried out automatically (after registration in Visa Qiwi Wallet). All payment transactions will be debited from the account of a single payment card. Qiwi Visa personal card is different in that it does not exist in physical form. The validity period of this payment instrument is 2 years, after which you can re-create a similar card. A maximum of two QVCs can be ordered per month.

Linking bank cards to Qiwi payment system: results

 If the bank card is not tied to Qiwi, users begin to panic, but you should not worry. After all, the basic payment actions can be carried out without binding cards. For example, if the user is not a citizen of the Russian Federation and lives outside its borders, it is enough to make the wallet details the same as the bank card information. If SMS did not arrive during the registration process, you can make a second request or use a different phone number.

As a rule, cases when a bank card is not tied to Qiwi are very rare. Qiwi payment system has been operating in the global financial market for a long time and today domestic Internet users can fully enjoy its advantages.