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How to exchange Qiwi to Bitcoin?

The phenomenon called Bitcoin does not cease to amaze eminent experts. Just a few years ago, this cryptocurrency conquered the financial Olympus. The number of its adherents is growing every hour and the day is not far off when virtual money will crowd out traditional banknotes from everyday life. Demand for cryptocurrency, like its price, is constantly increasing. Especially a lot of users seek to exchange Qiwi for Bitcoin. What are the advantages of such an operation?

 First of all, the exchange is carried out in a global network. Accordingly, this method makes it possible to complete the operation an order of magnitude faster and cheaper. Indeed, the Qiwi payment system is optimized for settlement via the Internet. While buying cryptocurrency for real money, for example, USD or RUB, involves the use of a plastic card or bank transfer. And this in any case entails additional costs in the form of a commission. For users who are convinced of the advantage of such an exchange, a completely logical question arises: how to exchange Bitcoins for Qiwi? This will be described below, but first a few words about the most popular cryptocurrency.

What is the advantage of virtual money?

 The first cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin, opens up very broad prospects for its owner. No other virtual or traditional monetary unit is able to provide such opportunities. First of all, electronic and digital money guarantee a better level of protection than banks or electronic payment systems. Cryptocurrency has already become so widespread that there are no problems with how to transfer Bitcoins to a Qiwi wallet or to a purse of any payment system. They can also be easily exchanged for traditional money, for example, a dollar or a ruble.

 But still, the transfer of assets to Bitcoins is considered the most secure. After all, such savings are reliably protected from excessive control by the state, which cannot be said of traditional banks. Cryptocurrency transactions are private in nature, that is, it is impossible to track either the sender or the recipient of funds. The user is absolutely free to manage their savings. Whereas his account in a financial institution or an account in a payment system may be blocked. That is why the exchange of Qiwi for Bitcoin is very popular. In fairness, it should be noted that other payment systems, for example, Yandex.Money or WebMoney, offer similar services. But Qiwi has created optimal conditions to quickly and easily transfer money.

How to exchange?

 There are several ways to transfer Qiwi to Bitcoin, that is, use electronic money to purchase crypto coins. The easiest way to attract an exchange service to this operation. But for cooperation it is recommended to choose a reliable exchanger that has been working on the market for more than a day. So the user will insure himself from various troubles, the result of which may be the loss of his accumulations. Alternatively, you can use the services of a relatively young, but rapidly gaining popularity resource, baksman.org, which offers very favorable exchange conditions and not only in the direction indicated above.

 In addition, there are numerous exchanges on the Internet, that is, platforms optimized for exchanges. When choosing an exchange, you also need to pay attention to the reliability of the resource and reviews of other users. You can exchange Bitcoin to Qiwi rubles yourself. To do this, find a counterparty and perform a direct exchange. Each of the options has pros and cons, which will be described below.

Features of the exchange through a specialized resource

 The best exchange option is considered an exchange service. On the Internet there are many offers from resources that help to exchange, withdraw, sell or buy virtual currency or traditional money. To complete the operation, the interested person must have a purse in the Qiwi system, as well as a Bitcoin wallet. The exchanger transfers money to the Qiwi system, and then transfers the coins to the user is cryptocurrency wallet.

The exchanger from Qiwi to Bitcoin baksman.org guarantees the security of the transaction. All operations are carried out very quickly. A slight delay can occur only the first time, while the system checks the correctness of the information entered by the user. As a rule, such services are not limited to one direction of exchange, but offer the fulfillment of the most diverse operations. There is no exception to the general rules and baksman.org. At the same time, transferring from Qiwi to Bitcoin through an exchange service is quite an expensive procedure. However, the above exchanger offers perhaps the most profitable exchange rate in Runet.

Exchange operations on the exchange

 A convenient way to purchase cryptocurrency is to use the exchange. And if the exchanger itself acts as a seller, then the exchange is a convenient platform for its participants who are interested in buying and selling a variety of assets, including after virtual money. Most of the operations are performed automatically. At the same time, the exchange guarantees that counterparties comply with the terms of the Qiwi Bitcoin exchange transaction.

 The exchange offers much better conditions both for withdrawing funds and for exchanging them than exchange services. The only drawback is the complexity of the procedure. The user needs to pre-go through the registration process, replenish his wallet and fill out an application for the purchase of cryptocurrency.

How does a direct purchase happen

 To make a direct exchange, the owner of the Bitcoins will have to find a user interested in buying Qiwi. The advantage of this method is the absence of a commission, since the exchange is made directly between the buyer and seller, without involving intermediaries.

 But nevertheless, such an option is rarely practiced. It is very risky to trust your money to a stranger. The user does not have guarantees that the transaction will be successful and the counterparty will not be an ordinary fraudster. Therefore, despite the attractive conditions of this option, direct exchange is not used very often.