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Exchange BTC to rubles

The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has long gone beyond the horizons of representatives of academic financial circles. At first, it was used by our contemporaries as a tool designed to store and increase savings, but Bitcoin is gradually gaining fame as a convenient tool used for remote settlements made via the Internet.

Is it any wonder that a growing number of Russians are interested in finding opportunities that provide a secure exchange of BTC for rubles with a benefit for the wallet? The fact is that cryptocurrencies, due to their virtuality, cannot be operated on in bulk, as with ordinary banknotes. They are stored in special wallets, which are ordinary software, and often these services are offered by special online resources.

The presence of a certain number of coins does not guarantee their widespread use. Especially in ordinary retail outlets. This requires the exchange of Bitcoin into rubles, which are the only official currency recognized by the state within the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation.

A variety of methods for exchanging BTC to rubles

Conversion operations in this direction can be carried out in various ways. If you want to save on the exchange of such an expensive digital asset, you can use the services of private money changers, which can be found on special forums and web resources. Of course, they can offer a more profitable course than the official sites of reputable organizations, conversion and trading platforms, but you need to think about whether to trust a person you do not know personally? On the Web, you can read many instructive stories saying that behind the catchy advertising statements offering an unrealistically high exchange rate of Bitcoins for rubles, as a rule, are ordinary scammers who are ready to appropriate crypto-savings of gullible people. Unfortunately, the problem of fraud is unsolvable and is unlikely to be eradicated in the future in the vastness of the virtual world.

More reliable is the option of using the functionality of online trading platforms. Exchanges involved in the purchase and sale of Bitcoins and various altcoins offer fairly favorable conditions for cooperation. But when working with them, you will have to master some skills. Even if you are not a currency speculator, it will be necessary to deal with the preparation of special orders necessary in order to make a profitable exchange of Bitcoin for rubles, indicating the required volume of the conversion transaction and waiting for the counter offer.

But conversion transactions carried out through exchange platforms have several drawbacks:

    Waiting for a buyer ready to respond to your order may drag on indefinitely.
    The administration of many platforms, although it offers the possibility of free replenishment of a deposit or withdrawal of money, but the providers through which these manipulations are carried out will still deduct a certain penalty from the transfer cost.
    Exchanges charge from 0.2 to 0.5% of the total volume of trade transactions.
    Despite the presence of very reputable players on the market, there is always the possibility of cryptocapital loss. An excellent example is the precedent that recently took place with the well-known Russian-speaking exchange BTC-e, which ceased operations in the summer of 2017. And this is far from the only case.

Exchange BTC to rubles safely, quickly and profitably

Against the background of a significant increase in stock quotes for coins of the first cryptocurrency, the safety of conversion manipulation should be considered a priority standard in the process of exchanging BTC for rubles.

Given the variety of offers available on the online transaction market today, choosing a reliable direction and resource is quite a challenge. More and more users are inclined towards the option of using the functionality of special platforms designed for converting cryptocurrencies, title units of different EPS and fiduciary currency units in different directions. The following criteria are a priority for selection:

    The speed and safety of the beneficial exchange of Bitcoin into rubles.
    Simplicity and convenience of the interface.
    Efficiency of the technical service.
    The presence of a profitable affiliate program.
    Reasonable loyalty policy.
    A variety of exchange directions.

Why you should use Baksman services

The direction of online exchanges on the Internet is highly competitive, but despite this, it is difficult to find a decent resource for both one-time conversion and long-term cooperation. Despite the short period of existence, the exchanger Baksman has earned an impeccable business reputation, offering a large clientele the opportunity to exchange not only Bitcoin for rubles, but also many other assets in a wide variety of directions.

Conversion of virtual coins can be carried out not only directly into rubles, with further withdrawal at various financial and credit institutions, but also on similar title marks of most popular systemselectronic payment systems.

The Baksman exchanger is characterized by the simplicity of the conversion transaction algorithm. You can initiate a payment by filling in correctly all the columns of the form issued by the system, indicating:

    Details of a Bitcoin wallet or bank account or EPS where the convertible amount is transferred.
    Email address, and in some cases a phone number (for example, when exchanging BTC for rubles in Qiwi payment system).
    Amount for exchange in cryptocurrency.
    By activating the option “Send an application” and agreeing to the terms of the public offer, it remains to wait for the required amount to be received at a specific address.
    For the speed of calculations, an online calculator is useful, which pre-displays the amount in rubles, taking into account the fee and bonuses.
    In case of difficulties, there will be operational assistance from the technical service specialists.

Separately, you should talk about the affiliate program and loyalty policy:

    A profitable affiliate program helps get additional income for active users. Referrals of the first and second levels, actively exchanging not only Bitcoin for rubles, but also in other directions, replenish the referral account with an amount equal to 0.6 and 0.2 percent of the volume of their transfers.
    With the growth of total volumes, the discount accrued for the implementation of conversion manipulations also increases. It varies between 0.05-0.12%.

A fee of $ 0.0001 BTC, charged by the Baksman exchanger for the quick and secure conversion of expensive virtual coins into rubles, is an acceptable fee, taking into account the level of service provided to users. But it is worth remembering that all privileges become available only for registered users who have verified their account before each financial manipulation. However, the administration provides an opportunity to carry out a rather profitable exchange of Bitcoin for rubles at a very high rate and in incognito mode.

We work 24/7/365 and are always happy to help both old and new customers.