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Where can I get free Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin system is non-standard, confidential and complex, but at the same time, it remains a cryptocurrency, digital money without material embodiment, which appeared, exist and evolve only on the vastness of the web. Despite this, they have a very real value and weight in the financial world. After all, the total capitalization of Bitcoin alone is estimated at almost $ 8 billion and is constantly growing. Yes, cryptocurrency is money. Should the money be earned or not? This is where the question arises, where to get Bitcoin and how to do it for free?

There are several places and options to do this:

Bitcoins can be obtained using mining. True, calling this method completely free is not entirely correct. After all, you will have to invest in the purchase of the necessary equipment, and in the payment of electricity, which will be consumed quite a lot.
You can get this currency on special exchanges. But even here, in order to successfully work on the exchange, one must either come to it with Bitcoins, or purchase them from the participants.
By resorting to a completely free, but nevertheless proven method, using online resources that distribute Bitcoins for free.
In order to earn Bitcoins without investments, you can use different methods, but first of all, an electronic Bitcoin wallet must be established. To create it, the registration procedure must be completed on one of the services. After creating a personal account, you can carry out transactions by manipulating fully protected accounts.

Popular ways to get Bitcoins for free

After completing registration and confirming the email address, you can create a virtual Bitcoin wallet designed to store the same virtual digital currency. The requisites of the purse are difficult to perceive. It is unrealistic to memorize them and must be copied for storage on alternative storage media, including plain paper. But so that it is possible to quickly enter it on various sites that bark users with the opportunity to receive a certain amount of virtual currency for free.

To receive Bitcoin for free, on such, for example, a site as BitVisitor, you need to go to different sites and receive a certain reward for this. In this case, it is enough to stay on the designated site for only some 5 minutes. Between transitions to sites, a certain captcha is entered, issued by the system in order to make sure it deals with a real user or automated software.

There is also such an option for obtaining coins, which is practiced on the "Bitcoin Get" website. Certain tasks must be completed here. They can consist of periodically watching videos or visiting certain sites. And on the online resource "I want free bitcoin" you need to leave comments, take part in the vote or play online games.

In addition, there are sites that give out free Bitcoins, where you just need to go every 30 minutes and enter a captcha. Some are willing to pay coins for the fact that the user views the advertising materials.

Whereas on other online platforms, they are invited to take part in a win-win lottery. Each of its participants can receive a prize in the form of a certain amount of Bitcoins, or rather, Satoshi. On such a site, you need to go through the registration procedure and specify the Bitcoin wallet, which will automatically allow you to receive the crypto cents won in the lottery and, if you are very lucky, even a whole crypto coin.

Many people like such an interesting way to get bitcoin for free, as participating in an online game called "Rabbit Race". The player chooses the rabbit that he liked. And in case of victory of the chosen one in the race, his owner receives a reward. It is also interesting to participate in a game where you have to break boxes in order to find those in which Bitcoins are stored. The amounts found are immediately credited to the account of the lucky person.

Collecting Free Bitcoins with Programs

If you already have a question of where to get free Bitcoin, then it makes sense to ask about programs whose purpose is to find a free currency. This is done in order to transfer it to the users Bitcoin wallet. For this, both resources that are already bound to the program, and those that were themselves bound by the user can be used. These scripts (bots) imitate the actions of a person who performs them in a certain sequence.

It should be said right away that collecting Bitcoins in this way, most likely, will not provide an opportunity to make a big profit. However, it does not require any special time expenditures, since everything happens in automatic mode. And to get a more tangible profit, you can open at least three wallets at the same time, which will significantly increase earnings.

To get free Bitcoin, there is a reason to resort to the services of sites that specialize in collecting links to sponsor bonuses. To receive such a gift, you must enter the number of the Bitcoin wallet, to which the transfer will be made, in case you are lucky.

After that, the captcha is introduced and the bonus is caught on the wallet. It should be remembered that these bonuses are issued a certain number of times throughout the day. And one wallet cannot participate in receiving bonuses more than once in the same day.

The distribution of a free alternative currency continues until the balance poured in by the sponsor is exhausted. This method is for those who wondered where to get free Bitcoin. It may not be the most profitable form of online earnings, but the fact that it is the simplest is for sure.

In addition, you can also mine free Bitcoins on social networks, where the need for new readers and advertisers is inexhaustible. Users who join groups and actively add comments are paid Bitcoins. With a serious approach to this method of obtaining coins, you can earn very good money.

Getting coins with free bitcoin faucets

And in this case, you need to start by creating a Bitcoin wallet. When the wallet has been created and the address has been received, you can start mining digital currency. Almost all free Bitcoin faucets offer small amounts that can range from one satoshis to several thousand at specific intervals. True, there are times when someone breaks the jackpot, reaching up to one Bitcoin.

As a rule, the site contains the following instructions regarding receiving coins:

Open the site where the Bitcoin wallet is located.
Enter the Bitcoin wallet address.
Enter captcha.
Receive the amount due.
Most often, payments are small, and therefore they accumulate on micro-transaction gateway servers. Here, the coins are accumulated up to a certain limit and then go to the free bitcoin faucets, where they are safely obtained by the owners after dialing the minimum wage or even without any limits for withdrawal.

Ways to get free Bitcoins using a video card

Simply put, this method is called mining. At the dawn of the emergence of bitcoins, this method made it possible to make very good money. However, over time, its efficiency has slightly decreased due to the complete professionalization of the mining market.

When using this method of earning, a special program is installed on a personal computer. Thanks to her, the video card begins to perform mathematical calculations of a specific type. It is the result of these calculations that Bitcoin generation is free.

A computer, and sometimes another modern gadget with Internet access, remains switched on and performs calculations in an automatic mode. A good financial result can be obtained when using this method, if several computers are used at the same time. The main essence of mining is the search for new blocks, for the creation of which the Bitcoin network works.