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Why card verification is needed

Due to the great opportunities to pay for purchases and money transfers via the Internet, the number of fraudsters who want to get and use other peoples money is growing. Often scammers do not have access to the card itself, but only own its data: inscriptions on cards, security codes, expiration dates, etc.
Verification of the card allows you to find out if you really do the transfer, whether you have a card on hand. The procedure must be done once for each new card. If you have already passed verification once and would like to create another exchange request, card verification is not required.
The card verification procedure is quite simple. To pass it, you will need to photograph your card against the background of the open tab of our website so that the application number is visible. The following data should be clearly visible in the photo: the full card number of 16 digits, if the card is personalized, then the name, full name, you can close all other data.
If your card is instant issue and your initials are not indicated on it, the application should still indicate the name of the card holder. Otherwise, if the details do not match in the application and in our information on the receipt of funds, the application will be put on hold and you will need to contact technical support to resolve the issue.
If the card verification has not been approved by you, our site will give you the reason for the refusal. You can take a new photo, taking into account the wishes of the site, or correct the details and upload the photo card again.
After you upload the map to the site, its verification will take about a minute.