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Bonus program - drawing from Baksman
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In the article "Bonus program", we wrote how to get personal bonuses for reviews on bestchange monitoring. But we want to add a little excitement and in addition to personal bonuses, we added a "Common cauldron". With each review on monitoring, 5 Bonuses will fall into the General cauldron. The more reviews we collect, the more bonuses will be in the cauldron. 1 bonus is equal to one ruble as you remember. We have set a timer on the site. At the end of the time, the entire amount from the boiler will be given randomly to one of the participants who left a review about our work on the bestchange monitoring!


1. Make an exchange on our website
2. Leave a review on bestchange monitoring

Get a chance to win!
important! Only real users of the service who have made an exchange for any amount are allowed to receive the prize Fund!