Promotion on 260 Bonuses In the draw: 260 Bonuses. Until the end of the promotion:

Leave a review on Bestchange and get bonuses!
1 bonus = 1 ruble.

Be sure to specify the application number in a special field - in the feedback form on the bestchange website. Bonuses are awarded only after a real exchange on our website!

The bonus accrual period is 1 hour.

In the future, bonuses can be used for exchanges, writing them off for a discount. That is, you get live rubles for your reviews and exchange them with the main amount. The maximum number of bonuses that can be used in an exchange should not exceed 20% of the exchange amount.

Recall bonuses are calculated from the exchange amount and are 1%, but not more than 50 units.
For example, you exchanged and received bonuses:
100 rubles=1 bonus
1500 rubles=15 bonuses
5000 and above=50 bonuses
If the exchange amount has a non-integral value, the amount is rounded and accrued.
4563.73 rubles=45 bonuses

Accrual can be viewed and controlled in your personal account, in the "Balances" section.