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Accounts and addresses of Qiwi - wallets

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of payment systems for modern people. This is a completely modern financial instrument that allows you to make financial settlements comfortably, without leaving your computer monitor and without leaving the usual cozy living conditions. It is possible to make money transfers from a mobile phone and other gadgets using special applications.

The Qiwi payment system has long become a part of the lives of millions of people not only in Russia, but also in post-Soviet countries and neighboring countries. With its help, ways are opened for transfers within the network, making purchases, paying for goods and services. The main advantages for a user with a Qiwi wallet account are unlimited possibilities on the Internet. The only question is how to create a wallet, what are the features of its settings, and what function the phone number plays. More about everything.

How to register in the Qiwi payment system?

 Many novice users are intimidated by the registration process in the payment network. In fact, the process takes no more than a few minutes. All that is required is to go through the following steps:

    Go to the official website of the Qiwi service and in the central part, find a link to create a wallet. Click on it and wait for the system to "transfer" you to the next page.
    The second stage is filling out the registration form for a Qiwi wallet account. Here at the top you need to enter the phone number where the SMS will be sent. Please note that the numbers must be correct, because in case of an error, registration will fail. At the same time, do not forget that only one wallet is allowed to be linked to one number. As soon as the data is entered, put a mark on the agreement with the terms of the agreement and follow the link.
    The third stage involves coming up with a password, which must be reliable and contain letters and numbers (in Latin). The minimum number of characters is seven. As soon as the password for the Qiwi Wallet account is invented, it remains to indicate its validity period. In order not to suffer with frequent password changes and at the same time keep security at a high level, it is worth setting a period equal to one year (you can do less).
    As soon as the above steps are completed, look into the phone, where the password should come from the SMS (it is sent to the new user immediately after registration). Register it on the site and press the confirmation button.
    This is the whole registration process. Then you can go to the login page, enter the previously specified phone number and password. After entering the site, you are given the opportunity to send and receive funds. But it is worth noting that without identification, you will have to face a number of restrictions (more on that below).

Many newbies ask what is a Qiwi Wallet account. In fact, this is the users phone number, which is entered during the registration process.

How to set up an account in the Qiwi system?

 An equally important step for the user is setting up the newly created wallet. Here it is worth paying special attention to security, because the safety of funds depends on the correct settings. To link e-mil to the system wallet, proceed as follows:

    Log into your personal account and go to the settings section (located at the top).
    Inside the account, you can see the current status. Typically, this is "Minimum". To get a higher level, you will have to go through identification and provide personal data for verification.
    Go to the section of personal data. There you will be prompted to link your e-mail to your Qiwi wallet account. Thanks to this option, it is possible to protect funds on the wallet, and, if necessary, quickly recover the password. Click on the hyperlink linking the e-mail box to the wallet.
    The system "transfers" to a new page, where you write the address to which the link is made. In the column below, indicate it again, and then click the add mail button. As soon as this button is pressed, a message about sending a letter to the e-mail comes to the box. All that remains is to read it and follow the instructions.
    Inside the letter, there is a special link, by clicking on which you will again be taken to the Qiwi wallet account. What does it mean? In this way, the system verifies that the mailbox belongs to the user.
    After the transition, the system may require you to enter the wallet number and password - do this. Next, a form appears where you should enter the numbers that came to the phone number (the combination is sent immediately when the page is loaded). Enter the code, after which the mail is automatically linked to your account.

It will not be superfluous to study a number of points related to security (all services are available in the section of the same name):

    Access to the Qiwi terminal by PIN code. If you put a "tick" in this section, then the entrance to perform operations will be performed using a four-digit password. The principle is simple. To enter the system, you enter the Qiwi wallet address and the password you have created (it is desirable that it be complex).
    Confirmation of transactions via SMS messages.This payment system option is free. The goal remains the same - to increase the level of security for users while using the wallet.
    Availability of SMS payments. This option opens the way for making transfers via SMS messages. At the same time, be careful, because when you gain access to the phone, ways open up to money on the wallet.

How to create new types of accounts and link a wallet to WebMoney?

 The Qiwi payment system is good not only for its high level of security, but also for providing additional options. Above, we have sorted out what a Qiwi Wallet account is and why it is needed. How are you doing with money? User funds are usually denominated in local currency. If desired, you can store funds in other monetary units - for example, in dollars or euros. To get this opportunity, you should take the following steps:

    Follow the link of the list of accounts. After the creation of the wallet, there is only one - in the national currency.
    To open another account, you should follow the corresponding link, after which an additional window appears. It is worth choosing in which currency the new account will be created. As soon as the above actions are performed, it becomes possible to store funds in the selected monetary units. In this case, the same Qiwi Wallet address is applied.
    Further, in order to receive the required currency, it is worth converting funds within the network. This option is available if you go to the item transfer between accounts.

In the same section, the user can link the current account (wallet) to the WebMoney system. But here it is worth initiating the linking process directly from WebMoney. This option is convenient when you need to "transfer" funds from account to account, and then withdraw them to a Visa or MasterCard bank card.

At the end of the description of the security section, it is worth recalling the importance of periodically changing the password. To carry out this operation, just go to the settings section and select the appropriate item. Further, the system requires you to enter the old password and the new one twice. Here again it is required to indicate what period the invented code will be in effect. At the same time, the address of the Qiwi wallet remains unchanged and can be used as usual.

What is user status?

 As mentioned, after registration, the user is assigned the default "Minimum" status. In this case, there are restrictions on the limit on the balance and the volume of payments per month - 15 and 40 thousand rubles, respectively. There is also a limit on cash withdrawals, which is 5 thousand per day, or 40 thousand within thirty days.

The second option is "Standard". Here, the user has great opportunities - the balance limit and the monthly payment limit increase to the level of 60 and 200 thousand rubles, respectively. In this case, the withdrawal limit remains unchanged.

Many people are interested in how to use the Qiwi wallet with the greatest efficiency. In this case, you should go through full identification and get the most advanced status - "Maximum". In such a situation, the amount of the limit on the balance increases to the level of 600 thousand rubles, there are no restrictions on payments and transfers, and the limit on withdrawing money increases to 200 thousand at a time (and the same amount is a limit per month).

To pass the simplified test, you can use one of two options:

    Remotely (for residents of the Russian Federation). Proceed like this:

    Go to the website or go to the appropriate section of the terminal.
    Dial the call center number and dictate the required data.

 To complete the procedure, you must provide the address of the Qiwi wallet (phone number), data from the passport, personal information (full name), TIN (you can use the insurance policy number).

    In person (option for non-residents of the country). In this case:

    Please contact one of the Contact points in the Russian Federation or the Qiwi office.
    Submit the required data - name, passport and document translation (must be notarized).

It is enough to perform the described procedures only once, after which the entire functionality of the service is opened to the user.

To raise the status of the Qiwi wallet address to the maximum level, you will have to personally go through identification. Here the steps are as follows:

    Contact Euroset salons, Contact points or act with the help of a courier.
    Hand over a complete package of papers. You will need a TIN, proof of citizenship, full name, passport details.

For foreign citizens, the list of papers is different. Here it is worth presenting a residence permit or temporary residence permit, address of residence, date of birth, migration card, Qiwi wallet address (phone number) and other information (it is worth checking on the payment system website).

To obtain complete identification, proceed as follows:

    Show your employee papers and information about your identity.
    Please wait until the identification form is completed.
    Receive an SMS with a code and enter it (this confirms the identification).

As soon as the transmitted user data is verified (including the parameters of the Qiwi wallet address), the user receives a newth status.

It should be noted that the capabilities of the payment system are being updated, the principles of registration are partially changing, the conditions for obtaining a particular service can be adjusted. To keep your finger on the pulse, you should follow the news, actively use the system is capabilities and monitor security. Knowing such points as the secrets of obtaining a Qiwi wallet address, what it is, and what are the specifics of setting, it is not difficult to do this.

Use and earn online with the Qiwi wallet.