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Yandex money


The popular payment system Yandex.Money was created more than ten years ago. It cannot be ranked among financial institutions in the traditional sense of the word. The funds deposited by the user are transformed into virtual money. Upon completion of a credit transaction, the operator issues an obligation, certified by a digital signature.

Customer funds are reliably secured by settlement accounts that are opened at once in several stable banking institutions:

VTB 24.
Alfa Bank.
CB "Discovery".
The system is simple and convenient. But at the same time, poison has some drawbacks. First of all, participants can operate exclusively in Russian currency. The capabilities of the system cannot be used for entrepreneurial activities. A virtual wallet can belong exclusively to an individual.


Poison: how to get started

The registration procedure is completely free. But before embarking on it, you must select the interface that is most convenient for work. The system works with two options:

Yandex Wallet. To use this tool, an interested person must register on Yandex. In the future, calculations will be made through the web interface. The Yandex.Money card is most often used for withdrawal. For users who already have a mailbox in their browser, the easiest way. To activate, they only need to log in.
Internet Wallet. To activate it, you must install a special program on your computer. However, additional registration on the site is not needed.
In any case, when registering a purse, regardless of its type, you must specify reliable information about its owner. Such a requirement, by the way, is in the interests of the user himself. After all, if the password is lost, the money in the wallet will be returned only if possible to identify the identity of the owner. Payment Yandex.Money is equally safe with any type of wallet.

How is the identification

The account is considered confidential until the participant is authenticated. Work in this mode is possible, but has a number of restrictions that relate to the input and output of money or their movement within the system itself. So, the limit for a one-time operation is fifteen thousand rubles. In addition, participants who have not passed the identification procedure are not entitled to collect charitable donations. But most importantly, if access to the wallet is lost, then it is almost impossible to return funds.

Today, the poison system offers a very wide selection of different identification options.

Personal user filling in an application at the office. In this case, the applicant must present to the employee his passport. Document processing takes no more than a week.
Sending the completed form via mail to the legal address of the company. In this case, the person concerned must certify the authenticity of his signature with a notary.
Using the Contact system. To do this, visit her point with a passport. But the identification procedure involves the deposit of 175 rubles, one hundred of which are transferred to the participants account, and 75 are Contact commissions. The next day, user data is transferred to Yandex.Money. Then a request is issued to confirm the information through the created purse. If the applicant refuses to confirm, the amount paid by him is returned with the exception of the commission.
Through a credit bureau called Eguifax. This option is available not only to Russians, but also to Belarusians and Ukrainians. But a prerequisite for foreign citizens is to apply to any Russian bank for a loan. Moreover, the result of consideration of a loan application is completely unimportant. A payment of 90 rubles will be debited from the users card to the Yandex.Money account. These funds are returned if the person has not passed the verification. This method involves filling out a questionnaire on the systems website, which is then submitted to the bureau for verification. The verification procedure in the bureau provides answers to additional questions, as well as the provision of personal documents (meaning passport, pension certificate, TIN).
Via SMS message. This service is available only to persons who have submitted the same cell phone number for registration with Sberbank and Poison. It is only necessary to fill out the appropriate application in the system. In this case, no payment on Yandex.Money is provided. After sending the application, the bank will send the user a request for the transfer of his data to the payment service. With his consent, the interested person actually gives the authority to Sberbank to open access to the systems personal information for employees of the system. This method is today considered the most convenient.
Using the card of the Bank "Discovery". Accordingly, this option is suitable only for bank customers. You can use any card with the Visa or MasterCard logo to bind. The operation is carried out free of charge at the bank branch.
Making an identification payment to the poison through the Euroset. Its amount is fifty rubles, of which one ruble is transferred to the account as a test payment. Only an adult who can verify his identity with a passport is entitled to perform the operation.
If the applicant has previously provided information to the system, then it is enough for him to go through a simplified version. To use this option, you need to send a message to the technical service containing the following text: identification by application.

How to deposit and withdraw funds from the system

There are several ways to replenish your wallet. So, the presence of a RosEvroBank card or KB Opening allows you to quickly make a transfer to Yandex.Money. It is most convenient to replenish a purse through terminals that have a connection to this service. You can also use the services of special translation systems - City, Contact, Anelik. Bank account holders can transfer money directly to the purse. In addition, you can transfer electronic currency from one system to another. But the user must go through the verification procedure on both services.

Output is also available in several versions. The easiest way to do this is on a RosEuroBank or Alfa-Bank card. The commission for the operation is three percent. But payment on Yandex.Money occurs within a few minutes. You can transfer money directly to a bank account opened with an individual in a bank. But here, in addition to 3%, you still have to pay a commission to a financial institution. In addition, money comes only after a few days. Cash withdrawals are also possible with the help of special payment systems (Migom or Contact). To do this, you need to fill out an application, indicating in it the selected item, as well as personal information. Conclusion in this way takes a maximum of two days. The total amount of the commission is 4.5%, three of which are taken by poison and one and a half by the payment system.

It should be noted that both input to Yandex.Money and withdrawal are also available through reliable exchangers, for example, At the same time, funds located on the purse in the payment system can be exchanged for virtual money.