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Telemoney payment system was launched in test mode in 2010. The resource operates in the legal field of Russia; it does not have its own electronic currency. Accordingly, mutual settlements between users are made in rubles. You can use the online platform to transfer money to other account holders, as well as to pay for purchases in online stores.

The main advantage due to which it is possible to attract hundreds of users can be called bonuses. Deductions for each friend brought up will amount to 300 rubles. But if you do not want to persuade strangers to register for a referral program, then it is for you that the Telemoney service offers a 50% refund to your account in the system for payment of purchases and money transfers.


Registration and identification

Registration in the system takes no more than two minutes. The user is asked to go through identification, as a result of which a level will be set from 0 to 31, where 0 is a registered network member without indicating any information about himself, and 31 is assigned only to customers who have been tested for years. For example, a fourth level is assigned if a phone number has been confirmed. And the 7th level is available to those who have entered the last name and first name, telephone and zip code.

After registration, the user will have 2 Telemoney accounts - the main one, consisting of 12 digits and the so-called Basis account. It is strictly forbidden to open more than one account in the name of one participant. Duplicate accounts will be blocked when they are found.

Use all the functions of the payment system can only residents of Russia. Of course, at the registration stage, the service cannot determine which country you are in and block access to the site. But in the identification process, this will come to light. Non-residents are only able to pay for goods and services in stores from an account in the system. But the Telemoney service will not allow to withdraw money.

Passing a full verification of the data provided by the user will in some cases take up to three business days. However, the management is doing everything possible to simplify and expedite the procedure.


Basis account and other benefits of Telemoney

A basis account is a bonus account to which 2 types of bonuses are credited:

For each friend brought 300 rubles.
For every purchase 50% refund.
Also, for purchases that will be carried out by referrals, the system will add to your account 10% of each of their transactions. It is simply impossible to transfer money from a Telemoney account to a main account or withdraw it from the system. Also, it will not work to replenish an additional account. Money from the Basis account can only be spent during promotional sales conducted by the payment system in strictly designated periods. The date of the next sale can be viewed in a special section, here you can purchase any useful items and devices.

For bonuses, the user can even buy a laptop. The only thing that can confuse is the payment by the user of the delivery of bonus goods. In some cases, you will have to pay 2-3 thousand rubles for delivery. But Telemoney does send parcels; there are hundreds of positive reviews in Runet with confirmation of delivery. The management of the system is not interested in profiting from users - on the contrary, they are doing everything possible to get a sufficient market segment and a certain sphere of influence.

Bonus funds are credited within 24 hours from the moment of payment for the goods or services. In some cases, enrollment can occur in a few seconds. In order to be able to spend bonus funds, you must be identified at least to level 4 (confirm the phone number). Telemoney service is constantly working on new bonus programs, today the system successfully cooperates with more than 600 stores and online projects, including:

Popular social networks, and others.
Salons of communication - Euroset and Svyaznoy.
Payment terminals QIWI and others.
Banks Russian Standard, ICD and others.
Every day, the number of online stores working with the payment system is growing rapidly.

Features of work

Money can be entered into the main account in virtually any way - from a bank card, using a payment terminal, through a branch of a financial organization, from another users account. In most cases, replenishment of a Telemoney account is carried out without a commission, which only adds to the advantages of the payment system.

Withdrawal fees are set at 3%. Today, money can be withdrawn to a bank card, to an account in other electronic payment systems (Yandex.Money, Qiwi wallet), by transfer through the Contact system. All withdrawal methods are available in your account.

Unfortunately, there have been more cases where users cannot access their account. Service is increasingly unavailable. You can try to resolve the error by entering an alternative address, for example, enter the site name using the term www, and then without it. Alternatively, you can use In any case, even with a “server crash”, Telemoney accounts remain assigned to the user, and the money in the account is completely safe.

The Telemoney system has numerous advantages, the main of which is a unique motivational system with surcharges and bonuses. The service also features a multi-level transaction protection system that guarantees the safety of money transfers. A convenient payment management system, as well as the ability to get instant access to statistical information on a specified account, will certainly please. Working with the service is simple and convenient. Given that the system is developing rapidly, it is possible that in the near future residents of the CIS countries and neighboring countries will be able to fully use its services.