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Rusfinance Bank - favorable loans for customers.

Rusfinance Bank is an institution whose main specialization is the issuance of consumer loans. To date, the network of financial and credit organizations has more than 25 thousand partners around the world. At the same time, the branches of the institution are located in 68 regions of the country, which opens up access to beneficial services to millions of potential customers (primarily, of course, to residents of Russia).

Rusfinance Bank Bank offers services to individuals and legal entities in the following areas:

Car loans.
Credit Card Issue.
Issuing loans directly at points of sale.
Cash loans.
Today, a banking institution is rightfully ranked among the top three banks specializing in the automotive lending sector.

Car loans from Rusfinance Bank

Car loan service - the opportunity to get transport at low cost and at a bargain price. In this case, the model, color, configuration, car dealership or even a private seller can be chosen personally. Filling out an application with Rusfinance Bank online is a matter of minutes. It is enough to calculate the loan (with the help of a special calculator program) and apply.

Advantages of car loans:

A wide selection of loan offers, which allows you to choose the option that suits the budget and conditions of the bank.
Lack of commission payments for early repayment of the loan.
Accounting for income not only of the main borrower, but also of the spouse, which increases the total loan amount.
The possibility of obtaining equipment on credit in the amount of one third of the cost of the machine.
The provision of a loan occurs only on two documents.
Convenience of loan repayment - through terminals, to bank branches, using a Rusfinance Bank card and so on.
Today, the following lending programs are available to customers:

"Fast and the Furious" - a car loan to buy a foreign car. The registration period is from 2 to 5 years. If desired, early repayment of the loan is possible. A big plus is the availability of commissions. The interest rate depends on the down payment and is 12.5-17.8%. Mandatory conditions - CASCO and GAP insurance.
Dvizhok is another car loan for used cars for customers who value favorable conditions and high speed of registration. The interest rate for a loan is from 21.5%, and the initial payment - from 30% of the price of the car. The peculiarities of the loan offer include the issuance of funds in rubles, the minimum loan amount of 50 thousand rubles, compulsory insurance.
“Great opportunity” - a service of Rusfinance Bank, designed to purchase new cars of Russian production. To get a car, it is enough to make an initial payment of 20% and present a minimum package of securities. The interest rate is from 15.5 percent. In addition to drawing up a loan agreement, the following agreements should be concluded - for life and health insurance, hull insurance, opening a deposit in the institution.
"What you need." This type of car loan is suitable for the purchase of used domestic cars. The loan term is from 2 to 5 years. Moreover, the interest rate is at the level of 23.5-24%. Its size directly depends on the size of the advance payment. Moreover, there is no one-time fee for providing a loan. In the process of processing the transaction, the conclusion of the following documents is mandatory - for life and health insurance, an application for opening a deposit at the bank, CASCO and a pledge agreement.
This type of loan from Rusfinance Bank is granted only in national currency. The minimum loan amount is 50,000 rubles, and the maximum - up to 450 thousand rubles.

Cash loan at Rusfinance Bank

Another service that is available at Rusfinance Bank online is a cash loan. The advantage of this type of loan is the ability to use money for any purpose. The features of the service include:

The ability to receive amounts from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.
The loan term is 6-18 months.
Minimum requirements for the provision of documents.
The possibility of obtaining a loan in cash on more favorable terms (the service is provided to regular customers).
A wide selection of loan repayment options - including through a cash desk, online, with a Rusfinance Bank card, and so on.
To complete the service, it is enough to perform a number of simple steps:

Make an approximate calculation of the costs of the loan calculator.
Apply for a loan (can be done directly on the site).
After completing all the papers and signing the agreement (upon the issuance of a positive decision of the bank), the money is transferred to the account, which is registered when the application is submitted.
When applying for such a loan, Rusfinance Bank offers a number of additional services, including various types of insurance (from risks, life and health), as well as informing by SMS.

Credit cards from Rusfinance Bank

No less popular service is credit cards that open up great opportunities for customers:

Making payments for goods on credit in one of the many places in the world.
Cash withdrawal at any of the ATMs serving VISA cards.
Implementation of transactions of sale through the Internet.
Features of a credit card from Rusfinance Bank:

The ability to use "plastic" in thousands of outlets.
The presence of a grace period, the duration of which is 50 days.
The ability to control overpayments and funds in the account using the service Rusfinance Bank online.
Providing discounts and bonuses that both regular and new customers can count on.

Consumer loan from Rusfinance Bank

Many of us, when shopping, are ignited by the idea of acquiring a particular item. Thanks to the consumer loan service, this task becomes more than real. Each client can expect to receive an amount from 2250 rubles. The lending period is from three months. Funds are allocated for the purchase of kitchens, furniture, fur products, windows and other goods.

To get the desired product on credit, it is enough to take six simple steps:

Using a loan calculator to make an approximate calculation of costs.
Visit a store of interest.
Choose a product that fits all characteristics.
To issue funds on loan from the bank.
Make an advance payment.
Enjoy your shopping.
The advantages of the service are a high speed of providing a solution. To receive the service, it is enough to present two documents. One must be a passport, and the other must be another document that confirms the identity (passport, drivers license, and so on).

The size of the down payment may vary - from zero to seventy percent. More information can be obtained from specialists of a banking institution when applying for a loan.

The easiest way to carry out operations when applying for a consumer loan is if you have a Rusfinance Bank card on hand. Subsequent debt can be repaid by any of the methods available today - payment via the Internet, depositing funds through the terminal, payment at the cash desk, and so on.