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RBK Money

RBK Money

The RBK Money payment system is a convenient platform for a wide range of cash settlements.

This service under the brand name RBK Money, began to work in 2008. It used to be known as the Rupay payment system. Now it has become more perfect, not only the appearance of the brand (rebranding) has changed, but new functions have appeared, the scope of services has expanded.

More than 8 million users have chosen RBK Money, and it has over 250 thousand payment acceptance locations in Russia. The service works with a currency equivalent to the Russian ruble.


How to become a client of RBK Money?

The procedure is a normal sequence of actions. It is necessary to fill in personal data, formulate a password. Authentication may be needed to solve problematic issues: hacking a profile, losing a password. For the same purposes, you need to come up with a secret question and remember the answer to it.

Upon completion of registration, an electronic wallet of the RBK Money system is automatically created, referred to as “standard”. It is a tool for depositing, withdrawing, exchanging money. The transfer amount should not exceed 15 thousand rubles. If there is a need to increase the limit for transactions, you will need an "extended" wallet. For its registration, you need to enter passport data, and then the user will have additional features:

Shopping in virtual stores.
Payment for purchased goods through foreign and domestic non-commercial communication services.
The expanded wallet of the RBK Money payment system allows for cash settlements to legal entities.
The amount of transfers is a maximum of 100 thousand rubles.
Charges on transactions are minimal - 0.3%.
Unused money can be returned.

Top up RBK Money wallet

To start using RBK Money wallet, you need to replenish it. The service offers several options:

Bank card of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.
Through ATMs.
Russian Post.
Internet banking.
Through traditional money transfers.
Through the terminals.
Salons of mobile communication.
The administration of the RBK Money resource is constantly working on creating new, more convenient ways to replenish. No less important is the question of the size of deductions for the commission of monetary operations, its reduction or cancellation, depending on the chosen method. They are carried out at different times: instantly or from 2 hours to 2 days.

It should be noted that if the wallet is replenished with a credit card, these funds cannot be transferred to another user, they are only suitable for settlement in online stores.

Whatever method the user chooses, there are intelligible recommendations and step-by-step instructions about each of them on the site.

RBK Money Card - Visa Classic Level

The payment network has launched the issue of RBK Money Visa card. It refers to full debit cards. Any transactions are carried out with her, funds are withdrawn in different parts of the world where the Visa system is acceptable. Chip & PIN points can be used in EU countries. After all, the card has a special chip for this.

With such a payment card, the user will be able to carry out the following functions:

Instantly withdraw funds with zero commission and deposit 1.5% from RBK Money wallet with deductions.
The remaining funds will be charged 7%.
You can use more than 1000 ATMs to withdraw money without a fee using an RBK Money Visa card.
Free SMS notifications of money transactions.
The owner of an extended wallet has the opportunity to order a card, its cost is 450 rubles. After placing the order and payment, the card is sent by mail or courier delivery.
A client of the RBK Money payment system can work with an electronic purse via a mobile phone. It is enough to download and install a special mobile application that will be tied to a wallet.

How to withdraw money from RBK Money wallet?

There are several ways to withdraw electronic money from an RBK Money system wallet:

Through electronic payment networks or reliable exchangers. The conditions for each service are different.
Purchase a UCash voucher without commission in instant mode.
Through the Yandex.Money deduction network - 4%, the operation is performed instantly.
The withdrawal to the bank card is made without charges within 3-5 days.
To the account of another user (private person) is also free and with the same period (3-5 days).
Through the CONTACT system during the day with a commission of 3.5%.
By mail, with payment of a commission of 3% plus 1.7%, within 2-3 days.
Withdraw money to RBK Money MasterCard with a 2% commission in no more than 5 days.

Technical support and security system of RBK Money service

The technical support service will help the user solve problematic issues. You can contact by phone posted on the main page of the resource, in an online chat or send a question by e-mail: The service works around the clock, customers receive guidelines. They take immediate action to fix problems.

All money transactions in the system are performed using an SSL code. A user of the RBK Money payment system can apply the following recommendations to enhance the protection of an electronic wallet:

For authorization, you should come up with the most complex password, consisting of various characters (at least 8-10). Passing on, disclosing, or sharing the password with outsiders is strongly discouraged.
Pick up such a secret question with a unique answer so that the most inventive cracker could not "figure out" it.
The user can turn to technical support for help so that they can restrict access to their personal account to a specific IP range. Thus, it will be impossible to log into RBK Moneys personal account from another computer.
In addition to the login password, you should make a no less complicated payment password. It will be needed when making transactions and making settings. This will prevent the fraudsters malicious intent and if he somehow manages to log into his personal account, he will not be able to use the contents of the wallet.
In the event of a password loss, the user is allowed to generate a new pattern. This will help the used security question with the answer specified during registration. A user of the RBK Money system will be presented with a detailed password update methodology.
Due to the presence of a PIN code, no one will use the mobile application in case the user loses a mobile phone.

Payments of RBK Money service - transactions without recall

Such a feature as the irrevocability of payments does not allow the fraudster to use a well-known scam: return the money sent after receiving the goods. This scheme is quite widespread, attackers hunt in this way while hunting for other peoples savings. The administration of the RBK Money payment system took measures and prohibited the withdrawal of the transferred funds.

Rightly, RBK Money is considered one of the most popular and convenient electronic services and is intended for a wide audience of users. In particular, it helps to maintain its own accounting, thanks to clear reporting and preservation of the history of transactions.