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Promsvyazbank: favorable credit conditions


Promsvyazbank is one of the stable and fairly large financial organizations that has been providing services to the population of Russia for more than 10 years. The main areas of activity include corporate customer service and, of course, consumer lending. Among the various activities of a well-known financial institution, it is worth highlighting: mortgage lending, attractive conditions for deposits with a rate above the average, interesting offers on cards (both debit and credit).


Mortgage programs: buying an apartment or a house is easy!

With the help of a financial organization, you can purchase real estate in a new building or in the secondary market. Promsvyazbank Bank also provides the opportunity to purchase an apartment on credit with state support, that is, at a reduced rate to 11.4% per annum. Buying an apartment in the secondary market is possible on the following conditions:

Providing a minimum of 20% of the cost of housing as a down payment.
The rate is determined individually, depending on many factors. The minimum is 12.57%, the maximum is 20.21% per annum.
You can count on up to 30 million rubles. This loan amount is provided to residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. For residents of the regions, the maximum is 20 million.
You can calculate a loan and draw up an approximate repayment plan on the Promsvyazbank-online website, or by contacting a loan specialist in the nearest branch.

You can also issue a mortgage to purchase real estate in a new building. The basic conditions remain the same - the amount and size of the down payment. The rate is already slightly higher - 13.66-22.74% per annum. The difference is relatively small, but when it comes to monthly payments over several decades, each percentage matters. Lending terms are determined within 30-300 months, that is, a maximum can be issued a loan for 25 years.

If the client needs a certain amount to build or buy a house, cottage or apartment, then Promsvyazbank will provide a loan secured by existing housing. The maximum rate for the program is 19.98%, the minimum is 13.74% per annum. You can count on up to 30 million rubles. The terms are the same.


Everything is possible with consumer loans from Promsvyazbank!

Consumer lending is a unique opportunity to implement any plans related to vacation, study, purchase of new equipment or furniture. You can get a loan on the most favorable terms. A financial institution offers several programs to its clients, including:

Loans to civil servants, depositors, payroll clients.
Credits with special conditions and proven customers.
You can also draw up Promsvyazbank cards, which have a number of advantages. But, if the money is needed in large volumes and it is more convenient for the client to return it in equal installments, then it is better to get a cash loan. General terms:

The minimum rate is 15.9% per annum. Valid only for payroll clients and government employees. The maximum is 26.42% in the framework of the Checked by Time program, which works for people who have already issued one of several loans at the bank and paid them without a single error. But this rate is valid if the client refuses insurance, in the regular program the rate is significantly lower.
Promsvyazbank-online is a service from a financial and credit institution that allows you to calculate the cost of a loan and the size of a monthly payment. When calculating, you need to specify the amount. Maximum credit can be obtained 1 000 000 rubles.
The maximum term for which you can apply for a loan is 84 months.
A financial institution periodically supplements a list of lending programs; each bank customer can choose the most suitable conditions for each particular case.

Promsvyazbank cards: the bank is always “at hand”

A financial institution offers several cards with attractive conditions, not only credit, but also debit. Promsvyazbank cards are issued in both standard and unique designs. Special banking products:

Premium Grace is a card for those who like to travel. A financial institution offers truly unique conditions - a limit of up to 14 thousand euros, card service is free. At the same time, the grace period is 365 days, which is not offered in any bank. Throughout the year, the bank will not charge interest. The minimum payment per month should be at least 10% of the amount owed.
"Super Card" fully justifies its name. The limit is up to 600 thousand rubles. Service at expenses over 30 thousand rubles a month, free of charge. Promsvyazbank Bank on this card offers unique conditions - up to 145 days without commissions and overpayments. Only a mandatory monthly payment of 10% of the amount owed.
"Platinum" - a card for VIP clients. On this card, the grace period reaches 55 days, but the amount of mandatory monthly payment has been significantly reduced to 5%. Card maintenance will cost only 49 rubles per month. The credit limit has been increased to several million rubles and is calculated individually. It is possible to issue additional cards for use by their family members (the account will be single).
You can withdraw money from Promsvyazbanks card for 4.9% of the amount, but the commission will be at least 299 rubles. Also, a financial institution can connect via SMS-informing cards for 69 rubles per month. This service allows you to track all transactions on the account.

To receive a card or a cash loan, it is enough to provide a passport of a Russian citizen to a financial institution. For large amounts, an income certificate is required. In addition, the borrower must meet several requirements, among which the age of 21 years and the work experience of 1 year at the last place of work. Of course, Promsvyazbank has set stricter requirements for obtaining a mortgage. In most cases, the guarantee will be third parties.


Benefits of Debit Cards

A financial institution is famous for a variety of debit cards with the best deals. For example, holders of the “Good mood” card will receive 4% per month on the balance of the account. Your money will be saved from inflation. When paying with a card, you can count on discounts of up to 40% in partner stores of a financial institution. The cash withdrawal by card at the ATMs of the network will be free; at other ATMs, on average, you will have to pay 1% of the amount. Promsvyazbank offers to leave a request for a card online or at the nearest branch.

Cards “Your PSB” is another interesting product of a financial organization. As part of the promotional program, the bank offers a refund on the card up to 10% when paying for purchases in stores, restaurants and other entertainment venues. You can draw one of three cards to choose from. Each of them, depending on the selected tariff, has several more cards for free, as well as the possibility of using Internet banking in full.

There are other cards that are suitable for payments in foreign currency. There are also profitable programs for returning funds, accumulating bonuses, accruing interest on the balance. Promsvyazbank is notable for its stability and advantageous offers from its competitors, which is precisely what allows it to maintain its position for more than 10 years.