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Payment system PayPal is some foreign popular money transfer service analogue of WebMoney. The resource began to exist during the formation of the first payment systems, which began to explore the Internet. Preparations for the launch were completed in 1999. In the autumn of the same year, the system was put into operation. The project immediately interested investors. It was because of the increased interest in the startup that tens of millions of dollars were raised. Since then, the number of users has been growing steadily.

The project developers most successfully chose the moment to start the functioning of the resource. The rapidly developing world wide web insisted on the rapid implementation of high-quality online banking services. PayPal money appeared at a good time and successfully began to solve pressing consumer problems and became a global brand.

Already in 2002, shares of the payment system were issued on the US stock market. The value of the total mass of securities was very impressive - more than 900 million dollars. In the same year, the largest eBay auction became the owner of PayPal. The auction owners immediately announced that the system was becoming the main tool for making payments on their site.

Currently, the project is an absolute leader in the field of online payments. By the number of users and the turnover of financial flows, the stick, as it is often called by Russian citizens, remains unattainable for other payment platforms. The development of PayPal does not stop and a multi-currency payment support mechanism has been introduced.


PayPal Account - Registration

Registration in the system is free and does not require any funds. During the transition to the official site, you should make sure that it is real and not fake. To start registration, go to -

At the initial stage of registration, the user must select the necessary PayPal account. Examples of accounts:

Personal - for individuals.
Corporate - for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Accepting payments from customers.
When registering, please note that you can choose only one account. In most cases, a personal account is suitable for initial registration. Subsequently, if it becomes necessary to accept PayPal money, then there is the opportunity to raise the account level to corporate. However, it will not be possible to return the status of a personal account.

On the registration page, you should select the country in which operations will occur. Changing the name of the state will be impossible. Next, enter the email address and password. In the process of filling in the registration fields, real user data must be entered.

After sending the registration data, you will need to confirm the email address indicated in the corresponding column. This is done from the users personal account. To do this, click the "Update" button, located next to the e-mail line. An activation letter will be sent to the mail. Just follow the link and registration will be completed.

In order to register a PayPal account, you do not need to make excessive efforts. Everything is intuitively simple.


Where to find the account number?

Novice users are looking for a PayPal account number. So, the client should know that the system does not issue an account number. To identify the user during the payment, the email address specified during registration is used.

The verification process, as in other payment systems, is necessary to ensure security. Verification confirms the identity of the account holder. At its end, the note “Verified” appears. To receive it, you need to confirm your e-mail, download scans of identity documents. Also, a credit card must be connected to the PayPal system.

Bank card binding

The process of connecting a plastic card is necessary to ensure maximum security. After binding, you need to confirm the plastic. Upon request, a small amount is blocked in the bank account. Next, in the list of operations, you need to take a confirmation password and enter it on the payment system website. As a result, the identity of the owner will be confirmed.

A confirmation code can be obtained in your personal Internet banking account or at the nearest bank branch. Also, when a card is tied to PayPal, funds are blocked. Typically, the lock size is $ 1.95. These funds will not be debited. After confirming the card, the money is returned. The maximum time for a refund is five days. However, there are exceptions due to the fault of issuing banks.

In the process of confirming the card, the system will offer to link it to a PayPal account. This operation may be delayed and completed later. To do this, just click on the “Account” button and continue by clicking on “Add Card”.

A card that is linked to PayPal must be issued under the auspices of the worlds major payment systems (VISA, MasterCard, and so on). For registration cards of banks of the Russian Federation are suitable. With Russian plastics, when binding, some difficulties may arise. If this happened, then the bank needs to clarify whether transactions abroad with their payment details are allowed on the Internet.

Each personal account must have one card attached. It will not be possible to tie it to another account.



There are various ways to fund your PayPal account. To deposit cash, you must contact the nearest mobile phone store. For example, Svyaznoy or Euroset. When replenishing, a prepayment check is issued. Funds are credited to the account during the day. The limit on cash replenishment is up to 15,000 rubles for one replenishment and up to 40,000 rubles per month.

In addition to replenishing cash, it is possible to deposit funds using exchangers, as an option,, a relatively new resource that is rapidly gaining popularity among users. On a suitable service, you should choose an electronic payment system with which funds will be debited. Translation, of course, is necessary on PayPal. Next, you must follow the instructions of the system and make an exchange.


Cash withdrawal

Citizens of the Russian Federation have the ability to transfer money to bank accounts. After sending a request for withdrawal, it is impossible to cancel the operation.

In order to withdraw money to a bank account from PayPal, you must first link it to the user account and carry out a confirmation. To do this, follow these steps:

In your personal account, click on the "Account" button.
Activate the option "Add bank account".
Enter bank account information.
Upon completion of information input, the service will transfer a small amount to the account. The size of the transfer must be indicated when confirming the account.

Money is withdrawn from PayPal with certain restrictions. The sizes of all limits are indicated in the users personal account.


Paypal Commission

The service charges a fee for the following operations:

When transferring payments for services and goods.
Transfers through a connected plastic card.
When making international payments.
In operations related to currency exchange.
When transferring money to individuals, no fee is charged. A condition is the transfer from an internal PayPal account. When transferring using linked cards, the commission is 2.9-3.9% + 10 rubles. The fee is paid by the sender.

There is no commission to receive funds. However, the PayPal sender account must be in the same state as the recipient. When transferring from different countries, the commission is withheld.

No additional fees will be charged for the following operations:

Purchasing items in online stores.
When transferring funds from a wallet to a bank account.
All information about operations, commissions and payment amounts is available in the “Transaction History” subsection and on the PayPal commission page.