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Home Credit Bank

Хоум Кредит Банк

Home Credit Bank is a financial institution that has been successfully providing services to the population of Russia for more than 13 years. The list of loan products of the popular banking structure is extensive - each client will be able to choose the best program. Bank in numbers:

Top 10 banks of the Russian Federation.
Over 32.6 million customers.
The main specialization is short-term loans for up to 5 years.
Despite the economic crisis, the financial institution continues to occupy a leading position in the lending market, gaining the trust of customers from all cities of Russia.


Home Credit Bank cards: debit, credit, premium and others

Home Credit Bank offers customers three types of credit cards:

"Quick purchases."
The minimum payment in all three cases is 5% of the amount owed. At the same time, bank customers pay another 49.9% per annum for cash withdrawals. Using the Quick Buy card is suitable for those customers who rarely use the banks programs. There is no commission for service, but no bonuses. In Gold and Platinum cards, a refund reaches 30% of the amount in some cases. Also, a financial institution charges from 1 to 5% of the amount of purchases with points to the personal account of the client. Bonuses can be used in different ways, for example, they can pay for goods.

Home Credit Bank in Gold and Platinum cards charges an account maintenance fee of 999 rubles in the first and 4990 rubles per year. Customers who do not care about the return of funds to the account due to the fact that they do not make purchases in stores (do not pay with their card) have no reason to overpay.

The financial institution offers debit cards in two formats:

"Key". The card is issued instantly, but the client does not receive a reward in the form of additional interest on the account.
"Good news". Premium card, which provides for the accrual of 7.5% per annum.
Card holders can withdraw money for free at Home Credit Bank ATMs, or pay 100 rubles for withdrawing someone elses network from ATMs.

If a client of the bank wants to keep money in currency, he will be offered 3 options:

"Key". The issue is free, with no commission for service.
Visa Gold. Opening cost - 25 dollars. Accrual of 1% per annum.
MasterCard Gold. The opening fee is 25 euros. Accrual of 0.5% per annum.
Premium cards imply a paid issue, the presence of an annual commission, but at the same time - they add authority to the owners. Refunds on purchases are important. It is also important to accrue a small percentage of annual interest, partially able to cover inflation. Home Credit Bank is constantly opening new lending programs adapted to current market demands.


Additional services

Each cardholder gets access to additional services. For 59 rubles a month, customers can order an "SMS package", which means they will receive messages about each withdrawal of money from the card or about its replenishment.

Mobile Banking is a free application that can be installed on a smartphone. Through it, a bank client anywhere can:

Redeem fines.
Pay for purchases.
Top up mobile.
Transfer money to another card and so on.
Also, Home Credit Bank customers can connect “Card Notices” to mail or e-mail. Clients of the bank can control expenses and income through Internet banking, which is another convenient service that can be connected. With it, you can fix the size of regular payments, replenish accounts, pay for purchases - in general, you can use the service as much as possible.

Cash loan or purchase of goods: what to choose?

A financial institution issues cash loans to customers in the amount of 10 to 850 thousand rubles. Moreover, each visitor has a chance to get a minimum bid - only 19.9% per annum. The minimum rate is available to those users who can convince the bank of their solvency. For example, if a client has previously taken a loan at Home Credit Bank or has a positive credit history. Also pay attention to the certificate 2-NDFL or income in the form of a bank, which will certainly be requested if the client wants to get a loan of more than 30 thousand rubles.

The loan term is maximally adapted to customer needs - from 12 to 84 months. The possibility of early repayment without payment of interest. You can get a loan even for the largest amount within 90 minutes - this is the maximum time for considering an application.

Credit for the purchase of goods is available in many varieties. The most favorable conditions are offered for those who want to purchase any equipment. For the Messenger, Euroset, MTS and others, the program "0-0-10". This means that you can buy equipment without overpayments and commissions for a period of 10 months. There is no first mandatory contribution either.

Home Credit Bank also works closely with furniture factories, travel agencies, jewelry boutiques and clothing stores. The largest retail chains are ready to provide loans without commissions and overpayments, on the most favorable terms.


Documents for obtaining a loan

To receive a credit or debit card, it is important for bank customers to have only 1 document with them - a passport. In cases of cash loans, generally accepted lending rules apply: in case of a large loan, you will need an income certificate, the consent of the spouse to receive a loan, in some cases, a guarantee of third parties.

Home Credit Bank always carefully approaches the choice of customers and prepares new, more attractive, from an economic point of view, programs. A client who wants to get the most favorable conditions must provide the bank with guarantees of his solvency - he must work at least 6 months at his last job, have a good credit history and, accordingly, no loans from other banks (unpaid). If you have questions, each potential client can contact a financial institution for advice.