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Globex Bank: opportunities and advantages

Globex Bank is one of the largest commercial financial institutions in Russia. It occupies high positions in the ratings of leading world agencies and continues to develop, offering its customers a wide range of modern banking products. In its activities, the bank focuses on both corporate and retail customers, and also implements the latest technologies and techniques.


The bank was founded in 1992. The founders included nearly two dozen different legal entities representing the interests of the oil and gas, automotive and engineering industries.

In 2004, Globex Bank became a member of the mandatory deposit insurance system.

During the crisis period of 2008, bank customers began to withdraw their funds from it in large quantities, both individuals and legal entities. As a result, the share price fell to a record low and as a result, the bank became the property of Vnesheconombank.

The reorganization made it possible to avoid bankruptcy and restore the solvency of the well-known financial and credit institution in Russia. Already in 2009, the bank was assigned an explosive rating of Fitch with a developing outlook.

After the restoration of full liquidity in 2011, the bank was acquired by the capital bank Globex Bank and continued its intensive development.

Branches and regional divisions of Globex are open in all major cities of Russia. The strategic direction of the bank is management sees lending to commercial structures and individuals, conducting operations with securities. In 2011, the bank was one of the top ten financial institutions leading in the number of loans issued per unit.

In 2012, the bank absorbed the National Trade Bank and raised its level according to Forbes rating to the indicator “banks with high reliability”.

Available Programs

The bank offers its customers a wide range of various services.

The following products are available to individuals:

Globex debit and credit cards.
Internet banking.
SMS informing services.
Personal investment accounts.
Depository services.
Rent a bank safe.
Customer credit.
Mortgage programs for both finished and under construction housing.
Currency conversion operations.
Money transfers.
Broker services.
Special package services, for example, "on the road" for those who often travel the world.
The acquisition of commemorative coins or bullion of precious metals.
For corporate clients, Globex Bank employees developed the following types of services:

Business lending.
Settlement and cash services.
Maintenance of salary projects.
Conducting foreign trade operations.
Depository services.
Currency conversion.
Remote banking.
Brokerage services
Stock market operations.
In addition to the listed services, the bank is engaged in investment activities, accompanies transactions for the absorption and merger of assets, issuing bonds, and organizes consortium (syndicated) loans.

Online services

Now you can manage your account both from home and from the office, and even on vacation or on the go. And you can do this around the clock. In order to make it easier for customers to access their funds, the bank introduced the Globex-online online banking system, which allows you to make account transactions and receive information regarding banking products at a distance without leaving your computer monitor or using mobile gadgets.

Individuals using the Internet banking system can perform the following actions:

Open new bank accounts yourself.
Draw up deposits.
Receive information about the movement of funds on the account.
Monitor the balance of the account, interest accrual.
Transfer funds between your accounts.
Make transfers to other accounts in the same bank.
Pay for telephony services, Internet providers, television, utilities, mobile operators.
Make budget payments, including fines and taxes.
Convert currency.
Create templates for regular payments and make payments on them.
Perform deferred payments.
Order extracts and bank statements, for example, a statement of income for the embassy.
Among the advantages of the Globex-online service, you can highlight such features as:

Simplicity. The system has a very simple and intuitive interface, as well as a section with the most frequently asked questions, which will help to understand the functionality of the service. If necessary, you can get an online consultation from a technical support employee.
Convenience. You can copy previously made payments, as well as create templates for standard payments.
Reliability. To increase security, each operation conducted through the service requires confirmation with a one-time password from an SMS message. Visa said that in 90% of cases fraud can be avoided thanks to the system of such SMS passwords and timely card blocking.
In order to connect to Globex online banking online, a client should visit a bank branch and draw up the necessary documents.

Bank cards

The Bank issues Visa cards:

Debit and credit.
Corporate and payroll.
Cards with a credit line can be opened by those customers who have deposit accounts or salary cards with the bank. For such financial instruments, a preferential interest-free period of up to 55 days has been established. The main Visa Classic card is issued to deposit holders for free. If the deposit amount is equal to a certain amount, the status of the Globex card may change:

Gold - opens to customers with a deposit of more than 150 thousand rubles or 5 thousand US dollars (euros).
Platinum - issued to depositors with deposits of 6 million rubles or 200 thousand US dollars / 150 thousand euros. For those customers who draw up a card at branches, the specified threshold is 3 million rubles, 100 thousand dollars or euros.
In order to become the owner of a credit card, the client must contact the bank branch and fill out an application.

The advantages of credit line cards for deposit holders are as follows:

The interest rate is 17% in foreign currency or 22% in national. One of the best deals on the market.
The grace-free interest-free period of up to 55 days applies to cash and cashless transactions with Globex card.
The amount of available credit can reach 70% of the deposit, but should not exceed 600 thousand rubles, 20 thousand dollars (euros).
The minimum monthly payment is 10% of the residual debt.
You can store your own funds on the card.
The amount of the monthly payment of the owner is notified via SMS.
There are no additional deductions for loan support.
To issue a card, guarantors and a large number of supporting documents are not required.
For credit cards that are provided to salary card holders, the conditions are largely similar to those described above. However, for them, Globex management provided for special conditions:

Own funds available on the card can be withdrawn to a network of ATMs and terminals without removing an additional commission.
The value of the credit limit is calculated in each case separately, based on the solvency of the client.
The interest rate is 27% per annum.
For late payment penalties are provided.
The card may be blocked if the borrower has past due debts.

The bank administration seeks to develop and introduce new banking products for its customers, master modern cryptotechnologies, and expand the scope of services provided. Globex values each customer and takes care of him.