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Russian Standard Bank

Банк Русский Стандарт

Russian Standard Bank CJSC offers services to its customers in 9 branches and over 270 regional representative offices. Over a short period of time, the banking institution has created a colossal user base.

Although Russian Standard Bank relies on consumer lending, it has something to offer to those who are not borrowers. Consider what services and on what terms the renowned banking institution provides.


Russian standard for living

The Bank provides its private customers with a fairly wide range of offers. Types of bank cards are divided into the following varieties: credit, debit and prepaid. You can order the status of a card such as classic, gold or platinum. All types of Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress cards are issued. The Bank presents more than 30 varieties of plastic cards for different occasions.

To become a holder of one of the cards of the Russian Standard Bank, you must visit the nearest office of the bank or a partner store. It is very important to bring with you an identity card. Specialists will talk in detail about the offers of interest to the user. In this article, we consider only the smallest share of the services provided. For example, a client has the opportunity to issue a multifunctional card “Bank in your pocket”, which is free and uses the payment service MasterCard WorldWide. The card is valid for 5 years; no service fee is charged.

“Bank in your pocket” is, in fact, access to your financial resources remotely. If you issue a standard Russian Standard Bank card, then it will not be registered. Its advantage is the instant ability to use both in Russia and in foreign countries. If you order the issuance of a registered card, then as a bonus for the client is the selection of an individual design. When a user draws up a service package for a plastic card, 2 accounts are automatically opened: current and accumulative. What is their essence?

The current account is used to carry out various kinds of transactions and receive impressive income on the balance of the account of the Russian Standard institution in the amount of 7% per annum. A savings account is guaranteed to pay annual interest. It is suitable for those who want to accumulate an impressive amount and protect it from fraudulent activities. The advantage of such an account over a familiar deposit is the possibility of withdrawing savings and maintaining the interest rate.

Holders of this card are automatically credited to the “Discount Club”. When shopping at partner stores, the customer receives a 30% discount. He also has special travel offers.

By the way, if we talk about travel, here Russian Standard Bank may surprise its users. What exactly? Possibility of simultaneous issuance of 2 RSB Travel Premium cards (MasterCard and AmericanExpress). These cards allow you to accumulate bonuses, and then receive a certain refund for the bonus account on the card (for example, airline tickets, train tickets, hotel accommodation, travel packages for travel agencies or car rental). The owners of these cards are guaranteed to receive a 30% discount when servicing in hotel rooms, hotels and the food industry anywhere in the world.

Purchases made using a card of the Russian Standard Bank have reliable protection against theft and fraud. An accident insurance program is included in its annual service. The card cannot be faked due to the presence of a chip and the constant requirement of the system to enter a PIN code. Even in the developed cities of the world, there are incidents where it is impossible to pay with cards limited by a magnetic stripe, so the RSB Travel Premium family of cards will come to the rescue.

The Bank of State Significance Russian Standard also offers several very convenient additional services:

Finance online. The bottom line is the use of Russian Standard online banking. With its help, you can make payments in constant access, apply for a deposit and other services.
Constant control. This resource includes SMS service and infom @ il. They are designed to track the status of the current account and notify about movements on the card.
Control over management. The mobile bank allows you to operate with a card account and keep it under control.
In addition to the considered card purchase service, a banking institution offers to make deposits, take loans, apply for a mortgage at Russian Standard Bank, use remote services and make secure transactions (RS express and PayPal).

How to do business with the Russian Standard?

Undoubtedly, the institution has a huge range of services for individuals. But what can it offer to legal entities (businessmen)?

Acquiring for the Internet.
Acquiring trading.
Transactions in user infrastructure.
Continuous service at the bank.
Deposit Services.
Lending to company employees.
Internet acquiring refers to a service that allows you to pay for goods using a Russian Standard Bank card on the companys website. To do this, connect the web interface. When using this service, potential buyers will not have to worry about having a sufficient amount in the account, and the manager will not have to train employees on the use of terminals for receiving plastic cards. The ability to make purchases directly from the corporate website will attract new users.

To complete the service, you must fill out an application on the banks page Specialists will call you back within 78 hours to clarify the intention to use this type of offer from the Russian Standard. 3D-Secure technology is responsible for the safety of money, so the anxiety on the part of the company and customers is completely unnecessary.

Popular services include remote servicing of a legal entity and individual entrepreneurs. This system is a convenient tool for managing company accounts. It allows you to make transactions without visiting a banking institution.

The resource provides reliable protection against access by unauthorized persons. The essence of the remote work is to send documentation to Russian Standard Bank and promptly receive account statements from your office. Electronic documents are analogous to printed originals.

At present, the bank is one of the largest in Russia. He has been given federal status. Therefore, the question of trust disappears by itself. However, before becoming a user of a banking institution, whether it is private or public, it is imperative to read reviews about it in a virtual network. If you make an informed decision, then the services of the bank can be used with confidence. And additional protection using pin codes and 3D-Secure technology against fraudulent attacks is an undeniable proof of reliability, including the Russian Standard Bank card.