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Cryptocurrency UNUS SED LEO
All well-known crypto exchanges are launching their tokens in order to fund funds and provide benefits to coin holders and users. The recent surge in the world of cryptocurrencies is a new token - Unus Sed Leo, issued by the Bitfinex exchange. Strong growth during the month and a place in the top twenty popular assets speaks of broad prospects. However, the attitude towards its creators is too ambiguous, which raises a lot of questions from investors and depositors.
Cryptocurrency V Systems
2019 was marked by the birth of about two hundred new types of altcoins, while only a part of them were able to reach high positions in the cryptocurrency market. Among those lucky ones are V Systems. What is so unique about this cryptocurrency and why has it attracted investor interest? The history of creation, key aspects and features of the project - below.
Cryptocurrency Verge
But how safe is it to use Verge? What if the XVG coin is a scam? What are the prospects for the Verge project in the future? To answer these and other questions, it is worth studying the history of the project and its features.
Cryptocurrency Zerobank
Currency is the main medium of exchange between consumer and seller. For a long time, it was the banking system that was the main regulator of the monetary mechanism. Today, digital currency based on certain methods and concepts allows transactions without being tied to a banking institution. Zerobank (ZB) is a diversified cryptocurrency platform that allows you to freely use available financial applications for storing, trading, converting cryptocurrencies.