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How many Bitcoins are there in total today?

Сколько Биткоинов всего сегодня?

The number of people who regularly use electronic money is growing. This is due to the incredible growth in the popularity of the cryptocurrency called "Bitcoin". Netizens probably know that the credit for writing Bitcoins open source belongs to a creator or a group of programmers called Satoshi Nakamoto. However, not everyone knows the information about how many Bitcoins there are on the network.


How do Bitcoins come about?

The release of one Bitcoin is preceded by a procedure for its extraction. For this, the computing power of computers is used. This business is quite troublesome and energy-consuming. In the virtual world, it is called "mining" and is a complex mathematical process. Several years ago, it was possible to independently mine several Bitcoins at home. At the moment, the level of mining difficulty has increased. Due to the constant growth in the demand for technical resources and the professionalization of mining, it is becoming more and more difficult to earn crypto coins.

It would seem that there is still more than a hundred years before the completion of the generation of Bitcoins, but who can give an exhaustive answer to the question of how many Bitcoins were produced? It is known that the process of mining cryptocurrency will definitely end in 2140, and the last crypto-coin will “have a serial number” of 21,000,000. Is this a lot or a little? It is difficult to answer yet. It is worth considering that in order to mine one unit of cryptocurrency, you must first earn its smaller component - satoshi. 1 satoshi is one hundred millionth part of Bitcoin.

Today, there is already a huge cryptocurrency mining farm in China. It uses an uncountable number of powerful resources. Knowing how many Bitcoins have already been created today, you can start generating Bitcoin at home. To do this, you need to visit special sites, participate in various games, lotteries, and also earn money with the help of faucets. The more satoshis mining sites a user visits, the more money he can ultimately make.

In the early days, mining cryptocurrency was a relatively simple process. After 7 years, this process has slowed down a bit, and the calculations have become much more complicated. To find out the amount of Bitcoins that are produced per month, you need to make simple calculations. As mentioned above, the total number of Bitcoins is 21 million. It is known that 3,600 coins are generated per day, and a month later, Bitcoin mining will be equal to 100 thousand.

To try to get the first unit of cryptocurrency at home, you need a powerful video card and a capacious power supply. The most profitable thing is to combine network users into special pools. Thus, their computers on the network, in fact, are the very farm for generating Bitcoins.

The money obtained is divided equally among the pool members. The capacity of the equipment of such a farm determines how many Bitcoins the miners can mine in total. It is possible that this type of earnings may be unprofitable. It has been empirically verified that mining multiple Bitcoins does not justify the cost of electricity.

Bitcoin is almost impossible to steal. Logically, this would require such powerful computing power that has not even been invented yet. Basically, any pool team will surpass the power of a single hacker computer.

It has long been known who is the first to invest in a starting business, he will receive the greatest benefit. This is what happened with Bitcoin. In 2009, some users of the World Wide Web invested their own money in e-currency. How many Bitcoins they will receive, they did not even think. Back then, cryptocurrency was still worth a penny. A few years later, when the cryptocurrency rose sharply in value against the dollar, account holders were pleasantly surprised, to put it mildly.

Who would have thought that this was not another gamble. Once invested $ 20, the participants in the process received thousands. There is a story on the Internet about one of these lucky ones who even forgot that he invested money in the first electronic currency more than 3 years ago. And when they finally started talking about Bitcoin, the participant checked his account. It had as much money as would be enough for an expensive apartment in downtown New York.

How many Bitcoins are there today? Today their total number is 16 million, but only 12 million are involved in active money circulation. 3600 new Bitcoins are added daily. Therefore, the maximum inflation is 8%. And as the production of digital money decreases, inflation will decrease by 2 times. Therefore, it is safe to say that Bitcoin money is practically not subject to the vagaries of deflation, which are so painful for fiat currencies.

The decentralization of cryptocurrency means that it is absolutely not under the control of government agencies. They can prohibit it, but they cannot take it away (block accounts). The total number of Bitcoins is not so important, because its amount is not reflected in any way on the quality and intensity of mining.


Bitcoin generation is limited

According to official data, 10.5 million Bitcoins were mined in 4 years of cryptocurrency generation. Each time in the next 4 years, their production is reduced by 2 times, it looks like this: 5 million 250 thousand, after another 4 years - 2 million 625 thousand, after the same period of time - 1 million 312 thousand and so on until the reserve is exhausted. The limited nature of electronic money is the main reason for the popularity of its growth.

Members of the network who know how many Bitcoins will be issued in total try to mine them to save. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity due to the rise in the price and demand for electronic money. By the way, the safety of digital funds is guaranteed. Confidentiality when registering and making transactions is another plus in the bitcoin piggy bank. When making transfers, minimal commission fees were noticed, which sometimes are completely absent.

It is clear that more than 21 million Bitcoins will not be generated. The cryptocurrency has already been dubbed by many as virtual gold. The programmers knew in advance how many Bitcoins would be released. They are undoubtedly talented people and calculating geniuses. They easily figured out the whole process of creating a global currency. Nothing on earth is infinite, and even fossils will someday be depleted. Therefore, the creator divided Bitcoin into its one-hundred-millionth component.

A disappointing forecast about the non-infinity of electronic money worries the minds of people: from ordinary users to holders of large companies. Users are afraid of the coming of this moment no less than the end of the world. What then? Will such a concept as "electronic currency" and all its coins disappear, how many Bitcoins exist today, or will they be replaced by other, more perfect money? In fact, digital funds are already actively involved in the circulation of money. On the example of Bitcoin, new cryptocurrencies are already being created, such as Litecoin, Dogecoin and others.

It would seem that the year 2140 is still very far away. However, it is getting more and more difficult to get cryptocurrency. It is much better to start earning Bitcoin right now. But you shouldnt expect to get rich quick over the next 100 years. Although the total number of Bitcoins will not change in any way, the process will slow down every year.