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Is it realistic to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week?

A few years ago, only a few people knew about cryptocurrency, and only a few decided to invest money in its acquisition. As time has shown, they made the right choice. After all, the price of Bitcoins, the world is first electronic money, has increased from ten cents to four thousand dollars and more. In addition to its very attractive cost, cryptocurrency has a number of undeniable advantages over traditional payment units. Therefore, many modern people are wondering how to earn 1 Bitcoin?

How to get cryptocurrency

 There are several options for earning cryptocurrency. It owes its very first appearance to the market. This refers to the extraction of Bitcoins or their mining. The essence of the process is to perform mathematical calculations, the complexity of which increases as cryptocurrency appears. Just a few years ago, mining could be successfully done even on a home computer. But today the extraction of virtual money is the prerogative of large companies that use a large amount of expensive equipment for this process. Despite the impressive energy and financial costs, mining at this stage does not allow mining 1 Bitcoin per week.

 A more realistic way to earn cryptocurrency is to collect satoshi on faucet sites. They are a system in which members receive virtual money for free at regular intervals. Moreover, the user does not need to perform any tasks (take part in a survey or process correspondence). Satoshi is credited after captcha is entered or after viewing an advertising message. Most of the faucets use bonuses to attract new members, according to which the beginner receives a certain amount of Satoshi as a gift. Regular customers can also take part in the bonus program. But the income received from the tap, along with the presents, does not answer the question of how to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week.

 And yet, faucets are the most realistic option for earning cryptocurrency today. But the main income of the system participants does not come from captcha input and bonuses. After all, in the end, the users profit turns out to be so scanty that it would have to work for years to get one Bitcoin. Few people are inspired by this prospect. First of all, this state of affairs is disadvantageous to the cranes themselves. After all, the well-being of their owners directly depends on the number of visitors to the resource. Therefore, they are vitally interested in creating decent earning conditions and invented a way to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week.

 We are talking about referral programs. So, each member of the system has the right to invite a user to an interesting project. If a newbie signs up using a link, he automatically becomes a referral to the participant who invited him. And the latter receives a certain reward for his activity. Moreover, the remuneration is not one-time, but permanent. It is paid in the form of a certain percentage of the referral is earnings. Accordingly, the more referrals, the higher the level of the users passive income. System participants are naturally interested in increasing the number of invited users.

 To attract newbies, they offer a free method of getting 1 Bitcoin per week. Its essence again boils down to attracting referrals. In addition, many faucets are constantly holding draws, lotteries and other promotions where you can win a pretty decent amount. This serves as an additional incentive for users who want to get Bitcoins quickly. But before the participants who have made a bet on the referral program, a completely natural question arises, where to get newcomers?

How to attract referrals

 The surest way to get virtual money is to attract referrals. If you purposefully act in this direction, then there will be no problems with how to earn 1 Bitcoin. To find users who are ready to work on a crane site, you need to play on such a feature of human nature as the desire to get something for free.

 In practice, it has already been proven that the overwhelming majority of people want to acquire everything without doing anything. Therefore, the participant of the system only needs to bring information about easy money to the freebie lovers. It is recommended to focus on the possibility of obtaining a stable profit. While the work itself requires a minimum of time and effort. It will not be superfluous to mention promotions and lotteries in which you can win 1 Bitcoin per week.

 Popular social networks are considered the best way to find referrals. In your account, you need to give a message about easy money, in the text of which you should place your referral link to the faucet site. If the user is interested and follows it, then he automatically becomes a referral to the participant who invited him. The main thing here is to correctly compose the message so that after reading it, there is a desire to try a new type of earnings.

 Another option for finding referrals is resources offering meager profit for completing tasks. It is quite obvious that their members have no idea how to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week. We are talking about the platforms on which users earn by reading letters, filling out questionnaires, writing comments. As a rule, the daily profit is a scanty amount, while you have to spend a lot of time on completing tasks. If such users are offered much better earning conditions, then most of them will agree without undue hesitation.

 First you need to go through the registration process as a customer. After that, the user creates a task, the essence of which boils down to familiarization with his advertising message. It is advisable to mention directly in the text that the proposed type of earnings tells how to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week. If you correctly compose a message and place it successfully, then in a short time you will be able to recruit a whole "army" of referrals ready to work. But before you start looking for future employees, you need to decide on a crane site for work.

How to choose reliable faucets that pay consistently

 The choice of a crane for work must be approached very carefully and competently. First of all, it must be a reliable resource that makes payments stably and without delays. It is desirable that the money be instantly credited to the users virtual wallet. In addition, the free method of getting 1 Bitcoin per week is especially effective on new, untouched platforms.
Another way to get rich quick cryptocurrency

 By far, faucets are considered one of the most reliable ways to make virtual money. But they involve the execution of albeit simple, but still work. Whereas most users dream of how to make 1 Bitcoin in a week, especially without bothering. The best option for such dreamers would be a casino game.

 Today, dozens of strategies have been developed, successfully tested in practice, which allow you to beat online casinos. The most common option is to make money on bonuses. So, most gambling sites provide new customers with a bonus in the amount of their deposit. Thus, a player who has invested one Bitcoin receives the same amount as a bonus on his account. It would seem that the best option has been found, how to earn 1 Bitcoin in a week. But things are far from simple.

 The user will not be able to withdraw this money until they have fulfilled the casino is conditions, called a wagering requirement. Their essence is as follows: the player has the right to withdraw his deposit and the received bonus only after a certain number of games. As a rule, the game resource requires that the bonus funds be rolled from twenty to thirty-five times. In practice, this means that the user has to place bets for a total of thirty-five Bitcoins. At first glance, such conditions seem completely unrealistic. Nevertheless, there are many free methods that allow you to win at least 1 Bitcoin per week at the casino.

 So, one of the strategies is based on the blackjack game with six decks. If you follow all the recommendations exactly, then the profit of the game resource will be limited to only 0.5%. With this level of margin, the players loss for all bets will be only 0.175 Bitcoin. Even if the casino manages to win back one percent, the user will still not be at a loss. In this case, he will be able to get 0.65 Bitcoin for free.