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Online lending prospects

Перспективы онлайн-кредитования

In the life of every person there are situations when money is urgently needed. Moreover, the sooner the better. People get out of this situation in different ways. The majority of citizens resort to the help of friends or acquaintances. However, it happens that loved ones do not have the required amount. In a similar situation, the online lending system can help. At first glance, this option is unacceptable for many. In the minds of people, getting a loan is associated with a long wait. However, in lending via the Internet, a somewhat different situation has arisen.

The number of organizations that are ready to provide loans at a certain percentage is growing every day. Demand is also not lagging behind. In the Russian Federation, almost all major banks allow their clients to apply for a loan program via the Internet. A significant advantage of such services is the reduction in the time for issuing money and the need for minimal information about the borrower. However, if you consider the price of the issue, then the online lending service is unlikely to help you save money. Provided that for individual citizens time is worth its weight in gold, the speed of issuing such loans is an important factor.

New ways to receive money in installments have had an impact on the Russian economy. So, now, in order to start your own business, it is enough to have a sound business plan and the necessary package of documents. Online lending has made life much easier for small businesses as well.

The development of the credit system in the network was facilitated by the worldwide spread of the Web. The users have an opportunity to get the necessary loan easier and faster. However, the online loan system is a new element of the countrys financial structure.

A client, having applied to any online lending service, can receive a loan with a package of documents, which will not be enough in the bank. For registration, it may be enough to enter your passport data, the desired amount and an unblemished credit history. It takes only 5-30 minutes to complete the application. With a positive decision of the service, the money is transferred to the bank account rather quickly.

The active development of business on the Internet was reflected in the demand for online lending. According to statistics, the number of clients using the possibility of lending via the Internet has grown fivefold in recent years. However, in percentage terms, the number of borrowers of ordinary banks and clients of online loan services differs significantly. Although online loans are skyrocketing in volume.

At the moment, the amount of a loan issued through an online lending service does not often exceed 50,000 rubles. The reason is not a fully developed technology for issuing and returning money. From time to time, situations arise when the borrower is unable to return the borrowed money. In this case, a problem arises for both the client and the company that issued the funds.

It is too early to talk about the positive dynamics of growth in lending online. This is due to the fact that there is no clear technology to provide a guarantee for the repayment of the loan. If the situation changes, then the organizations involved in online lending will significantly reduce significantly higher interest rates, which are clearly inferior in terms of profitability to similar indicators of loans issued by financial institutions in offline mode.


How to choose a bank and place an application?

Today there are a lot of different types of companies ready to provide loans via the Internet. Each service has formed its own conditions and interest rates. We will introduce the main leaders of the industry and consider the benefits of cooperation with them.

Tinkoff Bank. Since its inception, the organization has been working only through the Internet. The banks activity is confirmed by the license of the Central Bank. The Tinkoff online lending system allows you to receive up to 300,000 rubles. The interest rate is 25%. Loan term - up to 65 months.
"Renaissance Credit". Carries out lending with more acceptable rates. The interest rate is 21.9%. Citizens aged 24-70 can take out a loan. The maximum amount is up to 500,000 rubles. Term - up to 60 months.
"Fingooroo". Russian service, which was originally designed to carry out online lending. Has earned its popularity due to the massive nature of the provision of credit services. Loan amount up to 100,000 rubles. The term of issue is up to 24 months. The rate is 2% per day.
These are the main companies that can issue loans for a long time. However, at present there are a large number of organizations that issue money for a period from 1 day to several months. They differ only in higher interest rates and penalties for late payments. Despite this, many of them are popular among the population.

Directions for the development of online lending

All financial and banking organizations show interest in the direction of lending via the Internet. According to statistics, up to 65% of the population are ready to purchase items on credit online.

The online lending system has the following undoubted advantages:

the speed of receipt and consideration of applications. This factor cannot but influence the attractiveness of obtaining a loan.
you do not need to issue a 2-NDFL certificate or look for guarantors for a loan.
it is possible to issue a loan for a product within a few minutes.
the client is able to independently choose an organization for obtaining a loan. Most stores cooperate with several organizations, which occupy the highest positions in the ranking.
Many experts believe that the online lending system in Russia has huge potential for growth. Over time, due to the growth in the number of such organizations, the inflated interest rates will decline. All major banking structures are actively showing interest in obtaining loans online. Sooner or later, this interest will lead to the development of an effective system for issuing and returning funds. As a result, the system should be transformed into a flexible financial structure.