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Cryptocurrency Dash Information

Dash is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment system.

Dash Features

    High confidentiality and transaction speed;
    Decentralized management. Each decision to make any changes is made by all members of the community, and not by the administrative group of programmers.
    A simplified and energy-efficient mining method using the X11 algorithm;
    The decision to develop the network is made by all users.

 History of creation

Dash was developed in 2014 by the American programmer Evan Duffield, who first offered his own developments on transaction privacy for Bitcoin, but its developers refused to make changes to the source code. The creator did not initially seek to make a separate project, but wanted to optimize the existing one. Dash can be considered a fork of Bitcoin, however, it is an autonomous cryptocurrency and is very different from the source.

The name of the Dash cryptocurrency has changed several times. Initially, the cryptocurrency was called XCoin, soon the name changed to Darkcoin, received its current name in 2015. The word "dash" in translation from English means "rapid movement", "jerk."

Mining Dash

The Dash cryptocurrency is built on the X11 algorithm, which provides 11 hashing directions.

The complexity of mining Dash is not fixed growing and is regulated depending on the network load using the DarkGravityWave mechanism.

 Mining Methods

    Mining Dash on the processor;
    Mining Dash on the video card;
    Mining Dash on Asic miner;
    Using cloud mining services.

When mining on the nvidia and radeon graphics card, the X11 algorithm is used. The X11 algorithm not only requires less energy for calculations, but also heats the GPU processor less, which reduces the load on cooling and also saves electricity.

When mining Dash on video cards, you must constantly update the drivers to ensure the highest hash versions.

Where to store cryptocurrency

    DashCore is a cold wallet that installs on a desktop computer.
    Dash Wallet is the official platform wallet for mobile devices. The functionality of Android and iOS versions is the same. The storage is decentralized and peer-to-peer. Sending and receiving are available through a QR code, all transactions are accompanied by notifications.
    Trezor is a hardware wallet designed to provide secure offline storage that protects against theft and malware.
    Exodus is a wallet launched in July 2016 with a good user interface. Transaction data and private keys are encrypted, and the one-click recovery system makes it one of the best Dash wallets.

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