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What passports are there in the WebMoney system?

Какие аттестаты существуют в системе WebMoney?

The electronic payment system WebMoney continues to actively improve, offering its multi-million audience new opportunities in the field of electronic currency circulation. Yes, in order to fully use the system, you need to obtain a WebMoney passport, but user identification is a simple process, as you can see for yourself.

The WebMoney service has reached an amazing level of development, as evidenced by the number of customers and the total financial turnover, which is increasing every year. The capabilities of the system have long since reached the international level, offering their clients a multifunctional system for working with electronic currency. Every person who decides to work on the Internet or create a virtual business must have effective financial instruments, and the WebMoney electronic payment system is an ideal solution. But for convenience, you need to get at least a formal WebMoney passport.


WebMoney: passports and system advantages

Having started to study the topic of electronic payment systems operating on the territory of Russia, the user learns that WebMoney is far from the only service offering services for working with electronic currency. There are two worthy competitors (Yandex.Money and Qiwi), but none of these services can give such freedom of action as WebMoney. However, to begin with, the system must trust you, which implies honesty and transparency of financial transactions, which are guaranteed upon receipt of a special virtual document called a WebMoney system certificate.

There are several levels of trust (types of certificates), and all of them gradually open up access to wider possibilities of using the system. The highest level of access removes all existing limits on financial transactions and opens access to closed services. It is noteworthy that each new client receives an alias passport, which has a whole list of restrictions.

After completing the identity verification process, he is assigned the next most important certificate, and the client of the system opens up a lot of new opportunities for working with multicurrency wallets, financial transactions and in the field of e-commerce (online stores). In addition, access to previously closed services opens. It is important for a new netizen to understand one rule: for full-fledged work in the system, it is necessary to obtain at least a formal WebMoney passport, but a personal one is better.

Consider the capabilities of the system, given the presence of a virtual document of trust (certificate):

The client is presented with a list of new features, including access to wallets in other currencies. At the level of the alias passport, the user can only use the ruble and dollar wallets. Each new level of access to the system implies the ability to open additional currency wallets provided by the online resource.
At the initial level, the user cannot work with the WMX cryptocurrency wallet. For some customers, this feature plays an important role due to the growing popularity of digital currency. Obtaining a WebMoney passport, even a formal one, opens access to the use of a Bitcoin wallet.
With each access level, limits on financial transactions are removed. If the user works as a copywriter, web designer, or has a small business in the form of an online store, obtaining a certificate of the appropriate level is a necessity.
The increased level of access involves the maintenance of full-fledged accounting, including official paychecks and reporting on foreign currency wallets. If the money was withdrawn by cyber fraudsters in an illegal way, the user has the right to contact the support service and return the money. It is enough to have a formal, personal or initial WebMoney passport.
The WebMoney electronic payment service offers all customers, regardless of the level of access to the system, a decent multi-level account protection, but users with higher certificates are provided with additional measures to ensure the safety of their savings.
Few people know about this, but the WebMoney service provides for customer lending. The size of the loan, of course, depends on several factors, including: semi-annual reporting on the volume of finance turnover, the age of the account, the clients participation in dubious projects (pyramid schemes, HYIP projects), possible violations of the system rules. But the WebMoney system passport plays a primary role, since the service cannot issue loans to unidentified users.

Varieties of WebMoney passports and conditions for obtaining them

As mentioned earlier, during registration, the user is automatically assigned a pseudonym passport, which implies a number of restrictions on financial transactions. First of all, users are prohibited from withdrawing money from the system by transferring funds to current bank accounts or plastic cards. All that is available is entering money into an electronic wallet and paying for some services: mobile communications, Internet, satellite TV or utilities.

The WebMoney alias passport is not suitable for users who constantly work on the Internet. List of restrictions:

It is forbidden to withdraw money.
You cannot open additional currency wallets.
There is no way to work with the WMX cryptocurrency wallet.
Transfers to electronic wallets of Webmoney members are also not supported.
The credit department is not available to the owners of the alias passport.
Restrictions on the balance of funds on the wallet (no more than 15 thousand rubles).
As can be seen from the list of limits and restrictions, with a pseudonym certificate, the user can work with the system only 10%, no more. Thus, there can be no talk of any fruitful cooperation.

A formal WebMoney passport opens up many more options for the client. It is easy to obtain a certificate, it is enough to send documents in electronic form to the Certification Center of the systems clients. It is important that the information provided during registration coincides with the data in the sent documents, otherwise the Certification Center will return the application. By the way, there is no need to pay for the issuance of a formal certificate.

This certificate is suitable for both freelancers and active Internet users for regular payments. Access to currency wallets is opened, it becomes possible to convert funds into cash using one of the withdrawal methods. Consider the list of opportunities that open up when you receive a formal WebMoney passport:

The client gets access to all types of money withdrawal: to a plastic card, bank account, postal order or through international transfer systems, for example, Western Union or CONTACT.
Transfers within the system between clients of the WebMoney electronic payment service.
Replenishment of electronic wallets using a bank card or terminals.
Access to the service of linking payment cards is opened, allowing you to work with foreign currency bank accounts without conversions.
It becomes possible to link a current bank account or electronic wallet of another payment system.
Obtaining a formal WebMoney passport implies the ability to apply to the systems arbitration in case of violation of rights by other users.
Some restrictions on financial transactions are removed from the user. If with a pseudonym certificate the size of the monthly finance turnover cannot exceed 15 thousand rubles, then with a formal certificate the client gets the opportunity to work with amounts of 90 thousand rubles - a monthly limit, 45 thousand rubles - a weekly limit and 15 thousand - a daily limit.
It is worth noting that the formal passport is used by most of the systems clients, which is explained by the full-fledged set of functions for normal work with electronic money.

The next level of access is the initial WebMoney passport, which can be obtained in the following ways:

Send personal data in the form of electronic copies of documents to the Registrar of Passports. A registrar is a client of an electronic payment system that has received the “registrar” status. A list of registrar users is available on the WebMoney service website, including residence, telephone numbers and email addresses.
Bring your documents to one of the physical Client Certification Centers of the WebMoney system. A list of addresses can be found on the companys website.
Send copies of your passport and TIN code by mail. But in this case, copies of documents must be certified by a notary.
Getting an initial WebMoney passport costs five dollars, regardless of which way you send copies of personal documents. The list of opportunities that opens when you receive an initial passport:

The user is included in the commission on the decision to issue loans. He also has the right to count on more loyal interest rates.
Withdraw funds with limits that exceed the limits of system participants with a formal passport.
Become a member of the Capitaller budget machine with the ability to amend the system.
Get more opportunities to work on the Megastock service by becoming a registrar of new online resources. The same function is available to owners of a personal passport.
The ability to publish news and notes on the official blog of WebMoney Transfer.
You can create trading platforms on the Megastock service.
The ability to create orders in the currency conversion system, that is, to become a currency trader.
Also, a user who has received an initial certificate has access to the function of consulting other participants in the WebMoney electronic payment system.
This level of access significantly reduces the limits on financial transactions, which allows small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to work effectively on the Internet. The system provides the following limits for owners of an initial WebMoney passport:

The monthly limit is 1.8 million rubles.
The weekly limit on the turnover of finance is 900 thousand rubles.
The daily limit is 300 thousand rubles.
The third type of certificate is personal. Few users have this electronic document, since the initial certificate is quite enough to do business on the Internet. It is used by large businessmen or organizations, opens up a full range of opportunities and conditionally removes restrictions and limits. Taking into account the dynamics of the increase in the representatives of the business community, in the near future one can expect a great demand for full access to the system. To obtain a personal WebMoney passport, you must take the following steps:

Collect a package of documents, including a passport, TIN code, marriage certificate, registration of PP (for legal entities), other documents (a full list is provided by the system).
Choose a registrar working under the WebMoney system partner program and bring a package of documents to verify personal data. Official registrars can be found in Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and even Thailand.
The last step is to get verified and pay for the registrars services. The cost of the identity verification procedure may vary depending on the registrars place of residence, but it cannot be more than $ 50.
This is all you need to get a personal WebMoney passport. In addition to full access to the capabilities of the service, the user himself becomes a partner of the system and can apply for a registrars certificate. The system provides another type of certificate for sellers. It is a kind of additional function for holders of personal passports, allowing more efficient management of the online trading platform.

If the user decided to become an official registrar of passports, then there is a list of necessary conditions:

The user must have a personal passport.
Age from 25 years.
The experience of cooperation with the service is at least one year.
A deposit of 2 thousand dollars will be required, which, according to the terms of the contract being drawn up, may not be returned due to serious violations of the rules for registering new clients.
How cost-effective it is to pay for a WebMoney registrar passport is up to everyone. The main thing is to remember that for a violation the system can return the passport and block the bail of 2 thousand dollars.