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Why are foreign payment systems worse than ours?

Чем зарубежные платежные системы хуже наших?

Users who often make online purchases in foreign stores and auctions sometimes face the problem of choosing a convenient payment system. We will try to figure out why foreign payment systems are worse than domestic ones, and how critical their shortcomings are for efficient payments.

When choosing a payment system, online users carefully study its strengths and weaknesses, and based on the data of the analysis, they make the final choice. There is an opinion that foreign payment systems are less convenient for Russian users than domestic ones. Is this so, what features should you pay special attention to when studying payment systems so that in the future there are no difficulties in carrying out various financial transactions? Lets analyze the most popular foreign services.



We will try to figure out the worse foreign payment systems are, using the example of the worlds most famous service PayPal.

The history of the system is 18 years old, during which the company has reached leading positions worldwide. The number of its clients has already exceeded 160 million people and continues to grow steadily. This payment service operates in almost two hundred countries and is one of the most popular.

After the eBay auction acquired a controlling stake in the company and made it the main instrument for paying for its goods, the geography of the service significantly expanded and the number of users increased.

To understand whether foreign payment systems are worse than ours, consider the main functionality of the PayPal service.

The program easily adapts to the store site and allows you to quickly receive payments for goods or services.
There is a simple procedure for making money transfers to third-party users.
The possibility of making group payments is provided.
For payments on the eBay platform, a system of discounts and promotions is provided.
The system interface allows you to choose a language convenient for the user, including Russian.
The service provides a wide range of financial services, it is possible to link bank cards.
At the same time, for the residents of Russia, there are a number of the following difficulties, due to which an opinion may arise that foreign payment systems are worse than domestic ones.

There is no possibility of direct withdrawal of funds from a PayPal account to a bank card issued by a Russian bank, despite the fact that there are no restrictions on depositing funds. Because of this, users have to look for exchange services that can help with the withdrawal of money.
The slightest inaccuracy made during the registration process on the service can become a reason for blocking the account.
If some operations carried out by the user seem suspicious to the administration of the service, then it reserves the right to block the account without warning and explaining the reasons.
High fees charged when making payments, combined with payments for currency conversion and transactions, significantly increase the cost of the purchased item.


Finding out the worse the foreign payment systems are, for greater objectivity we will consider another service - the Skrill payment system.

This resource can be called a European alternative to the American PayPal service. Considering the much higher degree of conservatism of the European electronic money market, this service cannot boast as many users as its overseas counterpart.

For confidential clients, there is a very small list of services and large restrictions on their implementation. Thus, the company cares about the safety of its users and the reliability of transactions.

Lets consider the features of this service in order to understand whether this foreign payment system is inferior to similar domestic counterparts.

To pass the verification procedure, the user must provide a large package of documents confirming his identity, financial capabilities and social status.
The commission is equal to 1% of the value of the transaction, in addition, the sender of the payment, that is, the client of the online store, pays it.
The service is still available in a limited number of countries.

Summing up

Having figured out the worse foreign payment systems are, lets highlight their common disadvantages.

A fairly high percentage of transaction fees, which, combined with currency conversion deductions, can make the purchase unprofitable.
Difficulties with the withdrawal of funds to the accounts of Russian users.
Excessive requirements for the identification of foreign users of services.
The need to provide additional documents for the verification procedure, which makes it quite costly.
Inability to pay for mobile services from foreign services, utility bills, and make loan payments.
It is impossible to say unequivocally that foreign payment systems are worse than domestic ones, despite all the listed difficulties that may arise in the process of a Russian user working with foreign services. In some cases, disadvantages can turn into advantages. For example, increased requirements for user identification will ensure higher reliability and security of transactions.

Currently, not all the capabilities of these services are available for Russian users. At the same time, foreign users experience similar difficulties when conducting transactions in domestic payment services. Nevertheless, it should be hoped that as the world of electronic money develops and mankind globalizes, these difficulties will disappear and the question of whether foreign payment systems are worse and why will become irrelevant.