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Profitable exchange of Qiwi for Yandex.Money?

Our online service offers optimal conditions for the prompt execution of an exchange operation in the direction from Qiwi to Yandex.Money. We value our clients time, so no complicated steps are required to complete a transaction. Registration of an application takes no more than two minutes, and the exchange itself takes about five minutes on average. So that the wait is not in vain, we advise you to familiarize yourself with useful articles and the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies on our website. This information will familiarize the client with the latest trends in the financial market and help him to increase his income.

Payment systems Qiwi and Yandex.Money are recognized leaders in the field of online transfers in Runet. They have a license from the Central Bank to perform transactions in the global network. This once again confirms the high quality of the services provided and the reliability of these systems. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a direct transfer between Qiwi and Yandex.Money, since they are competitors. Therefore, to complete a transaction, it is necessary to resort to the services of an intermediary, whose role is played by numerous exchange services. The choice of an exchanger must be approached very responsibly. After all, some resources have pitfalls and other unpleasant moments that the client learns about after the transfer. Baksman exchange service guarantees high quality of service and efficiency in transactions. All wallets have passed the verification procedure, which makes our service a reliable partner for making transfers.

Before proceeding with the exchange operation, we recommend registering on our service. To do this, the client needs to designate his address in the global network. The name of the mail is also a login to visit your personal account. You also need to come up with a password. Registration is not a prerequisite for starting work on the service. But it gives the client many advantages. Thus, a registered member of the system uses a cumulative discount. Its minimum size is 0.05%. But as the volume of completed transactions increases, the size of the discount will grow.

In addition, the user has the opportunity to receive additional income by attracting new members to the service. The referral program is two-tier, that is, the client receives 0.6% of the volume of transactions of users invited by him personally. Also, he is credited with 0.2% of the operations of participants who were invited by his referral.

It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the amount of the reserve before placing an application. This information is presented below the field for entering the exchange amount. Our service always has large reserves in all directions. But if the specified amount is not enough for the client, it is recommended to create a request for replenishment of stocks of a certain currency. To do this, go to the "Reserves" tab, select the Yandex.Money system and specify the required amount. Also, the user must designate his mail. It is to this address that a message will be sent about the replenishment of the currency stock.

To create an application, you must enter the following data in a special form:

    Transfer amount. The minimum size is one thousand rubles, and the maximum is fifteen thousand. In this case, the user is not limited in the number of orders created.
    Qiwi wallet details that completely match the users phone number. These data must be indicated in the international format. For Russians, the purse number starts with the symbols "+7".
    Postal address in the global network. It must be active, since the service constantly informs the client by mail about the execution of his requests and changes in their status.
    Wallet number in the Yandex.Money system, consisting of thirteen or fifteen characters.

After filling out the form, the user should familiarize himself with the terms of exchange on the service. If he agrees with them, you need to click with the mouse in the window. To start the exchange, you must activate the button with the corresponding inscription. After that, a message will appear on the screen, according to which the processing of the application will last from five to fifteen minutes. If the user is satisfied with this, click OK. At the final stage, the money is transferred. A message will appear on the screen with the details of our Qiwi wallet and the transfer amount. The user needs to go to the link to the site of the payment system. To complete a transaction, he will have to log in, indicating his username and password. Only after that he will be able to transfer to the specified details. You can also transfer money through a mobile application.

After completing the transaction, you need to return to the service and confirm your actions by clicking on the button that says "I paid". At this point, the process of creating an application has been successfully completed, and it is being processed by the service operators. In a few minutes they will check the receipt of funds. As soon as the money is transferred to the services Qiwi wallet, we will send the transfer to the users wallet in the Yandex.Money system. For all questions arising in the exchange process, we advise you to contact the support service.