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Zenit: conditions of cooperation and favorable offers

The work of Zenit Bank dates back to 1994. It was then that a banking institution was opened, which was destined to become one of the main favorites. A year later, a financial-credit organization obtained a license from the Central Bank for operations in various currencies. Today, Zenit is a popular banking institution that provides services to a wide range of customers, including military officials, corporate clients, representatives of small and medium businesses, as well as private individuals.

Transfer from card to card at Zenit Bank

One of the most comfortable and affordable services of the institution is the transfer of funds between bank cards. At the same time, the following conditions apply to customers:

The value of one transfer is 50-75 thousand rubles (plus commission).
The lower limit of the transfer (for one card) is 150 thousand rubles. The transaction speed is only 24 hours.
The upper limit for a transaction between Zenit Bank cards is 600 thousand rubles (plus commission payments).
A significant plus is the small size of the commission, which is only 1.7% of the total amount of funds transferred. At the same time, the minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn during the transaction is 50 rubles.

Brokerage service of Zenit Bank

The advantages of Zenit banking institution are online services, highly qualified service, a wide selection of offers. One of the most popular services is brokerage services. The bottom line is that the institution on the instructions of the client solves the issues of sale of securities. In this case, you can act in person (through the exchange) or by dialing the phone number of Zenit Bank. But brokerage service is only one of the branches. Clients of the institution have access to the largest trading floors in the world.

Real estate loan

Today, more and more people are faced with the need to purchase housing to solve certain problems. With a banking institution, Zenit has a chance to profitably get an apartment in real estate, which is on the balance sheet of the institution. At the same time, you can buy not only a room or apartment, but also land for subsequent construction. All operations are carried out in national currency, and the loan term can reach thirty years. The interest rate is one of the lowest today - 10.5 percent, and no loan commission is taken.

As for the lower and upper limit when issuing a loan, it amounts to 500 thousand and 3 million rubles, respectively. In this case, the client must provide an advance in the amount of 10% of the price of housing (can be transferred from an account or Zenith card). An important point is securing a loan. Here there are a number of options - a guarantee of third parties, a guarantee of legal entities or a pledge of purchased housing.

There is also a system of fines, which you must remember when making a transaction. So, for each day of delay, up to 0.06 percent of the amount owed will be charged. So when you make out the service, it is recommended to pay on time. This is not difficult, due to the presence of an online system at the Zenit banking institution. Redemption is made every month, according to the payment schedule. Moreover, payments are usually annuity in nature, that is, they are made in equal parts.

An application for housing on credit is considered in a short time - up to five days. The starting point is the day when the client submitted an application for a loan and transferred the necessary package of securities. Funds can be transferred to repay a loan in several ways - through a cash desk, by transfer from a bank account or by using a Zenith card. It is possible to repay in other ways that are not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Lending to small and medium-sized businesses from Zenit Bank

Novice entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation require support from banking institutions and receive it in full. Extensive experience (over 20 years), customer trust, good market knowledge and reliability enable the Zenit financial institution to occupy a leading position in all sectors - including providing loans to young entrepreneurs and mid-level businessmen.

The main advantages of cooperation are favorable conditions, a maximum credit limit (up to 100 million rubles), an individual approach to drawing up a debt repayment program, and observing the interests of the entrepreneur. At the same time, the bank guarantees the implementation of the most important financial decisions:

Long-term relationships with a new client and joint achievement of the goal in matters of building a successful business.
The provision of profitable services - including Zenit bank cards, credit lines and so on.
Providing beneficial benefits for existing banking products.
High speed of decision-making on granting a loan after studying the financial situation of the borrower and the state of business at the time of the loan.

Military mortgage

Bank Zenit is one of the few institutions that provides mortgage lending to the military on really favorable terms. The main advantages of the program are:

A chance in a short time to solve the housing problem.
No need to make a down payment.
Minimum documentation requirements.
In addition, only two documents will be required to obtain approval, among which are the Certificate of Participation of the NIS and the passport of the citizen. An important plus is the lack of need to find guarantors for a loan. All arising issues related to the provision of credit are resolved at Zenit Bank or online (by visiting the site). Qualified specialists describe in detail the features and benefits of the service, help in the process of obtaining and obtaining a loan.

Upon receipt of a military mortgage, there are a number of requirements for the borrower that must be taken into account. In particular, the borrower must be between the ages of 22-45. It is important that the applicant has at least three years of work experience. A prerequisite is citizenship. When applying for a loan, a banking institution must check the credit history for the presence of current debt for other banking services.

There is another important point. Acquired housing should be in the capital or region (if mortgages are made in branches located in Moscow) or in other cities (St. Petersburg and others). There are no special requirements for receiving a service. All that is required of the client is to fill out an application, present a passport and certificates of the NIS participant.

Best Zenith cards

One of the most developed areas concerns the provision of cards. So, each client can count on getting a Zenit card on favorable terms. Today there are many interesting offers that will definitely be beneficial. Among them:

Card without borders.
Card "World Travel".
Privilege Card.
Bank card "Rugby".
Free card Zenith Bank and others.
You can study the conditions for the provision of cards and loans in more detail directly on the site. Another option is to contact a banking institution in person and get full advice regarding services of interest.