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Система Webmoney

The history of WebMoney Transfer dates back to November 20, 1998, when the creation of a payment system was announced in the media, and its widespread popularization began. WebMoney demonstrated a well-thought-out advertising policy that helped them to stay in the most difficult times after the worldwide default of the Russian national currency. Due to the distribution of bonuses to the first users, the system managed not only to stay afloat, but also to establish itself firmly in the financial sector. Proof of this is the multimillion-dollar audience of WebMoney customers, whose number is growing daily by several thousand.


WebMoney Growth Rate - Attraction Factor

WebMoney payment service took a serious start, the pace of which caused surprise and admiration: in 2004 its turnover in dollars doubled, and the ruble tripled. A year later, the system already had a daily turnover of up to $ 4.5 million and up to 45 million rubles. To date, the system is actively developing.

The main positive factor of the electronic service is the instant execution of transactions, its user gets the following features:

Get money WebMoney without leaving home.
The recipient and payer can be at any distance, even in different countries, but this does not affect the speed of cash transactions.
You can use WebMoney to pay for various services, purchase goods in online stores.
For transactions, the service deducts only 0.8% of the commission.
The irrevocability of transactions is attractive to owners of online stores and other electronic services. They are protected from attempts by fraudsters operating under the scheme when they withdraw payment for the goods received.
This is not the whole list of WebMoney advantages that attract and contribute to the growth of the number of potential users.


Registration on the WebMoney service

Registration and creation of WebMoney e-wallet is free. To do this, you need a special program WebMoney Keeper, you can download it easily from the official website. This will be the first step, then the following operations are performed:

After the download is complete, the program must be started. The screen will display instructions, which will be the main guide to the next steps. The client must confirm that he agrees to the terms of the WebMoney system. You also need to install special certificates. After the installation, the user is considered registered and can begin to work.
Connect to the system by installing the selected version of Keeper. The phrase “New registration” will appear on the screen, it must be confirmed by pressing “OK”.
The inscription “Registration Wizard” will appear on the page. As you complete the suggested prompts, you must periodically click Next. When entering personal data, checkmarks appear against each line. If you remove them, this data will not be visible to third-party users. Such operations can be done even after registering for the money service.
Filling in the address of a valid email inbox. Almost immediately after registration, an activation code will be sent to it. If it is not accepted, registration will be considered incomplete.
Enter the mobile phone number, SMS will be sent to him with confirmations of transactions.
Next, you need to enter the password for the electronic wallet. As part of safety, it should be complex, consist of a random sequence of characters. If the password will consist of at least 8 characters of different types and registers, the more difficult it will be to solve it to cyber fraudsters. This will guarantee the safety of the contents of the WebMoney wallet.
The next step is very responsible and unusual. The master will ask you to make random mouse movements. At this moment, a digital signature will be generated in the service.
Next, you have to wait a few minutes until the generation process ends.
Upon completion of the previous step, the user is assigned a unique number - WMID, containing 12 digits. You will need it to view information in the system. WMID does not apply to secret data, it performs only representative functions. It is practically impossible to remember it; it is better to write it on a separate file, paper or alternative storage medium, where all important data regarding the WebMoney system will be concentrated.
After clicking “Finish” you should go into the mail and activate the sent code. Only from this moment begins the full use of the service.

WebMoney Wallets: Classic and Light

Classic wallet is an application, so you need to download and run it. If you need to go to the WebMoney service elsewhere outside the house, you can apply the Light version. Any version is free, but you should be aware that they can only be used individually. The most common is the Classic wallet.

What are WebMoney wallets? Along with registration, the user has three electronic accounts: R-wallet, Z-wallet and E-wallet. Each of them is indicated by the corresponding letter (R, Z and E), plus a 12-digit number. Electronic rubles are designated WMR, dollars WMZ, euros WME. If the user is a citizen of a foreign country and uses a different currency, he can create an additional wallet, for example, WMU - the equivalent of the Ukrainian currency hryvnia.


Top-up wallets and currency exchange on WebMoney

To replenish the electronic purse with cash, you first need to log in, enter passport details and enter into an agreement with the WebMoney payment system. This will be the key to the successful conduct of all transactions and reliable storage of content, as well as the restoration of a lost or forgotten login password.

To deposit cash, you can use a credit card, transfer by mail or through terminals.

Replenishment can be made by transferring electronic money from one wallet to another. There is one important nuance here. It can be considered with the following example: settlement between the employer and the contractor using WebMoney wallet. Both subjects can be in different countries and practically do not know each other. For greater security, after sending the money, the recipient will be able to see them in his WebMoney wallet only after entering the protection code.

You can exchange currency with WebMoney between various payment systems using various exchange points. The service is well established; it offers the most favorable exchange conditions.

You can also make a currency exchange inside the wallet, in other words, convert different title units into the desired currency. Such operations are performed instantly. Such an exchange may be needed if, for example, a WebMoney user receives a salary in dollars. To use them, he should convert them into rubles, then withdraw the rubles using one of the existing methods.


How to get a WebMoney card?

WebMoney offers customers a card for withdrawing from an electronic wallet of foreign currency, it can be of four types: PaySpark EUR Mastercard, USD Mastercard, PaySpark USD Mastercar, PaySpark China Unioncard (Usd).

The user chooses a more acceptable option. To become the owner of a WebMoney card, you must fulfill the conditions:

Pass certification (certificate is not lower than formal).
Send color scanned copies of the required pages of the passport for verification, after which the user receives a higher status.
Fill out the request form for issuing a card, transfer money to the presented invoice for the service.
Activate the card in your account Payoneer and Payspark.

How to attach a bank card to WebMoney?

Most users are looking for easier and simpler ways to handle electronic money systems. In order not to bother receiving a WebMoney currency card, you can attach an existing bank card to the electronic wallet. This method makes it possible to avoid:

Limitations in the methods of replenishing a card account.
You can easily withdraw funds from the R-wallet to it. If you need to transfer dollars, you must first convert them to rubles.
Make payment via card in rubles.
There is no need to get a few additional cards, which will significantly save money on payment for receiving and servicing new cards.
The algorithm for attaching cards to the electronic purse WebMoney remains unchanged. A distinctive feature is that for cards in rubles you need Banks service, in dollars - Cards. Next, you need to perform the following steps:

Become the holder of a formal certificate (or higher).
Send scanned copies of passport pages.
Card binding statement.
Received test payment.
Enter the payment value.
Only Visa and Mastercard are suitable for binding. This method greatly expands the use of WebMoney payment service.


Distinctive features of WebMoney service

WebMoney service users pass WM-certification. Perhaps this is its main difference from other payment systems. The level of the certificate obtained corresponds to a certain status of a user on the network. Some do not really like to meet additional requirements. But business people should not be neglected. After all, the higher the status, the higher the limits for transactions and the higher the level of security.